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feat(pacseek): use -R instead of -Rns for pacman remove

Use -R instead of -Rns for Pacman remove. Leaving the "s" out of it seems
like a more prudent option, which I think we should opt for if users are
going to be using this tool to remove packages. The advanced users who
prefer the more aggressive behavior can change the config on their own.

The "n" option shouldn't be part if it either way; I feel like a lot of
people do not understand what this flag actually is.
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BluishHumility 2024-04-08 22:25:31 -04:00
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commit 8c2074e7f0
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@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
"PacmanDbPath": "/var/lib/pacman/",
"PacmanConfigPath": "/etc/pacman.conf",
"InstallCommand": "paru -S",
"UninstallCommand": "paru -Rs",
"UninstallCommand": "paru -R",
"SysUpgradeCommand": "paru",
"SearchMode": "Contains",
"SearchBy": "Name",