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Eric Nielsen d371d80af2
Unify the `for` syntax
For short single commands, prefer a one-liner `for` with the zsh syntax:
for x (foo bar) print ${x}
Otherwise just place `; do` on the same line as the POSIX `for ... in`:
for x in foo bar; do
  print ${x}

Closes #268
2018-04-25 08:59:19 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 1aa7d7a401 [history-substring-search] Only load terminfo feature of zsh/terminfo
like we did for the input module in 7861145, and to make modules
independent of each other, as discussed in #261.
2018-04-24 09:04:44 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 4acd1b8533 Update comments in zimrc template
mainly to change "command correction prompts" to "spelling correction
prompt for commands" and make it clear that this is related to spelling
(and to the `SPROMPT` below that).
2018-04-24 08:59:58 -05:00
AtomicCoding 52604eb234 Add custom SPROMPT
Closes #263
2018-04-23 12:09:04 -05:00
Eric Nielsen e29c4e9cde Use bindkey instead of set -o
Using `bindkey` is the preferred zsh way to do it.

As far as I checked, also `set -o emacs` defines a less complete set of
key bindings compared to `bindkey -e`.
2018-04-19 12:32:56 -05:00
Anton Shiryaev acdb1d4bc7 Add .zimrc option 'zinput_mode'
Closes #261
2018-04-19 12:32:56 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 5768625356 [input] We also need the echoti feature of zsh/terminfo 2018-04-18 17:24:48 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 78611457f2 [input] Only load terminfo feature of zsh/terminfo
and use `-F` to check if the feature was not already loaded before.

Use terminfo elements for Backspace and Delete. Sort by terminfo element

Also simplify code, removing unnecessary double quotes, and replacing
if-then-fi with one command by one-liners.
2018-04-13 15:23:53 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 26dce76d28
[input] Use custom expand-or-complete in zsh < 5.3
as `expand-or-complete-with-redisplay` was added to fix an issue
reported with zsh 5.2 when completing with <Tab><Tab><Ctrl-C>. See #85.

Fixes #134. Closes #256
2018-04-13 15:15:54 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 8655867ca2 [git] Add completion for gbx and gbX
that use the git-branch-delete-interactive function.

Thanks to @Mikachu for helping with the completion function
implementation over the #zsh chat.

Closes #265
2018-04-13 15:13:43 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 13eb86d4c8 And also simplify functions glob in init.zsh
to match the change done in `login_init.zsh`.

Also call autoloaded function only when autoload succeeded.
2018-04-09 18:20:54 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 78e6d1fc91 Also still not zrecompile prompt_*_setup files
missed that on the last commit.
2018-04-09 18:12:34 -05:00
Eric Nielsen d74ceedef7 Generic approach for zrecompiling scripts
* create digest of scripts in a `functions` directory that don't start
  with `_` (completion functions) and that don't have a `.` (function
  names cannot have that character)
* zrecompile any `.zsh` or `.zsh-theme` file that is not in a `*test*`
  directory (see 2a9a003), and that is a plain file with more than 1K of

instead of the fixed logic that was zrecompiling syntax-highlighting and
history-substring-search modules' scripts.

Closes #260
2018-04-09 18:09:07 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 468f99adfe [git] Remove extra line break from graph logs
so we have more vertical space for the actual log entries, instead of
having each one separated by a line just with graph lines. Also, this is
the default layout already, see `git log --graph --oneline` for example.
2018-04-09 12:07:37 -05:00
kiryph 3d46387981 [utility] Document that mkcd is run with -p
Closes #259
2018-04-06 12:59:35 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 2f0243e533 [utility] completion uses LS_COLORS for all OSTYPEs
GNU colours are used by the completion module for all `OSTYPE`s, for
colouring the files in the menu. We had lost that for BSD after previous
changes to this module.
2018-04-05 10:19:14 -05:00
Eric Nielsen fd822d28bb Change order or module loading system
First choice is `init.zsh`, the script we use, introduced by Prezto.

Next choices are based on which are the most common init scripts in the
zsh-users repositories:

* `zsh-autosuggestions`, `zsh-history-substring-search` and
  `zsh-syntax-highlighting` have `${zmodule}.zsh`
* `zsh-completions` has `${zmodule}.plugin.zsh`

Latter format apparently was introduced by Oh-My-Zsh.

Leaving `${zmodule}.zsh-theme` and `${zmodule}.sh` as the last options.
2018-04-05 08:24:17 -05:00
Atomic Coding 2ea2ba2fc8 Update the module loading system
to load modules with `{module_name}.plugin.zsh` and `{module_name}.zsh`
in order to improve compatibility.

Closes ##257
2018-04-05 08:24:17 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 56b61e211d [completion] Simplify matcher-list syntax
Refactor using `+` instead of repeating the case insensitive pattern.
2018-04-03 08:57:30 -05:00
Andrés Calabrese 2a7797c2da Remove old link to meta module in README
Meta module was removed in e0a7c67

Closes #255
2018-04-03 08:52:04 -05:00
Eric Nielsen e1a2a38a0f [completion] Prefer left-matching before fuzzy
all still being case insensitive.

Having just fuzzy matching returns too many matches in the average case.
2018-03-23 08:36:16 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 98eef4184a [completion] Improve fuzzy completion matching
This will present the menu in case of ambiguous matches, and also expand
by any separator, not just `[._-]`.

Based on the configuration suggested at

Closes #212
2018-03-22 11:41:21 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 017ff99851 [completion] Don't beep on an ambiguous completion
Remove beep when completion is shown. We don't want that to sound like
an error.
2018-03-01 08:25:33 +01:00
Eric Nielsen cfdf36d76b [completion] Ask when completion list is long
To achieve this, we have to make sure that the following is not set:
* `zstyle ':completion:*:default' list-prompt '...'`

otherwise long completion lists will be paginated (without prompting).

The list is considered too long when it's greater than `${LISTMAX}`,
which has a value of 100 by default.

Also remove options being set (or unset) that are already the default,
* `AUTO_LIST (-9) <D>`

And remove the space character from the beginning of the messages.

Fixes #136. Closes #248
2018-03-01 08:25:33 +01:00
Eric Nielsen 20f16e4df3 [git] Remove `glb` alias and add `glO`
as there's actually no "brief" format originally in git (by "originally"
I mean the ones listed for `--format=<format>` in `man git-log`).
Also, we already fit in `glG` all the information that `glb` had.
So add `glO`, that is a one-line variant of `glG`.
Now we get nice symmetrical formats in `glg`/`glG` and in `glo`/`glO`.
2018-02-23 09:30:50 +01:00
Eric Nielsen 926627652f [git] Breaking changes in aliases and functions
Rename `gpS` (mnemonic "pretty-signature") and `glS` ("log-signature")
to `gcv` ("commit-verify") and `glv` ("log-verify") respectivelly,
so `v` is used to verify signatures, and `s`/`S` is used to sign.

Remove `git-commit-lost` and `git-stash-dropped`, as this could be
probably joined into one function that shows all lost commits, including
lost stashes, and also because there seems to be many different ways to
do this, as discussed in
An answer worth noting is
If someone is using this, let's discuss on a new solution...

Remove Oh-My-Zsh compatibility from `git-branch-current`, and delete
`git_current_branch`. This compatibility was already partially broken at
c1b02c0, when we also updated the gitster prompt theme. Now this
function fails when in 'detached HEAD' state (is was returning the
commit hash in this state), which is what we would expect from the use
we make of it.

Closes #244
2018-02-23 09:28:10 +01:00
Oskar Grunning 6465970530 [git] Repair gCl alias
The no-pager option should be set on `git` and not `git diff`.

Closes #246
2018-02-15 18:44:13 +01:00
Eric Nielsen de045ab70e [archive] Fix lzma typo
Looks like nobody uses it, as the same typo is present in Oh-My-Zsh and
Prezto...  :- )
2018-02-08 11:03:30 -05:00
Eric Nielsen e244a123d8 [archive] Add unarchive completion
Closes zimfw/archive#1
2018-02-08 10:59:43 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 6af7892f91 [archive] Check unrar with commands array
“unrar-free returns the error code 1 when run without arguments, thus
failing the presence check.” as reported at sorin-ionescu/prezto#1383

Reformat code and use one-liners instead of if/then/fi. And we don’t
need to separate local definitions from assignments anymore starting
from zsh 5.2.
2018-02-07 18:27:59 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 2d1aea3b74 [prompt] Remove autoload -Uz colors
since we don't need that. We're using the newer '%F{red}color%f' code

Also use `PS1` instead of `PROMPT`, as suggested at `man zshcontrib`,
under "Writing Themes”.

Refactor code.
2018-02-07 18:15:17 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 451e51bd88 [git] Add git-branch-delete-interactive
that prompts if upstream remote branch(es) should be deleted too. As
with `git branch`, the function supports multiple branches as params,
and also the `-r`/`--remotes` param. Update `gbx` and `gbX` to use this

Also update `git-stash-clear-interactive` to have multiple tests instead
of multiple nested `if`/`then`/`fi`. (Simpler syntax, IMHO)
2018-02-05 10:44:59 -05:00
Eric Nielsen e9171405cf [prompt] steef: Update it to be customizable
and to have a help and a preview too.

Inspired by #192, and by having (few but) good prompt themes to serve as
starting points for the users to customize or implement their own.

Also removed the colors functions, since we don't need that. We're using
the newer '%F{red}color%f' code instead. (Actually all our themes are)

Closes #245
2018-01-22 17:37:35 -05:00
Eric Nielsen fd9274ea91 [git] Show upstream branch name in `gbl` and `gbL`
being more verbose when listing branches.
2018-01-22 17:25:51 -05:00
Eric Nielsen c501a1b64c [git] Review aliases and
This complements the changes done in the last commit, and also fixes the
`glg` output, and removes the now unnecessary `--date=relative`
parameter from `glG`.

Although I insisted on the `--long-option` format on 8669a4f, I think
`rm -rf` is pretty common and recognizable, so revert to that.

Add missing aliases to, and improve description of existing
ones. The main improvement is trying to be more concise, so instead of
repeating "records changes to the repository" multiple times, simply say
"commits", for example. Also try to use words that match the alias
letters, so for "gcs" say "shows" instead of "displays", for example.
2018-01-11 11:30:20 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 0a7451999e [git] Review all functions but ones using `git fsck`
as there are multiple solutions to list the lost commits and stashes,
but I could not find reliable ones. See
Well, the current `git-commit-lost` and `git-stash-dropped`
implementations don't accurately work at least on the repositories I'm
working with.

The `git-hub` functions where removed at dcc3265, but aliases and docs
remained. Remove these.

Remove line break from `_git_log_oneline_format`, so it really occupies
one line. And change date format in `glG` output from committer date
(`%cd`) to relative author date (`%ar`) to conform with other formats.

Refactor remaining functions. Most of the changes refer to using the
already existing git error messages and return codes, instead of having
code that creates that. (Error messages for 'not in a git repository'
where not even consistent among functions, and there's were I started
The most drastic changes can be seen in `git-root`, then in `git-dir`
and `git-stash-clear-interactive`.
2018-01-10 10:25:25 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 4156606e67 [git-info] Move git-info function to functions dir
since we already have a function (`coalesce`) defined and both can now
get zcompiled into the same digest file.

Also, nest the `git-action` function to the scope where it's used.
2018-01-09 09:24:01 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 9a8cb227f3 [git-info] Define integer variables with `-i`
also multiple variables can be defined with `local` at the same line.
2018-01-08 17:20:10 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 7b70cffc0e [prompt] eriner: Simplify help message and use PS1
and `RPS1`, instead of `PROMPT` and `RPROMPT`, as suggested by the zsh
manual at `man zshcontrib`, under "Writing Themes":

> By convention, themes use `PS1`, `PS2`, `RPS1`, etc., rather than the
longer `PROMPT` and `RPROMPT`.
2018-01-08 12:22:35 -05:00
Eric Nielsen ae133abca9 Compile functions.zwc for each functions directory
instead of a big single `functions.zwc` file containing functions from
all the `functions` subdirectories.

This solution here better suits the functions autoloading mechanism in
zsh, as documented in

Given `~/.zim/modules/foo/functions` is in the `fpath`, autoload looks
for functions in the following files, picking the **newest one** in this
* `~/.zim/modules/foo/functions.zwc`, which should contain all
  functions in the directory named `functions`
* `~/.zim/modules/foo/functions/function.zwc`
* `~/.zim/modules/foo/functions/function`

With this approach, we're also having individual entries back in `fpath`
for the `functions` subdirectory of each enabled module (as was the case
before commit 55df5a4).

This is also probably closest to the original plan at #86. The current
code was not compiling "*all* files in a folder into a single digest",
but instead compiling *all* files in *all* the functions folders into a
single digest, which was a bad idea. This commit fixes this.

Fixes #231. Fixes #232. Closes #234.

Closes #239
2018-01-08 11:56:18 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 313d157c9e [autosuggestions] Update submodule to version v0.4.2 2018-01-05 12:30:56 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 3c96d0b8e1 Revert "Also zrecompile functions starting with _"
This reverts commit 07d32caaae.

Now I get the intention of not zcompiling or autoloading functions whose
names start with `_` or `.`: these are indented to be used by the com-
pletion system and dumped into the `.zcompdump ` file.

2018-01-03 11:48:52 -05:00
Brottweiler 6f8be83920 Update to new repo URL
from `Eriner/zim` to the new `zimfw/zimfw`.

Closes #238
2018-01-03 10:30:12 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 07d32caaae Also zrecompile functions starting with _
This was causing issues with,
that has a `functions/_jump_showmarks_deletemarks` file.

Fixes #231
2018-01-02 12:27:05 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 5387adb78e [utility] Change colour blue to bold blue
Since some terminal colour schemes have a too dark blue color that does
not go well with a black background. And since some people actually use
such colour schemes!  :- )

Fixes #225
2017-12-01 17:28:02 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 20c3f79743 [git] Change colour blue to bold blue
Since some terminal colour schemes have a too dark blue color that does
not go well with a black background. And since some people actually use
such colour schemes!  :- )

Fixes #228
2017-12-01 17:23:34 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 9d0851ed95 [utility] Use "our" ls colors in GNU too
They were only being applied to BSD. Also, GNU uses `LS_COLORS`, and BSD
only uses `LSCOLORS`. Keeping these consistent, with same color scheme,
in both GNU and BSD.

Simplify arithmetic command expression without using `${var}`
substitution, but `var` instead. The second construct does not fail if
`var` is not defined, but defaults its value to `0` in that case.
2017-12-01 07:45:55 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 1716ed6fea Revert "[utility] BSD uses LSCOLORS and GREP_COLOR"
This reverts commit 6022fe46c5.

Current code only works in a GNU with coreutils installed for `ls`, and
only with a `grep` that supports colors (not a Busybox one, for example)

Fixes #230
2017-12-01 07:45:55 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 4004d109cf Revert "fix typo'd var; otherwise colors would never apply"
This reverts commit abbeeb9d37.

That was not a typo
2017-12-01 07:22:28 -05:00
Matt Hamilton abbeeb9d37 fix typo'd var; otherwise colors would never apply 2017-11-29 18:47:37 -05:00