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TNE 8cd319e3cc Fix initial-user-setup 1 week ago
dr460nf1r3 0c2dfd0825
Fix pkgver 2 months ago
dr460nf1r3 c352675300
Move all autostart units to /etc/xdg/autostart but the welcome/user setup 2 months ago
librewish fea0fd406c Merge branch 'VitoF-master-patch-86085' into 'master' 2 months ago
Vito F 0a7db7e485 Do not block X11 compositing when using mpv 2 months ago
TNE 636fe36eed conflict some old firmware packages 2 months ago
librewish 59d794d3a7 limit journal size 3 months ago
TNE d5d917e52f Merge branch 'issue-change-dependancy-browser-settings' into 'master' 3 months ago
Eric Renfro cd6beb3941
Change dependancy for browser-settings to optional 3 months ago
Nico 2987bba053
Update aspell plugin 4 months ago
dr460nf1r3 c1c8218741
Remove symlink, need to put this into Calamares to not break the installation, version update 5 months ago
dr460nf1r3 0de445ca8e
Remove symlink, need to put this into Calamares to not break the installation 5 months ago
dr460nf1r3 3842242edf
Backup sudoers.d options 6 months ago
dr460nf1r3 ef5d7f428a
Apply native messaging symlink for FireDragon by default 6 months ago
TNE aef5a9743e Fix incorrect trigger of umount 7 months ago
dr460nf1r3 709d32977b
Cleanup unused files 7 months ago
TNE 711f32cfb9 [2.6.2] improve garuda pacman hook optimization 8 months ago
librewish ecc7514c1e update pkgrel 8 months ago
librewish 620d16f2d3 update pkgrel 8 months ago
TNE 3bee321867 use is-snapshot-boot 8 months ago
TNE a35e52d8dd Disable snapshot reject hook if not booted into snapshot 8 months ago
dr460nf1r3 58f1185dc7
Visudo gotta be picky with its configuration <.< 8 months ago
dr460nf1r3 fa323e6989
Fix visudo editor defaulting to vi 8 months ago
dr460nf1r3 5667fdd0ff
Add pacutils to optdepends 9 months ago
TNE 6089e29bd9 Add reboot icon next to full system update text if the user has not rebooted since the last full update 9 months ago
librewish 4907183622 enable magic sysrq by default 10 months ago
librewish 8a209d0d1f Merge branch 'Edu4rdSHL-master-patch-70992' into 'master' 10 months ago
Eduard Tolosa 787bbb8f41 Add systemd-oomd-defaults to garuda-common-settings. 10 months ago
TNE 5d44aed2ed Nico why 10 months ago
TNE 8e5b36b2bd [garuda-inxi] keep track of other relevant software, keep track of failed units 10 months ago
TNE 5057731422 [garuda-inxi] detect snapper/timeshift 10 months ago
TNE 8d8de27eb8 Colourless if not interactive 11 months ago
TNE 883261a610 Add garuda-inxi command 11 months ago
librewish 6a980152a6 update pkgbuild 12 months ago
librewish 269d8dd4a0 disable zswap in runtime via tmpfiles 1 year ago
librewish 0e9dee7bcc move nohang and some udev rules to performance-tweaks 1 year ago
TNE afdbf32ce5 dont disable baloo 1 year ago
TNE 863c9b4e65 tighten down some polkit rules 1 year ago
librewish d5680db6ee adjust common settings 1 year ago
zoeruda cf22ca89a2 Meant to add to Cinnamon, sorry about that. 1 year ago
zoeruda 4ef31390b3 Add kvantum.kvconfig 1 year ago
zoeruda e41512255f Add kvantum.kvconfig 1 year ago
zoeruda bfc7f05deb Add kvantum 1 year ago
librewish 8dfe129aea update pkgbuild 1 year ago
librewish b94e349ddc increase rtc and hpet freq 1 year ago
dr460nf1r3 64689abff0
Fix my OCD 1 year ago
TNE 21b1a6be25 Add garuda-migrations as dep 1 year ago
TNE cd129aa9f4 Move dependencies from common-settings to performance-tweaks 1 year ago
TNE 140795a08e Remove polkit rule for garuda assistant 1 year ago
librewish dcaa1d32a3 make garuda asistant passwordless 1 year ago