Yet Another Dotfiles Manager
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Add support for multiple local classes
A local class is set with:
$ yadm config local.class cls1

More classes can be added with:
$ yadm config --add local.class cls2
$ yadm config --add local.class cls3

Any of cls1, cls2 and cls3 can be used in an alternate condition.

For templates, the existing variable yadm.class/YADM_CLASS is set to
the last class (i.e. cls3) to remain compatible with how it works
today and with what the following command gives:
$ yadm config local.class

For the default template processor there is no explicit yadm.classes
variable. Instead a yadm.class condition will check against all

For the other processors, a new template variable YADM_CLASSES will be
set to all classes separated by newline. For jinja2 templates a class
can be checked with: {%- if "cls" in YADM_CLASSES.split("\n") %}

For esh templates the logic is a bit more complex, but it is possible
to do.

Fixes #185.
2021-12-27 21:14:09 +01:00
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yadm - Yet Another Dotfiles Manager

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yadm is a tool for managing dotfiles.

  • Based on Git, with full range of Git's features
  • Supports system-specific alternative files or templated files
  • Encryption of private data using GnuPG, OpenSSL, transcrypt, or git-crypt
  • Customizable initialization (bootstrapping)
  • Customizable hooks for before and after any operation

Complete features, usage, examples and installation instructions can be found on the website.

A very quick tour

# Initialize a new repository
yadm init

# Clone an existing repository
yadm clone <url>

# Add files/changes
yadm add <important file>
yadm commit

# Encrypt your ssh key
echo '.ssh/id_rsa' > ~/.config/yadm/encrypt
yadm encrypt

# Later, decrypt your ssh key
yadm decrypt

# Create different files for Linux vs MacOS
yadm add path/file.cfg##os.Linux
yadm add path/file.cfg##os.Darwin

If you enjoy using yadm, consider adding a star to the repository on GitHub. The star count helps others discover yadm.