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"""Unit tests: configure_paths"""
import pytest
ARCHIVE = 'archive'
BOOTSTRAP = 'bootstrap'
CONFIG = 'config'
ENCRYPT = 'encrypt'
HOME = '/testhome'
REPO = 'repo.git'
YDIR = '.config/yadm'
YDATA = '.local/share/yadm'
'override, expect', [
(None, {}),
('-Y', {'yadm': 'YADM_DIR'}),
('--yadm-data', {'data': 'YADM_DATA'}),
('--yadm-repo', {'repo': 'YADM_REPO', 'git': 'GIT_DIR'}),
('--yadm-config', {'config': 'YADM_CONFIG'}),
('--yadm-encrypt', {'encrypt': 'YADM_ENCRYPT'}),
('--yadm-archive', {'archive': 'YADM_ARCHIVE'}),
('--yadm-bootstrap', {'bootstrap': 'YADM_BOOTSTRAP'}),
], ids=[
'override yadm dir',
'override yadm data',
'override repo',
'override config',
'override encrypt',
'override archive',
'override bootstrap',
'path', ['.', './override', 'override', '.override', '/override'], ids=[
'cwd', './relative', 'relative', 'hidden relative', 'absolute'
def test_config(runner, paths, override, expect, path):
"""Test configure_paths"""
if path.startswith('/'):
expected_path = path
expected_path = str(paths.root.join(path))
args = [override, path] if override else []
if override == '-Y':
matches = match_map(expected_path)
elif override == '--yadm-data':
matches = match_map(None, expected_path)
matches = match_map()
for ekey in expect.keys():
matches[ekey] = f'{expect[ekey]}="{expected_path}"'
run_test(runner, paths, args, matches.values(), cwd=str(paths.root))
def match_map(yadm_dir=None, yadm_data=None):
"""Create a dictionary of matches, relative to yadm_dir"""
if not yadm_dir:
yadm_dir = '/'.join([HOME, YDIR])
if not yadm_data:
yadm_data = '/'.join([HOME, YDATA])
return {
'yadm': f'YADM_DIR="{yadm_dir}"',
'repo': f'YADM_REPO="{yadm_data}/{REPO}"',
'config': f'YADM_CONFIG="{yadm_dir}/{CONFIG}"',
'encrypt': f'YADM_ENCRYPT="{yadm_dir}/{ENCRYPT}"',
'archive': f'YADM_ARCHIVE="{yadm_data}/{ARCHIVE}"',
'bootstrap': f'YADM_BOOTSTRAP="{yadm_dir}/{BOOTSTRAP}"',
'git': f'GIT_DIR="{yadm_data}/{REPO}"',
def run_test(runner, paths, args, expected_matches, cwd=None):
"""Run proces global args, and run configure_paths"""
argstring = ' '.join(['"'+a+'"' for a in args])
script = f"""
YADM_TEST=1 HOME="{HOME}" source {paths.pgm}
process_global_args {argstring}
HOME="{HOME}" set_yadm_dirs
declare -p | grep -E '(YADM|GIT)_'
run = runner(command=['bash'], inp=script, cwd=cwd)
assert run.success
assert run.err == ''
for match in expected_matches:
assert match in run.out