ZIM - Zsh IMproved FrameWork


Updated 17 hours ago

Oh My Tmux! My pretty + versatile tmux configuration that just works (imho the best tmux configuration)

Updated 21 hours ago

Yet Another Dotfiles Manager

Updated 2 days ago

A community-driven modular vim distribution - The ultimate vim configuration

Updated 4 days ago

The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc

Updated 1 week ago

sudoers saltstack formula

Updated 1 week ago

saltstack formula for sudoers

Updated 1 week ago

Logrotate SaltStack Formula

Updated 1 week ago

A tool that bootstraps your dotfiles

Updated 3 weeks ago

Grafana SaltStack Formula

Updated 1 month ago

My Yadm Dotfiles

Updated 2 months ago

Prometheus Second Generation SaltStack Formula

Updated 6 months ago

SaltStack Formula for Prometheus monitoring

Updated 7 months ago

Consul Salt Formula

Updated 7 months ago

Tmux Plugin Manager

Updated 7 months ago

SaltStack Formula for cli53

Updated 10 months ago

Dynamic IP Updator Script system

Updated 10 months ago

My Tmux Configuration. Including support for tmux inception (Running tmux locally and remotely and switching between the two).

Updated 11 months ago

Tmux toggle indicator plugin.

Updated 11 months ago

TPM plugin for Tmux to show current hostname ane user. Follows current activities, as well.

Updated 11 months ago