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Added links to goyo and vim-zenroom plugins
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Amir Salihefendic 2015-01-26 12:21:37 +00:00
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@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ Opening recently opened files [mru.vim](https://github.com/vim-scripts/mru.vim):
This vimrc even works on Windows!
![Screenshot 4](http://files1.wedoist.com/4e85163d97b81422240c822c82022f2f/as/screenshot_4.png)
Distraction free mode (using goyo.vim and vim-zenroom2):
Distraction free mode using [goyo.vim](https://github.com/junegunn/goyo.vim) and [vim-zenroom2](https://github.com/amix/vim-zenroom2):
![Screenshot 5](https://d2dq6e731uoz0t.cloudfront.net/a5182977c3d6c2a6cd3f9e97398ca8ca/as/zen_mode.jpg)