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amix 31d077d82a Replace airline with lightline (much better perfomance) 7 years ago
amix ebcf17bcf5 Updated readme 7 years ago
Tonni 5d1fca4b44 Use ctrlpvim/ctrlp.vim instead of unmaintained kien/ctrlp.vim 8 years ago
amix 4b45bb33c2 Updated plugins 8 years ago
Amir Salihefendic 248dd6dac2 Update README.md 8 years ago
Amir Salihefendic ddc32e1e04 Update README.md 8 years ago
Isaac Andrade 7187161032 Update Golang plugin used on README. 8 years ago
Ihor Dvoretskyi 36f16e2d02 Ctags updates installation 8 years ago
Vishnu Ks 5e3a4a979e updated repo link 8 years ago
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Amir Salihefendic 095230d65d Update README.md 9 years ago
Morton Fox 7fa4165bdf Updated PeepOpen link. 9 years ago
Druiced 0f694fac46 Note to install ctags 9 years ago
Sagar Jauhari 8f6720f6bc Added links to goyo and vim-zenroom plugins 9 years ago
Amir Salihefendic 4ba28bb25b Update README.md 9 years ago
amix 8f0740e307 Updated plugins. Added vim-golang as a mode 10 years ago
amix 0d8e7370bd Added vim-commentary and updarted the plugins. 10 years ago
amix b4846b6373 Updated headings 10 years ago
Amir Salihefendic 16b4c050e7 Update README.md 10 years ago
amix 7654d5264c Added goyo.vim and vim-zenroom2 10 years ago
amix c3fdf943a1 Move into right section (documentation of zenroom) 10 years ago
amix 3985889bc6 Fixed a typo. Added the shotcut for vim-zenroom. 10 years ago
amix aff839450f . 10 years ago
amix 206b156604 Promote SOurce Code Pro 10 years ago
amix 6bce69df95 Added vim-zenroom: Remove all clutter and focus only on the essential. Similar to iA Writer or Write Room 10 years ago
Felix Wong cff6903b72 updated link for zencoding 10 years ago
Amir Salihefendic 9ef4d4a8ed Update README.md 10 years ago
amix 86f4456be1 Updated all the plugins. Removed powerline. Added vim-airline (replacement for powerline). Added vim-fugitive. 10 years ago
amix a817e88e35 Revert overriding CTRL-A (instead we use CTRL+S) 11 years ago
amix 6e12f37544 Fixed a typo in documentation 11 years ago
amix 8b5bc388b0 Added two new plugins: vim-expand-region and vim-multiple-cursors. 11 years ago
amix 30c8977178 Updated documentation 11 years ago
amix 3f1cdba799 Updated all plugins that are non-forked. Added some new plugins. 11 years ago
amix 91d190de6d Added help on how to update to latest version 11 years ago
amix 970842f66e Moved away from using submodules. Using git clone now instead (much easier to manage) 11 years ago
amix 140ba60d9b Fixed some typos 11 years ago
amix cb4e608e47 Added a new screeen shot of Windows setup and added some extra text on how to get the vimrc on a windows box 11 years ago
amix 1315d5054e Fixed some typos in readme. Making it ready to be used on Windows as well 11 years ago
amix 1b16c88cdd Other changes to README.md 11 years ago
amix afe6484df7 Use correct formating for key bindings 11 years ago
amix 4ddd1c51ef Updated a bit the README.md 11 years ago
amix d2ee0c4c00 Included screenshots 11 years ago
amix a1e88cb87c Added markdown plugin. Added README.md 11 years ago
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