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"""Test upgrade"""
import os
import pytest
'versions', [
('1.12.0', '2.5.0'),
], ids=[
'1.12.0 -> 2.5.0 -> latest',
'1.12.0 -> latest',
'2.5.0 -> latest',
'submodule', [False, True],
ids=['no submodule', 'with submodules'])
def test_upgrade(tmpdir, runner, versions, submodule):
"""Upgrade tests"""
# pylint: disable=too-many-statements
home = tmpdir.mkdir('HOME')
env = {'HOME': str(home)}
if submodule:
ext_repo = tmpdir.mkdir('ext_repo')
ext_repo.join('afile').write('some data')
for cmd in (('init',), ('add', 'afile'), ('commit', '-m', 'test')):
run = runner(['git', '-C', str(ext_repo), *cmd])
assert run.success
os.environ.pop('XDG_CONFIG_HOME', None)
os.environ.pop('XDG_DATA_HOME', None)
def run_version(version, *args, check_stderr=True):
yadm = 'yadm-%s' % version if version else '/yadm/yadm'
run = runner([yadm, *args], shell=True, cwd=str(home), env=env)
assert run.success
if check_stderr:
assert run.err == ''
return run
# Initialize the repo with the first version
first = versions[0]
run_version(first, 'init')
home.join('file').write('some data')
run_version(first, 'add', 'file')
run_version(first, 'commit', '-m', '"First commit"')
if submodule:
# When upgrading via 2.5.0 we can't have a submodule that's been added
# after being cloned as 2.5.0 fails the upgrade in that case.
can_upgrade_cloned_submodule = '2.5.0' not in versions[1:]
if can_upgrade_cloned_submodule:
# Check out a repo and then add it as a submodule
run = runner(['git', '-C', str(home), 'clone', str(ext_repo), 'b'])
assert run.success
run_version(first, 'submodule', 'add', str(ext_repo), 'b')
# Add submodule without first checking it out
run_version(first, 'submodule', 'add', str(ext_repo), 'a',
run_version(first, 'submodule', 'add', str(ext_repo), 'c',
run_version(first, 'commit', '-m', '"Add submodules"')
for path in ('.yadm', '.config/yadm'):
yadm_dir = home.join(path)
if yadm_dir.exists():
yadm_dir.join('bootstrap').write('init stuff')
run_version(first, 'add', yadm_dir.join('bootstrap'))
run_version(first, 'commit', '-m', 'bootstrap')
hooks_dir = yadm_dir.mkdir('hooks')
run_version(first, 'config', 'local.class', 'test')
run_version(first, 'config', 'foo.bar', 'true')
# Run upgrade with intermediate versions and latest
latest = None
for version in versions[1:] + (latest,):
run = run_version(version, 'upgrade', check_stderr=not submodule)
if submodule:
lines = run.err.splitlines()
if can_upgrade_cloned_submodule:
assert 'Migrating git directory of' in lines[0]
assert str(home.join('b/.git')) in lines[1]
assert str(yadm_dir.join('repo.git/modules/b')) in lines[2]
del lines[:3]
for line in lines:
assert line.startswith('Submodule')
assert 'registered for path' in line
# Verify result for the final upgrade
run_version(latest, 'status')
run = run_version(latest, 'show', 'HEAD:file')
assert run.out == 'some data'
if submodule:
if can_upgrade_cloned_submodule:
assert home.join('b/afile').read() == 'some data'
assert home.join('a/afile').read() == 'some data'
assert home.join('c/afile').read() == 'some data'
yadm_dir = home.join('.config/yadm')
assert yadm_dir.join('bootstrap').read() == 'init stuff'
assert yadm_dir.join('encrypt').read() == 'secret'
hooks_dir = yadm_dir.join('hooks')
assert hooks_dir.join('pre_status').read() == 'status'
assert hooks_dir.join('post_commit').read() == 'commit'
run = run_version(latest, 'config', 'local.class')
assert run.out.rstrip() == 'test'
run = run_version(latest, 'config', 'foo.bar')
assert run.out.rstrip() == 'true'