270 Commits (1a082031d905c7434d72774c5c1aa0d435f37714)

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amix 3985889bc6 Fixed a typo. Added the shotcut for vim-zenroom. 10 years ago
amix aff839450f . 10 years ago
amix 206b156604 Promote SOurce Code Pro 10 years ago
amix 07bb3859a0 Updated vim-zenroom 10 years ago
amix 99ec4ee440 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:amix/vimrc 10 years ago
amix 6bce69df95 Added vim-zenroom: Remove all clutter and focus only on the essential. Similar to iA Writer or Write Room 10 years ago
amix 08a64d943d Updated plugins. Fixed some issues related to empty space and peaksea. Using Source Code Pro as default font 10 years ago
Felix Wong cff6903b72 updated link for zencoding 10 years ago
Felix Wong d597a38b7a pretty sure .svn not needed anymore 10 years ago
Amir Salihefendic 9ef4d4a8ed Update README.md 10 years ago
Amir Salihefendic d1d0c13eee Merge pull request #28 from CrypticStranger/fix-os-conditional 10 years ago
amix 86f4456be1 Updated all the plugins. Removed powerline. Added vim-airline (replacement for powerline). Added vim-fugitive. 10 years ago
amix 351979d3e0 Updated plugins 10 years ago
amix a448b32309 Updated plugins 10 years ago
Szilveszter Székely 03d4dae0e4 Fix conditional in vimrcs/extended.vim 10 years ago
amix 879a7b6bd4 Added tags (docs) 10 years ago
amix 267c59c900 Updated plugins 10 years ago
amix 630b462208 Updated plugins 10 years ago
amix 687184f0bb Updated vim plugins 10 years ago
amix a817e88e35 Revert overriding CTRL-A (instead we use CTRL+S) 10 years ago
amix 349a9f5cda Added a new maping to update_plugins.py 10 years ago
amix 6e12f37544 Fixed a typo in documentation 10 years ago
amix 8b5bc388b0 Added two new plugins: vim-expand-region and vim-multiple-cursors. 10 years ago
amix c1bacbbc80 Removed generated doc tags from git repo 10 years ago
amix ce9589ee10 Ignore docs tags 10 years ago
amix 67a1baaae3 Fixed some things in peaksea (regarding omni menu and folding in terminal mode). Optimized a bit colors for powerline 10 years ago
amix 0087ef8f9b Reverted powerline version. Increased font size 10 years ago
amix f7aaff4afc Reverted back powerline 10 years ago
amix 30c8977178 Updated documentation 10 years ago
amix 3f1cdba799 Updated all plugins that are non-forked. Added some new plugins. 10 years ago
amix 5731b3a420 The foldcolumn should be hidden (by using the same font color as background color) 11 years ago
amix 3e5f18efd8 Added undodir (required to make persistent undo work) 11 years ago
amix 9d45f6a18c Remove scrollbars from the gui version of VIM (guioptions-=rRlL). Add a bit extra margin to the left in each buffer (foldcolumn=1). 11 years ago
amix efbf62f6d6 Updated pathogen source 11 years ago
amix bb9c85e523 lets try again... 11 years ago
amix 85888ddbd3 Readded 11 years ago
amix a4f128e69f Delete... And try agian, argh 11 years ago
amix 2f9c46b4f8 Readded as copies? 11 years ago
amix 6c68e56765 Removed git clone copies. Will add real copies 11 years ago
amix 91d190de6d Added help on how to update to latest version 11 years ago
amix edb1d70c4d Remove the auto gen of sources_forked/yankring/doc/tags 11 years ago
amix 970842f66e Moved away from using submodules. Using git clone now instead (much easier to manage) 11 years ago
amix e19bf41de0 Removed using submodules 11 years ago
amix dbab559f4e Addd snimpate-snippets and update_everything.py 11 years ago
amix 20c294daba Done smaller changes to basic.vim and plugins_config.vim 11 years ago
amix eddb45f546 Revert back to peaksea... I dont like irblack that much after using it for a while 11 years ago
amix 3fe3acdbaa Fixed some color mismatches in ir-black 11 years ago
amix 4f79da1b7c Grrr submodules, forced a remove from source_colors 11 years ago
amix 9032c472f8 Argh at git submodules...! Readded vim-irblack as vim-irblack-forked 11 years ago
amix 01f382aa9e Readded vim-irblack 11 years ago