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Wellington Mendoza f6304a06cc [git] Update log colour scheme
Use yellow commit hash, cyan author, blue date, and auto ref names

Closes #228
2017-11-29 10:33:03 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 39e961117d
[prompt] eriner: Add help, preview, parameters
and refactor code, inlining auxiliary functions inside

Theme colors are now customizable with parameters. Also, it works better
with light backgrounds by using `%Sstandout%s` for the segments which
were originally using black as foreground color (intended for dark

The help explains the parameters, and the preview shows one color

Fixes #169. Closes #226.
2017-11-29 09:07:53 -05:00
Eric Nielsen bc742f0023
[completion] Remove smart editor completion
as Vim can open archives, and Emacs can virtually open everything  :- )

I suggest we don't try to be smart here.

Closes #229
2017-11-29 09:06:41 -05:00
Eric Nielsen bd380e8e18
[spectrum] Delete submodule
The following was introduced in zsh 5.0:

> %F, %K, %f, %k allow colouring of prompts both using ANSI colour names
  and values supported by individual terminal emulators.

making this submodule obsolete.


Closes #224
2017-11-29 09:05:12 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 41c2232166 [utility] Move mkcd to functions subdirectory
Now that we have a general digest file that can contain all the
functions from all active modules, we can add functions to any of them
without the need to update the `fpath`.
2017-11-24 21:05:48 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 6022fe46c5 [utility] BSD uses LSCOLORS and GREP_COLOR
and GNU uses LS_COLORS and GREP_COLORS. So change logic to only set
these environment variables for each OSTYPE.

Also original code was setting the `ls` alias with `-G` instead of
`--color=auto` if in a GNU without `dircolors`. Fix that too.

Simplify arithmetic command expression without using `${var}`, but
`var` instead. The second construct does not fail if `var` is not
defined, but defaults its value to `0` in that case.

Closes #225
2017-11-24 19:14:23 -05:00
Eric Nielsen e4e0c55ef3 Ignore *.zwc.old files when compiling functions
These files are generated by `zrecompile`.

Also update the .gitignore file.

Closes #218
2017-11-24 19:08:39 -05:00
Eric Nielsen e0a7c679e0 [meta] Move zmanage to function in init.zsh
and delete the meta module altogether.

Also refactor `tools/zim_issue` to use `tools/zim_info`, use local
variables, and print the output directly without the need of the
intermediate `issue_md` array.

Closes #218
2017-11-24 19:08:39 -05:00
Eric Nielsen a8244a555a [template] Add new templates/zlogin
that sources `login_init.zsh`.

Also refactor templates/zshrc to use a one-liner instead of if/then/fi.

Closes #218
2017-11-24 19:08:29 -05:00
Eric Nielsen fc84b645e9 [template] Move templates/zlogin to login_init.zsh
so it's not a template anymore and can be under version control, instead
of being manually updated by the user, as currently is the case with
`~/.zlogin` and `${ZIM_HOME}/templates/zlogin`.

Closes #218
2017-11-24 19:08:25 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 8ba34e68e5 [completion] Don't zcompile the zcompdump file
as this is already being done in `zlogin`. Centralizing all the
compilation in one place.

Closes #218
2017-11-24 19:08:20 -05:00
Eric Nielsen ab3b20f8cd [tools] Clean zcompdump_file and .zwc.old files
Consider the `zcompdump_file` variable, that could be defined in
`.zimrc`, when cleaning the cache.

A custom zcompdump_file would not be cleaned from the cache without this

Also remove *.zwc.old files from cache, as zrecompile also generates

Closes #218
2017-11-24 19:08:17 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 55df5a4755 [template] Use zrecompile and create digest file
for the autoloaded functions. According to the `zshbuiltins`

    Files containing multiple compiled functions are called `digest'
    files,  and are intended to be used as elements of the FPATH/fpath
    special array.

Compile all module init files, instead of some selected ones.
This didn't impact performance much (time to run async block in zlogin
when from 0.22s to 0.25s on my machine).

Also refactor the zim `init.zsh` script, and do not unset `zmodules`
anymore because we need it in zlogin.

Didn't manage to make adding the prompt `prompt_*_setup` functions to
the digest file work, so kept these separate.

Fixes #86. Closes #218.
2017-11-24 19:08:11 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 8aa086c481 [prompt] pure: Update submodule to version 1.6.0 2017-11-01 17:56:25 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 3e31167e70 [completion] Update submodule to version 0.27.0 2017-11-01 17:49:00 -05:00
Eric Nielsen ee7cb6581d [prompt] pure: Update submodule 2017-10-23 10:01:08 -05:00
Eric Nielsen b190231682 [archive] Remove _gzip_bin and _bzip2_bin refs
as these variables are not being set anymore.

Fixes #220
2017-10-23 09:54:08 -05:00
djape 01e2766e8c [archive] Support for multipart 7zip archives
Cover all multipart archives created by 7zip

Closes  #221
2017-10-14 10:28:03 -05:00
Matt Hamilton 8fbd143b01 set defaults for bz2 and gz compression utils
Fix #220
2017-10-08 16:38:38 -04:00
Eric Nielsen 5564c87338 [completion] Update submodule 2017-10-03 12:17:07 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 23b8265f87 [prompt] lean: Update submodule
Fixes #209
2017-10-02 11:59:27 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 8ba9621f48 [prompt] Add sp to the prompt_opts array
in our custom themes.

With zsh starting at version 5.4, when using the `prompt_opts` array,
`nopromptsp` will be set unless the array contains a `sp`. This was
introduced in zsh at
43e55a9bcd (diff-bb10d67e7a8561b66a53a805f3c77a40R233)

Fixes #209
2017-10-01 20:41:43 -05:00
Eric Nielsen a4f6b757be [template] Add zcompile of git-info to zlogin
and declare `zim_mods` as a local variable.
Also minor formatting changes.

Closes #215
2017-09-26 15:23:30 +02:00
Eric Nielsen d0429dc0bb [environment] Remove path separator from WORDCHARS
So individual path elements can be edited with backward-kill-word and
backward-word/forward-word keys.

Fixes #206.
2017-09-21 19:23:14 -05:00
Matt Hamilton d40b6cf928 [prompt] pass prompt prams from zprompt_theme
While normally it's a good thing that zsh doesn't auto-expand on spaces,
in this case we want to split on spaces into distinct words, that way
the values are passed to `prompt` in multiple params.

Fixes #178
2017-09-18 09:18:20 -04:00
Matt Hamilton 54faa20468 [pacman] detect pkg regardless of compress method 2017-09-18 09:18:12 -04:00
Eric Nielsen 2a9a003271 [template] don't compile highlighters test-data
for syntax-highlighting submodule. See discussion on

Fixes #205
2017-09-11 14:27:12 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 29e2043b99 [syntax-highlighting] Update submodule to version 0.6.0 2017-09-11 09:48:55 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 7479e22b17 [prompt] lean: Update submodule 2017-09-11 09:44:49 -05:00
Eric Nielsen dc73306b4d [completion] Update submodule 2017-09-11 09:41:56 -05:00
Chet Gurevitch 9eaba9a3a3 [meta] Use ZIM_HOME in zmanage
And fix init.zhs to export ZIM_HOME. The zmanage script invokes a new
shell for the sub commands, and those would fail as there would be no
value for ZIM_HOME.

Closes #203
2017-09-04 17:29:34 -05:00
Thiago Kenji Okada f6bb75579f Allow arbitrary ZIM location with ZIM_HOME
This change allow arbitrary Zim location path by setting a new
environment variable, ZIM_HOME. If the user does not set it, Zim falls
back to the old "${ZDOTDIR:-${HOME}}/.zim" location.

Closes #203
2017-09-04 17:25:01 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 96c474978e [completion] Update submodule 2017-08-19 14:03:28 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 25d97ccac9 [prompt] lean: Update submodule 2017-08-19 14:00:48 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 537f076603 Don't load zim if zsh < 5.2
and show an error message, as discussed in #184.

Code in modules/environment/init.zsh is also simplified to only support
zsh >= 5.2

Closes #200
2017-08-03 09:18:39 -05:00
wweir 83f61ddeba [environment] Recognize comments starting with '#'
compatible with bash/omz

Closes #198
2017-07-30 17:37:12 -05:00
Eric Nielsen a9618a0fd3 [git] Use fetch --all in gfu alias
instead of `remote update`. Both behave the same way, fetching from all
configured remotes. The `fetch --all` is shorter, and probably more
familiar. See

Also change `;` to `&&`, so merge is only called after fetch succeeded.

Closes #196
2017-07-30 17:35:44 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 8669a4f369 [git] Commit messages with 50 characters in glG
truncating at character 60. First 10 chars are used for `*`, commit
hash and spaces.

The 50 char limit is based on

Also changed aliases to use the `--long-option` format when available,
so aliases are clearer for those unfamiliar with the options.

Closes #196
2017-07-30 17:35:44 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 460090beb9 [completion] Update submodule 2017-07-25 10:07:03 -05:00
Eric Nielsen d562acc4c0 [history-substring-search] Remove redundant defaults
for options already defined, with the same values, in
`zsh-history-substring-search.zsh`. See
be0fe1fca9/zsh-history-substring-search.zsh (L46-L48)

Closes #189
2017-07-17 16:15:51 -03:00
Eric Nielsen ff32968ba9 Warning message for zsh < 5.2
as discussed in #184. We'll first give users this warning message. A
future update will replace this by an error.

Also, starting at that update, a new branch will be created for users
that still want to stick with zsh < 5.2.

Closes #194
2017-06-28 21:52:20 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 61019c5827 [prompt] pure: Update submodule 2017-06-28 14:25:15 -05:00
Eric Nielsen c7fdef5305 [prompt] lean: Update submodule 2017-06-28 14:24:37 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 95f1e3c6ca [prompt] pure: Update submodule 2017-06-08 09:58:41 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 0fec8a7e40 [prompt] lean: Update submodule 2017-06-08 09:58:17 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 57ebe3e61f [history-substring-search] Update submodule 2017-06-08 09:57:44 -05:00
Eric Nielsen e3637db2c4 [completion] Update submodule 2017-06-08 09:57:22 -05:00
Eric Nielsen f4fa8cf8b0 [autosuggestions] Update submodule 2017-06-08 09:56:48 -05:00
ℳichiel ℛoos 87a8b82563 [autosuggestions] Add module
Closes #172. Fixes #35.
2017-06-08 09:33:26 -05:00
Matt Hamilton 126e950056 remove broken quote in fasd function 2017-05-30 06:30:30 -07:00