Borgmatic Base Template for new backup setups

Updated 1 day ago

My Yadm Dotfiles

Updated 1 week ago

ZIM - Zsh IMproved FrameWork


Updated 1 week ago

Simple web UI to manage OpenVPN users.

Updated 2 weeks ago

A tool that bootstraps your dotfiles

Updated 2 weeks ago

The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc

Updated 1 month ago

Yet Another Dotfiles Manager

Updated 2 months ago

sudoers saltstack formula

Updated 3 months ago

saltstack formula for sudoers

Updated 3 months ago

Logrotate SaltStack Formula

Updated 3 months ago

devilspie2 Package for COPR

Updated 4 months ago

Oh My Tmux! My pretty + versatile tmux configuration that just works (imho the best tmux configuration)

Updated 5 months ago

Common settings (all editions) for Garuda Linux

Updated 6 months ago

Tmux Plugin Manager

Updated 7 months ago

Simple tool to manage users

Updated 10 months ago

systemd Integration for xfce-session

Updated 1 year ago

Consul Ansible Collection for DebOps

Updated 2 years ago

Grafana SaltStack Formula

Updated 2 years ago

Dynamic IP Updator Script system

Updated 2 years ago

Simple Doors for even advanced needs!

Updated 3 years ago