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"""Test enter"""
import os
import pytest
'shell, success', [
('delete', True), # if there is no shell variable, bash creates it
('', False),
('/usr/bin/env', True),
('noexec', False),
], ids=[
def test_enter(runner, yadm_cmd, paths, shell, success):
"""Enter tests"""
env = os.environ.copy()
if shell == 'delete':
# remove shell
if 'SHELL' in env:
del env['SHELL']
elif shell == 'noexec':
# specify a non-executable path
noexec = paths.root.join('noexec')
env['SHELL'] = str(noexec)
env['SHELL'] = shell
run = runner(command=yadm_cmd('enter'), env=env)
assert run.success == success
prompt = f'yadm shell ({paths.repo})'
if success:
assert run.out.startswith('Entering yadm repo')
assert run.out.rstrip().endswith('Leaving yadm repo')
assert run.err == ''
assert 'does not refer to an executable' in run.err
if 'env' in shell:
assert f'GIT_DIR={paths.repo}' in run.out
assert f'GIT_WORK_TREE={paths.work}' in run.out
assert f'PROMPT={prompt}' in run.out
assert f'PS1={prompt}' in run.out
'shell, opts, path', [
('bash', '--norc', '\\w'),
('csh', '-f', '%~'),
('zsh', '-f', '%~'),
], ids=[
[False, 'cmd', 'cmd-bad-exit'],
ids=['no-cmd', 'cmd', 'cmd-bad-exit'])
'term', ['', 'dumb'],
ids=['term-empty', 'term-dumb'])
def test_enter_shell_ops(runner, yadm_cmd, paths, shell,
opts, path, cmd, term):
"""Enter tests for specific shell options"""
change_exit = '\nfalse' if cmd == 'cmd-bad-exit' else ''
# Create custom shell to detect options passed
custom_shell = paths.root.join(shell)
f'#!/bin/sh\necho OPTS=$*\necho PROMPT=$PROMPT{change_exit}'
test_cmd = ['test1', 'test2', 'test3']
enter_cmd = ['enter']
if cmd:
enter_cmd += test_cmd
env = os.environ.copy()
env['TERM'] = term
env['SHELL'] = custom_shell
if shell == 'zsh' and term == 'dumb':
opts += ' --no-zle'
run = runner(command=yadm_cmd(*enter_cmd), env=env)
if cmd == 'cmd-bad-exit':
assert run.failure
assert run.success
assert run.err == ''
assert f'OPTS={opts}' in run.out
assert f'PROMPT=yadm shell ({paths.repo}) {path} >' in run.out
if cmd:
assert '-c ' + ' '.join(test_cmd) in run.out
assert 'Entering yadm repo' not in run.out
assert 'Leaving yadm repo' not in run.out
assert 'Entering yadm repo' in run.out
assert 'Leaving yadm repo' in run.out