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Properly disable sound on errors on MacVim

Current configuration was not disabling that annoying sounds on MacVim. According to help:

Use visual bell instead of beeping.  The terminal code to display the
	visual bell is given with 't_vb'.  When no beep or flash is wanted,
	use ":set vb t_vb=".
	Note: When the GUI starts, 't_vb' is reset to its default value.  You
	might want to set it again in your |gvimrc|.
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Tomas Slusny 2016-09-16 01:08:54 +02:00 committed by GitHub
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commit 52e1b93cf0

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@ -131,6 +131,12 @@ set novisualbell
set t_vb=
set tm=500
" Properly disable sound on errors on MacVim
if has("gui_macvim")
autocmd GUIEnter * set vb t_vb=
" Add a bit extra margin to the left
set foldcolumn=1