91 Commits (c4fbfe8aa877c8b595bc515ec241217c3744a589)

Author SHA1 Message Date
amix c4fbfe8aa8 Fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/246 7 years ago
amix 04ce579f61 Fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/263 7 years ago
Martin Lavoie 1886475fd2 Make plugins_config use relative path 7 years ago
weiyang a35351a21b [tmux] set 'termguicolors' when running nvim 7 years ago
amix 04abc6907c Improved the escaping when using the silver searcher (Ag) 7 years ago
Curtis G 9cd8652c46 Add training space to <leader>nb map of NERDTreeFromBookmark 7 years ago
Julen Pardo bf879c5025 Set HTML syntax for Twig files 7 years ago
Chuan Jin 754e831d9e Update extended.vim 7 years ago
Tomas Slusny 52e1b93cf0 Properly disable sound on errors on MacVim 7 years ago
dgitelson b9974151b8 Enable 256 color palettes for Gnome Terminal. 7 years ago
amix 183ca1cfc5 Improved auto indenting for regular langs and for Python 7 years ago
amix a56d767989 Remove auto entering full screen view 7 years ago
amix 44481c9278 Fixes https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/215 7 years ago
amix 48e1c892ed Fixes https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/221 7 years ago
amix c4e6a11dad Fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/184 7 years ago
amix b50cc96113 Fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/192 7 years ago
amix 3022dffeb4 Fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/203 7 years ago
amix 78f522f1cb Go to the last position in files 7 years ago
amix 91ebc3ca0d Simplify the right side of the lightline status bar 7 years ago
amix 31d077d82a Replace airline with lightline (much better perfomance) 7 years ago
amix b17bde0bae Set peaksea as the default theme everywhere 7 years ago
amix f343b66088 Updated plugins 7 years ago
Nico Ekkart 39ffe2d5ef Fixed minor typo in basic.vim 8 years ago
Julio Pescador 10ed7781d1 Adding column number to status line 8 years ago
amix ad875b0e0a A small update to (Python) 8 years ago
amix 4b45bb33c2 Updated plugins 8 years ago
dragonxlwang 4dc4017f69 enable search with visual selection with highlight 8 years ago
amix c3d05a7b1c fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/118 8 years ago
amix b69c94e781 Fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/128 8 years ago
Moriarty!~~ 4b2dafc26a the font name setting for the GTK+ 2 GUI. 8 years ago
amix 3aabd8befd Updated plugins, added extra configs to make Syntastic work with Go 8 years ago
amix 768c72a3ed Default to Hack font 8 years ago
Daniel Gitelson e7228660f0 Enable jumping to the last position in file on open 8 years ago
Roy Ling e3948c7552 key bindings for :bnext and :bprev 8 years ago
amix b1ffcf08ba By default disable the git gutter (and toggle it via <leader>d) 8 years ago
amix be8e101b68 By default dont show the hidden files in NerdTree 8 years ago
amix 9a2843c2a5 Smaller changes to the core vimrcs 8 years ago
Anton Strömkvist 5af76b8958 en => endif 8 years ago
amix d195ccb777 Updated vim plugins 9 years ago
amix 00f043f0de Updated vim plugins. Nerd tree is on the right by default 9 years ago
amix fe77d23852 Updated plugins. Removed the tabstop merge that 010c2940ce introduced 9 years ago
Dennis Hodapp 7267320d1d Add support for mouse if it is available 9 years ago
sota1235 55f4102619 fix vimrc/basic.vim | デフォルトのタブを4に設定 9 years ago
Liu Shuai 89ce0dc5dd prevent auto restore last edit position for git commit msg. 9 years ago
Jesper Lyager Nielsen 3278820a5d Added 'tablast' to toggle between tabs using <leader>tl. 9 years ago
amix 2a9908e4f0 Updated plugins 9 years ago
shenchsh 2a769e6cb0 avoid the garbled characters in Chinese language windows OS 9 years ago
amix ac3ef260c8 Removed PeepOpen (CTRLp is much better) 10 years ago
Jeremy Carrier e64e0f1618 Fixed issue #48 regarding snippet expansion brake 10 years ago
amix 497b5aa4fb Use syntastic instead of pyflakes (supports a ton of more languages) 10 years ago