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# ack.vim #
This plugin is a front for the Perl module
[App::Ack](http://search.cpan.org/~petdance/ack/ack). Ack can be used as a
replacement for 99% of the uses of _grep_. This plugin will allow you to run
ack from vim, and shows the results in a split window.
The *Official Version* of this plugin is available at [vim.org](http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2572).
## Installation ##
### Ack
You have to install [ack](http://betterthangrep.com/), of course.
Install on Debian / Ubuntu with:
sudo apt-get install ack-grep
For Debian / Ubuntu you can add this line into your .vimrc:
let g:ackprg="ack-grep -H --nocolor --nogroup --column"
Install on Gentoo with:
sudo emerge ack
Install with Homebrew:
brew install ack
Install with MacPorts:
sudo port install p5-app-ack
Install with Gentoo Prefix
emerge ack
Otherwise, you are on your own.
### The Plugin
If you have [Rake](http://rake.rubyforge.org/) installed, you can just run: `rake install`.
Otherwise, the file ack.vim goes in ~/.vim/plugin, and the ack.txt file belongs in ~/.vim/doc. Be sure to run
:helptags ~/.vim/doc
## Usage ##
:Ack [options] {pattern} [{directory}]
Search recursively in {directory} (which defaults to the current directory) for the {pattern}.
Files containing the search term will be listed in the split window, along with
the line number of the occurrence, once for each occurrence. [Enter] on a line
in this window will open the file, and place the cursor on the matching line.
Just like where you use :grep, :grepadd, :lgrep, and :lgrepadd, you can use `:Ack`, `:AckAdd`, `:LAck`, and `:LAckAdd` respectively. (See `doc/ack.txt`, or install and `:h Ack` for more information.)
**From the [ack docs](http://betterthangrep.com/)** (my favorite feature):
--type=TYPE, --type=noTYPE
Specify the types of files to include or exclude from a search. TYPE is a filetype, like perl or xml. --type=perl can also be specified as --perl, and --type=noperl can be done as --noperl.
If a file is of both type "foo" and "bar", specifying --foo and --nobar will exclude the file, because an exclusion takes precedence over an inclusion.
Type specifications can be repeated and are ORed together.
See ack --help=types for a list of valid types.
### Keyboard Shortcuts ###
In the quickfix window, you can use:
o to open (same as enter)
go to preview file (open but maintain focus on ack.vim results)
t to open in new tab
T to open in new tab silently
v to open in vertical split
gv to open in vertical split silently
q to close the quickfix window
This Vim plugin is derived (and by derived, I mean copied, essentially) from
Antoine Imbert's blog post [Ack and Vim
Integration](http://blog.ant0ine.com/typepad/2007/03/ack-and-vim-integration.html) (in
particular, the function at the bottom of the post). I added a help file that
provides just enough reference to get you going. I also highly recommend you
check out the docs for the Perl script 'ack', for obvious reasons: [ack -
grep-like text finder](http://betterthangrep.com/).

@ -0,0 +1,23 @@
# Added by Josh Nichols, a.k.a. technicalpickles
require 'rake'
files = ['doc/ack.txt', 'plugin/ack.vim']
desc 'Install plugin and documentation'
task :install do
vimfiles = if ENV['VIMFILES']
elsif RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /(win|w)32$/
files.each do |file|
target_file = File.join(vimfiles, file)
FileUtils.mkdir_p File.dirname(target_file)
FileUtils.cp file, target_file
puts " Copied #{file} to #{target_file}"

@ -0,0 +1,70 @@
*ack.txt* Plugin that integrates ack with Vim
Author: Antoine Imbert <antoine.imbert+ackvim@gmail.com> *ack-author*
License: Same terms as Vim itself (see |license|)
This plugin is a front for the Perl module App::Ack. Ack can be used as a
replacement for grep. This plugin will allow you to run ack from vim, and
shows the results in a split window.
:Ack[!] [options] {pattern} [{directory}] *:Ack*
Search recursively in {directory} (which defaults to the current
directory) for the {pattern}. Behaves just like the |:grep| command, but
will open the |Quickfix| window for you. If [!] is not given the first
error is jumped to.
:AckAdd [options] {pattern} [{directory}] *:AckAdd*
Just like |:Ack|, but instead of making a new list, the matches are
appended to the current |quickfix| list.
:AckFromSearch [{directory}] *:AckFromSearch*
Just like |:Ack| but the pattern is from previous search.
:LAck [options] {pattern} [{directory}] *:LAck*
Just like |:Ack| but instead of the |quickfix| list, matches are placed in
the current |location-list|.
:LAckAdd [options] {pattern} [{directory}] *:LAckAdd*
Just like |:AckAdd| but instead of the |quickfix| list, matches are added
to the current |location-list|
:AckFile [options] {pattern} [{directory}] *:AckFile*
Search recursively in {directory} (which defaults to the current
directory) for filenames matching the {pattern}. Behaves just like the
|:grep| command, but will open the |Quickfix| window for you.
Files containing the search term will be listed in the split window, along
with the line number of the occurrence, once for each occurrence. <Enter> on
a line in this window will open the file, and place the cursor on the matching
See http://betterthangrep.com/ for more information.
MAPPINGS *ack-mappings*
The following keyboard shortcuts are available in the quickfix window:
o open file (same as enter).
go preview file (open but maintain focus on ack.vim results).
t open in a new tab.
T open in new tab silently.
v open in vertical split.
gv open in vertical split silently.
q close the quickfix window.

@ -0,0 +1,80 @@
" NOTE: You must, of course, install the ack script
" in your path.
" On Debian / Ubuntu:
" sudo apt-get install ack-grep
" On your vimrc:
" let g:ackprg="ack-grep -H --nocolor --nogroup --column"
" With MacPorts:
" sudo port install p5-app-ack
" Location of the ack utility
if !exists("g:ackprg")
let g:ackprg="ack -H --nocolor --nogroup --column"
function! s:Ack(cmd, args)
echo "Searching ..."
" If no pattern is provided, search for the word under the cursor
if empty(a:args)
let l:grepargs = expand("<cword>")
let l:grepargs = a:args
" Format, used to manage column jump
if a:cmd =~# '-g$'
let g:ackformat="%f"
let g:ackformat="%f:%l:%c:%m"
let grepprg_bak=&grepprg
let grepformat_bak=&grepformat
let &grepprg=g:ackprg
let &grepformat=g:ackformat
silent execute a:cmd . " " . l:grepargs
let &grepprg=grepprg_bak
let &grepformat=grepformat_bak
if a:cmd =~# '^l'
botright lopen
botright copen
exec "nnoremap <silent> <buffer> q :ccl<CR>"
exec "nnoremap <silent> <buffer> t <C-W><CR><C-W>T"
exec "nnoremap <silent> <buffer> T <C-W><CR><C-W>TgT<C-W><C-W>"
exec "nnoremap <silent> <buffer> o <CR>"
exec "nnoremap <silent> <buffer> go <CR><C-W><C-W>"
exec "nnoremap <silent> <buffer> v <C-W><C-W><C-W>v<C-L><C-W><C-J><CR>"
exec "nnoremap <silent> <buffer> gv <C-W><C-W><C-W>v<C-L><C-W><C-J><CR><C-W><C-J>"
" If highlighting is on, highlight the search keyword.
if exists("g:ackhighlight")
let @/=a:args
set hlsearch
function! s:AckFromSearch(cmd, args)
let search = getreg('/')
" translate vim regular expression to perl regular expression.
let search = substitute(search,'\(\\<\|\\>\)','\\b','g')
call s:Ack(a:cmd, '"' . search .'" '. a:args)
command! -bang -nargs=* -complete=file Ack call s:Ack('grep<bang>',<q-args>)
command! -bang -nargs=* -complete=file AckAdd call s:Ack('grepadd<bang>', <q-args>)
command! -bang -nargs=* -complete=file AckFromSearch call s:AckFromSearch('grep<bang>', <q-args>)
command! -bang -nargs=* -complete=file LAck call s:Ack('lgrep<bang>', <q-args>)
command! -bang -nargs=* -complete=file LAckAdd call s:Ack('lgrepadd<bang>', <q-args>)
command! -bang -nargs=* -complete=file AckFile call s:Ack('grep<bang> -g', <q-args>)

@ -0,0 +1,20 @@
This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=42
With bufexplorer, you can quickly and easily switch between buffers by using the one of the default public interfaces:
'\be' (normal open) or
'\bs' (force horizontal split open) or
'\bv' (force vertical split open)
Once the bufexplorer window is open you can use the normal movement keys (hjkl) to move around and then use <Enter> or <Left-Mouse-Click> to select the buffer you would like to open. If you would like to have the selected buffer opened in a new tab, simply press either <Shift-Enter> or 't'. Please note that when opening a buffer in a tab, that if the buffer is already in another tab, bufexplorer can switch to that tab automatically for you if you would like. More about that in the supplied VIM help.
Bufexplorer also offers various options including:
- Display the list of buffers in various sort orders including:
- Most Recently Used (MRU) which is the default
- Buffer number
- File name
- File extension
- Full file path name
- Delete buffer from list
For more about options, sort orders, configuration options, etc. please see the supplied VIM help.

@ -0,0 +1,513 @@
*bufexplorer.txt* Buffer Explorer Last Change: 16 Feb 2010
Buffer Explorer *buffer-explorer* *bufexplorer*
Version 7.2.8
Plugin for easily exploring (or browsing) Vim |:buffers|.
|bufexplorer-installation| Installation
|bufexplorer-usage| Usage
|bufexplorer-windowlayout| Window Layout
|bufexplorer-customization| Customization
|bufexplorer-changelog| Change Log
|bufexplorer-todo| Todo
|bufexplorer-credits| Credits
For Vim version 7.0 and above.
This plugin is only available if 'compatible' is not set.
{Vi does not have any of this}
INSTALLATION *bufexplorer-installation*
To install:
- Download the bufexplorer.zip.
- Extract the zip archive into your runtime directory.
The archive contains plugin/bufexplorer.vim, and doc/bufexplorer.txt.
- Start Vim or goto an existing instance of Vim.
- Execute the following command:
:helptag <your runtime directory>/doc
This will generate all the help tags for any file located in the doc
USAGE *bufexplorer-usage*
To start exploring in the current window, use: >
\be or :BufExplorer
To start exploring in a newly split horizontal window, use: >
\bs or :BufExplorerHorizontalSplit
To start exploring in a newly split vertical window, use: >
\bv or :BufExplorerVerticalSplit
If you would like to use something other than '\', you may simply change the
leader (see |mapleader|).
Note: If the current buffer is modified when bufexplorer started, the current
window is always split and the new bufexplorer is displayed in that new
Commands to use once exploring:
<F1> Toggle help information.
<enter> Opens the buffer that is under the cursor into the current
<leftmouse> Opens the buffer that is under the cursor into the current
<shift-enter> Opens the buffer that is under the cursor in another tab.
d |:delete|the buffer under the cursor from the list. The
buffer's 'buflisted' is cleared. This allows for the buffer to
be displayed again using the 'show unlisted' command.
R Toggles relative path/absolute path.
T Toggles to show only buffers for this tab or not.
D |:wipeout|the buffer under the cursor from the list. When a
buffers is wiped, it will not be shown when unlisted buffer are
f Toggles whether you are taken to the active window when
selecting a buffer or not.
o Opens the buffer that is under the cursor into the current
p Toggles the showing of a split filename/pathname.
q Quit exploring.
r Reverses the order the buffers are listed in.
s Selects the order the buffers are listed in. Either by buffer
number, file name, file extension, most recently used (MRU), or
full path.
t Opens the buffer that is under the cursor in another tab.
u Toggles the showing of "unlisted" buffers.
Once invoked, Buffer Explorer displays a sorted list (MRU is the default
sort method) of all the buffers that are currently opened. You are then
able to move the cursor to the line containing the buffer's name you are
wanting to act upon. Once you have selected the buffer you would like,
you can then either open it, close it(delete), resort the list, reverse
the sort, quit exploring and so on...
WINDOW LAYOUT *bufexplorer-windowlayout*
" Press <F1> for Help
" Sorted by mru | Locate buffer | Absolute Split path
01 %a bufexplorer.txt C:\Vim\vimfiles\doc line 87
02 # bufexplorer.vim c:\Vim\vimfiles\plugin line 1
| | | | |
| | | | +-- Current Line #.
| | | +-- Relative/Full Path
| | +-- Buffer Name.
| +-- Buffer Attributes. See|:buffers|for more information.
+-- Buffer Number. See|:buffers|for more information.
CUSTOMIZATION *bufexplorer-customization*
If set, bufexplorer will bring up the selected buffer in the window specified
by g:bufExplorerChgWin.
To control whether the default help is displayed or not, use: >
let g:bufExplorerDefaultHelp=0 " Do not show default help.
let g:bufExplorerDefaultHelp=1 " Show default help.
The default is to show the default help.
To control whether detailed help is display by, use: >
let g:bufExplorerDetailedHelp=0 " Do not show detailed help.
let g:bufExplorerDetailedHelp=1 " Show detailed help.
The default is NOT to show detailed help.
To control whether you are taken to the active window when selecting a buffer,
use: >
let g:bufExplorerFindActive=0 " Do not go to active window.
let g:bufExplorerFindActive=1 " Go to active window.
The default is to be taken to the active window.
When a buffer is selected, the functions specified either singly or as a list
will be called.
To control whether to sort the buffer in reverse order or not, use: >
let g:bufExplorerReverseSort=0 " Do not sort in reverse order.
let g:bufExplorerReverseSort=1 " Sort in reverse order.
The default is NOT to sort in reverse order.
Directories usually show up in the list from using a command like ":e .".
To control whether to show directories in the buffer list or not, use: >
let g:bufExplorerShowDirectories=1 " Show directories.
let g:bufExplorerShowDirectories=0 " Don't show directories.
The default is to show directories.
To control whether to show absolute paths or relative to the current
directory, use: >
let g:bufExplorerShowRelativePath=0 " Show absolute paths.
let g:bufExplorerShowRelativePath=1 " Show relative paths.
The default is to show absolute paths.
To control weither or not to show buffers on for the specific tab or not, use: >
let g:bufExplorerShowTabBuffer=0 " No.
let g:bufExplorerShowTabBuffer=1 " Yes.
The default is not to show.
To control whether to show unlisted buffer or not, use: >
let g:bufExplorerShowUnlisted=0 " Do not show unlisted buffers.
let g:bufExplorerShowUnlisted=1 " Show unlisted buffers.
The default is to NOT show unlisted buffers.
To control what field the buffers are sorted by, use: >
let g:bufExplorerSortBy='extension' " Sort by file extension.
let g:bufExplorerSortBy='fullpath' " Sort by full file path name.
let g:bufExplorerSortBy='mru' " Sort by most recently used.
let g:bufExplorerSortBy='name' " Sort by the buffer's name.
let g:bufExplorerSortBy='number' " Sort by the buffer's number.
The default is to sort by mru.
To control where the new split window will be placed above or below the
current window, use: >
let g:bufExplorerSplitBelow=1 " Split new window below current.
let g:bufExplorerSplitBelow=0 " Split new window above current.
The default is to use what ever is set by the global &splitbelow
To control whether to split out the path and file name or not, use: >
let g:bufExplorerSplitOutPathName=1 " Split the path and file name.
let g:bufExplorerSplitOutPathName=0 " Don't split the path and file
" name.
The default is to split the path and file name.
To control where the new vsplit window will be placed to the left or right of
current window, use: >
let g:bufExplorerSplitRight=0 " Split left.
let g:bufExplorerSplitRight=1 " Split right.
The default is to use the global &splitright.
CHANGE LOG *bufexplorer-changelog*
7.2.8 - Enhancements:
* Thanks to Charles Campbell for integrating bufexplorer with GDBMGR.
7.2.7 - Fix:
* My 1st attempt to fix the "cache" issue where buffers information
has changed but the cache/display does not reflect those changes.
More work still needs to be done.
7.2.6 - Fix:
* Thanks to Michael Henry for pointing out that I totally forgot to
update the inline help to reflect the previous change to the 'd'
and 'D' keys. Opps!
7.2.5 - Fix:
* Philip Morant suggested switching the command (bwipe) associated
with the 'd' key with the command (bdelete) associated with the 'D'
key. This made sense since the 'd' key is more likely to be used
compared to the 'D' key.
7.2.4 - Fix:
* I did not implement the patch provided by Godefroid Chapelle
correctly. I missed one line which happened to be the most
important one :)
7.2.3 - Enhancements:
* Thanks to David Fishburn for helping me out with a much needed
code overhaul as well as some awesome performance enhancements.
He also reworked the handling of tabs.
* Thanks to Vladimir Dobriakov for making the suggestions on
enhancing the documentation to include a better explaination of
what is contained in the main bufexplorer window.
* Thanks to Yuriy Ershov for added code that when the bufexplorer
window is opened, the cursor is now positioned at the line with the
active buffer (useful in non-MRU sort modes).
* Yuriy also added the abiltiy to cycle through the sort fields in
reverse order.
* Thanks to Michael Henry for supplying a patch that allows
bufexplorer to be opened even when there is one buffer or less.
* Thanks to Godefroid Chapelle for supplying a patch that fixed
MRU sort order after loading a session.
7.2.2 - Fixes:
* Thanks to David L. Dight for spotting and fixing an issue when
using ctrl^. bufexplorer would incorrectly handle the previous
buffer so that when ctrl^ was pressed the incorrect file was opened.
7.2.1 - Fixes:
* Thanks to Dimitar for spotting and fixing a feature that was
inadvertently left out of the previous version. The feature was
when bufexplorer was used together with WinManager, you could use
the tab key to open a buffer in a split window.
7.2.0 - Enhancements:
* For all those missing the \bs and \bv commands, these have now
returned. Thanks to Phil O'Connell for asking for the return of
these missing features and helping test out this version.
* Fixed problem with the bufExplorerFindActive code not working
* Fixed an incompatibility between bufexplorer and netrw that caused
buffers to be incorrectly removed from the MRU list.
7.1.7 - Fixes:
* TaCahiroy fixed several issues related to opening a buffer in a
7.1.6 - Fixes:
* Removed ff=unix from modeline in bufexplorer.txt. Found by Bill
7.1.5 - Fixes:
* Could not open unnamed buffers. Fixed by TaCahiroy.
7.1.4 - Fixes:
* Sometimes when a file's path has 'white space' in it, extra buffers
would be created containing each piece of the path. i.e:
opening c:\document and settings\test.txt would create a buffer
named "and" and a buffer named "Documents". This was reported and
fixed by TaCa Yoss.
7.1.3 - Fixes:
* Added code to allow only one instance of the plugin to run at a
time. Thanks Dennis Hostetler.
7.1.2 - Fixes:
* Fixed a jumplist issue spotted by JiangJun. I overlooked the
'jumplist' and with a couple calls to 'keepjumps', everything is
fine again.
* Went back to just having a plugin file, no autoload file. By having
the autoload, WinManager was no longer working and without really
digging into the cause, it was easier to go back to using just a
plugin file.
7.1.1 - Fixes:
* A problem spotted by Thomas Arendsen Hein.
When running Vim (7.1.94), error E493 was being thrown.
* Added 'D' for 'delete' buffer as the 'd' command was a 'wipe'
7.1.0 - Another 'major' update, some by Dave Larson, some by me.
* Making use of 'autoload' now to make the plugin load quicker.
* Removed '\bs' and '\bv'. These are now controlled by the user. The
user can issue a ':sp' or ':vs' to create a horizontal or vertical
split window and then issue a '\be'
* Added handling of tabs.
7.0.17 - Fixed issue with 'drop' command.
Various enhancements and improvements.
7.0.16 - Fixed issue reported by Liu Jiaping on non Windows systems, which was
Open file1, open file2, modify file1, open bufexplorer, you get the
following error:
Error detected while processing function
line 4:
E37: No write since last change (add ! to override)
But the worse thing is, when I want to save the current buffer and
type ':w', I get another error message:
E382: Cannot write, 'buftype' option is set
7.0.15 - Thanks to Mark Smithfield for suggesting bufexplorer needed to handle
the ':args' command.
7.0.14 - Thanks to Randall Hansen for removing the requirement of terminal
versions to be recompiled with 'gui' support so the 'drop' command
would work. The 'drop' command is really not needed in terminal
7.0.13 - Fixed integration with WinManager.
Thanks to Dave Eggum for another update.
- Fix: The detailed help didn't display the mapping for toggling
the split type, even though the split type is displayed.
- Fixed incorrect description in the detailed help for toggling
relative or full paths.
- Deprecated s:ExtractBufferNbr(). Vim's str2nr() does the same
- Created a s:Set() function that sets a variable only if it hasn't
already been defined. It's useful for initializing all those
default settings.
- Removed checks for repetitive command definitions. They were
- Made the help highlighting a little more fancy.
- Minor reverse compatibility issue: Changed ambiguous setting
names to be more descriptive of what they do (also makes the code
easier to follow):
Changed bufExplorerSortDirection to bufExplorerReverseSort
Changed bufExplorerSplitType to bufExplorerSplitVertical
Changed bufExplorerOpenMode to bufExplorerUseCurrentWindow
- When the BufExplorer window closes, all the file-local marks are
now deleted. This may have the benefit of cleaning up some of the
- Changed the name of the parameter for StartBufExplorer from
"split" to "open". The parameter is a string which specifies how
the buffer will be open, not if it is split or not.
- Deprecated DoAnyMoreBuffersExist() - it is a one line function
only used in one spot.
- Created four functions (SplitOpen(), RebuildBufferList(),
UpdateHelpStatus() and ReSortListing()) all with one purpose - to
reduce repeated code.
- Changed the name of AddHeader() to CreateHelp() to be more
descriptive of what it does. It now returns an array instead of
updating the window directly. This has the benefit of making the
code more efficient since the text the function returns is used a
little differently in the two places the function is called.
- Other minor simplifications.
7.0.12 - MAJOR Update.
This version will ONLY run with Vim version 7.0 or greater.
Dave Eggum has made some 'significant' updates to this latest
- Added BufExplorerGetAltBuf() global function to be used in the
user’s rulerformat.
- Added g:bufExplorerSplitRight option.
- Added g:bufExplorerShowRelativePath option with mapping.
- Added current line highlighting.
- The split type can now be changed whether bufexplorer is opened
in split mode or not.
- Various major and minor bug fixes and speed improvements.
- Sort by extension.
Other improvements/changes:
- Changed the help key from '?' to <F1> to be more 'standard'.
- Fixed splitting of vertical bufexplorer window.
Hopefully I have not forgot something :)
7.0.11 - Fixed a couple of highlighting bugs, reported by David Eggum. He also
changed passive voice to active on a couple of warning messages.
7.0.10 - Fixed bug report by Xiangjiang Ma. If the 'ssl' option is set,
the slash character used when displaying the path was incorrect.
7.0.9 - Martin Grenfell found and eliminated an annoying bug in the
bufexplorer/winmanager integration. The bug was were an
annoying message would be displayed when a window was split or
a new file was opened in a new window. Thanks Martin!
7.0.8 - Thanks to Mike Li for catching a bug in the WinManager integration.
The bug was related to the incorrect displaying of the buffer
explorer's window title.
7.0.7 - Thanks to Jeremy Cowgar for adding a new enhancement. This
enhancement allows the user to press 'S', that is capital S, which
will open the buffer under the cursor in a newly created split
7.0.6 - Thanks to Larry Zhang for finding a bug in the "split" buffer code.
If you force set g:bufExplorerSplitType='v' in your vimrc, and if you
tried to do a \bs to split the bufexplorer window, it would always
split horizontal, not vertical. He also found that I had a typeo in
that the variable g:bufExplorerSplitVertSize was all lower case in
the documentation which was incorrect.
7.0.5 - Thanks to Mun Johl for pointing out a bug that if a buffer was
modified, the '+' was not showing up correctly.
7.0.4 - Fixed a problem discovered first by Xiangjiang Ma. Well since I've
been using vim 7.0 and not 6.3, I started using a function (getftype)
that is not in 6.3. So for backward compatibility, I conditionaly use
this function now. Thus, the g:bufExplorerShowDirectories feature is
only available when using vim 7.0 and above.
7.0.3 - Thanks to Erwin Waterlander for finding a problem when the last
buffer was deleted. This issue got me to rewrite the buffer display
logic (which I've wanted to do for sometime now).
Also great thanks to Dave Eggum for coming up with idea for
g:bufExplorerShowDirectories. Read the above information about this
7.0.2 - Thanks to Thomas Arendsen Hein for finding a problem when a user
has the default help turned off and then brought up the explorer. An
E493 would be displayed.
7.0.1 - Thanks to Erwin Waterlander for finding a couple problems.
The first problem allowed a modified buffer to be deleted. Opps! The
second problem occurred when several files were opened, BufExplorer
was started, the current buffer was deleted using the 'd' option, and
then BufExplorer was exited. The deleted buffer was still visible
while it is not in the buffers list. Opps again!
7.0.0 - Thanks to Shankar R. for suggesting to add the ability to set
the fixed width (g:bufExplorerSplitVertSize) of a new window
when opening bufexplorer vertically and fixed height
(g:bufExplorerSplitHorzSize) of a new window when opening
bufexplorer horizontally. By default, the windows are normally
split to use half the existing width or height.
6.3.0 - Added keepjumps so that the jumps list would not get cluttered with
bufexplorer related stuff.
6.2.3 - Thanks to Jay Logan for finding a bug in the vertical split position
of the code. When selecting that the window was to be split
vertically by doing a '\bv', from then on, all splits, i.e. '\bs',
were split vertically, even though g:bufExplorerSplitType was not set
to 'v'.
6.2.2 - Thanks to Patrik Modesto for adding a small improvement. For some
reason his bufexplorer window was always showing up folded. He added
'setlocal nofoldenable' and it was fixed.
6.2.1 - Thanks goes out to Takashi Matsuo for added the 'fullPath' sorting
logic and option.
6.2.0 - Thanks goes out to Simon Johann-Ganter for spotting and fixing a
problem in that the last search pattern is overridden by the search
pattern for blank lines.
6.1.6 - Thanks to Artem Chuprina for finding a pesky bug that has been around
for sometime now. The <esc> key mapping was causing the buffer
explored to close prematurely when vim was run in an xterm. The <esc>
key mapping is now removed.
6.1.5 - Thanks to Khorev Sergey. Added option to show default help or not.
6.1.4 - Thanks goes out to Valery Kondakoff for suggesting the addition of
setlocal nonumber and foldcolumn=0. This allows for line numbering
and folding to be turned off temporarily while in the explorer.
6.1.3 - Added folding. Did some code cleanup. Added the ability to force the
newly split window to be temporarily vertical, which was suggested by
Thomas Glanzmann.
6.1.2 - Now pressing the <esc> key will quit, just like 'q'.
Added folds to hide winmanager configuration.
If anyone had the 'C' option in their cpoptions they would receive
a E10 error on startup of BufExplorer. cpo is now saved, updated and
restored. Thanks to Charles E Campbell, Jr.
Attempted to make sure there can only be one BufExplorer window open
at a time.
6.1.1 - Thanks to Brian D. Goodwin for adding toupper to FileNameCmp. This
way buffers sorted by name will be in the correct order regardless of
6.0.16 - Thanks to Andre Pang for the original patch/idea to get bufexplorer
to work in insertmode/modeless mode (evim). Added Initialize
and Cleanup autocommands to handle commands that need to be
performed when starting or leaving bufexplorer.
6.0.15 - Srinath Avadhanulax added a patch for winmanager.vim.
6.0.14 - Fix a few more bug that I thought I already had fixed. Thanks
to Eric Bloodworth for adding 'Open Mode/Edit in Place'. Added
vertical splitting.
6.0.13 - Thanks to Charles E Campbell, Jr. for pointing out some embarrassing
typos that I had in the documentation. I guess I need to run
the spell checker more :o)
6.0.12 - Thanks to Madoka Machitani, for the tip on adding the augroup command
around the MRUList autocommands.
6.0.11 - Fixed bug report by Xiangjiang Ma. '"=' was being added to the
search history which messed up hlsearch.
6.0.10 - Added the necessary hooks so that the Srinath Avadhanula's
winmanager.vim script could more easily integrate with this script.
Tried to improve performance.
6.0.9 - Added MRU (Most Recently Used) sort ordering.
6.0.8 - Was not resetting the showcmd command correctly.
Added nifty help file.
6.0.7 - Thanks to Brett Carlane for some great enhancements. Some are added,
some are not, yet. Added highlighting of current and alternate
filenames. Added splitting of path/filename toggle. Reworked
Changed my email address.
6.0.6 - Copyright notice added. Needed this so that it could be distributed
with Debian Linux. Fixed problem with the SortListing() function
failing when there was only one buffer to display.
6.0.5 - Fixed problems reported by David Pascoe, in that you where unable to
hit 'd' on a buffer that belonged to a files that no longer existed
and that the 'yank' buffer was being overridden by the help text when
the bufexplorer was opened.
6.0.4 - Thanks to Charles Campbell, Jr. for making this plugin more plugin
*compliant*, adding default keymappings of <Leader>be and <Leader>bs
as well as fixing the 'w:sortDirLabel not being defined' bug.
6.0.3 - Added sorting capabilities. Sort taken from explorer.vim.
6.0.2 - Can't remember. (2001-07-25)
6.0.1 - Initial release.
TODO *bufexplorer-todo*
- Nothing as of now, buf if you have any suggestions, drop me an email.
CREDITS *bufexplorer-credits*
Author: Jeff Lanzarotta <delux256-vim at yahoo dot com>
Credit must go out to Bram Moolenaar and all the Vim developers for
making the world's best editor (IMHO). I also want to thank everyone who
helped and gave me suggestions. I wouldn't want to leave anyone out so I
won't list names.

File diff suppressed because it is too large Load Diff

@ -0,0 +1,6 @@

File diff suppressed because it is too large Load Diff

@ -0,0 +1,140 @@
" =============================================================================
" File: autoload/ctrlp/bookmarkdir.vim
" Description: Bookmarked directories extension
" Author: Kien Nguyen <github.com/kien>
" =============================================================================
" Init {{{1
if exists('g:loaded_ctrlp_bookmarkdir') && g:loaded_ctrlp_bookmarkdir
let g:loaded_ctrlp_bookmarkdir = 1
cal add(g:ctrlp_ext_vars, {
\ 'init': 'ctrlp#bookmarkdir#init()',
\ 'accept': 'ctrlp#bookmarkdir#accept',
\ 'lname': 'bookmarked dirs',
\ 'sname': 'bkd',
\ 'type': 'tabs',
\ 'opmul': 1,
\ 'nolim': 1,
\ 'wipe': 'ctrlp#bookmarkdir#remove',
\ })
let s:id = g:ctrlp_builtins + len(g:ctrlp_ext_vars)
" Utilities {{{1
fu! s:getinput(str, ...)
echoh Identifier
cal inputsave()
let input = call('input', a:0 ? [a:str] + a:000 : [a:str])
cal inputrestore()
echoh None
retu input
fu! s:cachefile()
if !exists('s:cadir') || !exists('s:cafile')
let s:cadir = ctrlp#utils#cachedir().ctrlp#utils#lash().'bkd'
let s:cafile = s:cadir.ctrlp#utils#lash().'cache.txt'
retu s:cafile
fu! s:writecache(lines)
cal ctrlp#utils#writecache(a:lines, s:cadir, s:cafile)
fu! s:getbookmarks()
retu ctrlp#utils#readfile(s:cachefile())
fu! s:savebookmark(name, cwd)
let cwds = exists('+ssl') ? [tr(a:cwd, '\', '/'), tr(a:cwd, '/', '\')] : [a:cwd]
let entries = filter(s:getbookmarks(), 'index(cwds, s:parts(v:val)[1]) < 0')
cal s:writecache(insert(entries, a:name.' '.a:cwd))
fu! s:setentries()
let time = getftime(s:cachefile())
if !( exists('s:bookmarks') && time == s:bookmarks[0] )
let s:bookmarks = [time, s:getbookmarks()]
fu! s:parts(str)
let mlist = matchlist(a:str, '\v([^\t]+)\t(.*)$')
retu mlist != [] ? mlist[1:2] : ['', '']
fu! s:process(entries, type)
retu map(a:entries, 's:modify(v:val, a:type)')
fu! s:modify(entry, type)
let [name, dir] = s:parts(a:entry)
let dir = fnamemodify(dir, a:type)
retu name.' '.( dir == '' ? '.' : dir )
fu! s:msg(name, cwd)
echoh Identifier | echon 'Bookmarked ' | echoh Constant
echon a:name.' ' | echoh Directory | echon a:cwd
echoh None
fu! s:syntax()
if !ctrlp#nosy()
cal ctrlp#hicheck('CtrlPBookmark', 'Identifier')
cal ctrlp#hicheck('CtrlPTabExtra', 'Comment')
sy match CtrlPBookmark '^> [^\t]\+' contains=CtrlPLinePre
sy match CtrlPTabExtra '\zs\t.*\ze$'
" Public {{{1
fu! ctrlp#bookmarkdir#init()
cal s:setentries()
cal s:syntax()
retu s:process(copy(s:bookmarks[1]), ':.')
fu! ctrlp#bookmarkdir#accept(mode, str)
let parts = s:parts(s:modify(a:str, ':p'))
cal call('s:savebookmark', parts)
if a:mode =~ 't\|v\|h'
cal ctrlp#exit()
cal ctrlp#setdir(parts[1], a:mode =~ 't\|h' ? 'chd!' : 'lc!')
if a:mode == 'e'
cal ctrlp#switchtype(0)
cal ctrlp#recordhist()
cal ctrlp#prtclear()
fu! ctrlp#bookmarkdir#add(dir)
let str = 'Directory to bookmark: '
let cwd = a:dir != '' ? a:dir : s:getinput(str, getcwd(), 'dir')
if cwd == '' | retu | en
let cwd = fnamemodify(cwd, ':p')
let name = s:getinput('Bookmark as: ', cwd)
if name == '' | retu | en
let name = tr(name, ' ', ' ')
cal s:savebookmark(name, cwd)
cal s:msg(name, cwd)
fu! ctrlp#bookmarkdir#remove(entries)
cal s:process(a:entries, ':p')
cal s:writecache(a:entries == [] ? [] :
\ filter(s:getbookmarks(), 'index(a:entries, v:val) < 0'))
cal s:setentries()
retu s:process(copy(s:bookmarks[1]), ':.')
fu! ctrlp#bookmarkdir#id()
retu s:id
" vim:fen:fdm=marker:fmr={{{,}}}:fdl=0:fdc=1:ts=2:sw=2:sts=2

@ -0,0 +1,239 @@
" =============================================================================
" File: autoload/ctrlp/buffertag.vim
" Description: Buffer Tag extension
" Maintainer: Kien Nguyen <github.com/kien>
" Credits: Much of the code was taken from tagbar.vim by Jan Larres, plus
" a few lines from taglist.vim by Yegappan Lakshmanan and from
" buffertag.vim by Takeshi Nishida.
" =============================================================================
" Init {{{1
if exists('g:loaded_ctrlp_buftag') && g:loaded_ctrlp_buftag
let g:loaded_ctrlp_buftag = 1
cal add(g:ctrlp_ext_vars, {
\ 'init': 'ctrlp#buffertag#init(s:crfile)',
\ 'accept': 'ctrlp#buffertag#accept',
\ 'lname': 'buffer tags',
\ 'sname': 'bft',
\ 'exit': 'ctrlp#buffertag#exit()',
\ 'type': 'tabs',
\ 'opts': 'ctrlp#buffertag#opts()',
\ })
let s:id = g:ctrlp_builtins + len(g:ctrlp_ext_vars)
let [s:pref, s:opts] = ['g:ctrlp_buftag_', {
\ 'systemenc': ['s:enc', &enc],
\ 'ctags_bin': ['s:bin', ''],
\ 'types': ['s:usr_types', {}],
\ }]
let s:bins = [
\ 'ctags-exuberant',
\ 'exuberant-ctags',
\ 'exctags',
\ '/usr/local/bin/ctags',
\ '/opt/local/bin/ctags',
\ 'ctags',
\ 'ctags.exe',
\ 'tags',
\ ]
let s:types = {
\ 'asm' : '%sasm%sasm%sdlmt',
\ 'aspperl': '%sasp%sasp%sfsv',
\ 'aspvbs' : '%sasp%sasp%sfsv',
\ 'awk' : '%sawk%sawk%sf',
\ 'beta' : '%sbeta%sbeta%sfsv',
\ 'c' : '%sc%sc%sdgsutvf',
\ 'cpp' : '%sc++%sc++%snvdtcgsuf',
\ 'cs' : '%sc#%sc#%sdtncEgsipm',
\ 'cobol' : '%scobol%scobol%sdfgpPs',
\ 'eiffel' : '%seiffel%seiffel%scf',
\ 'erlang' : '%serlang%serlang%sdrmf',
\ 'expect' : '%stcl%stcl%scfp',
\ 'fortran': '%sfortran%sfortran%spbceiklmntvfs',
\ 'html' : '%shtml%shtml%saf',
\ 'java' : '%sjava%sjava%spcifm',
\ 'javascript': '%sjavascript%sjavascript%sf',
\ 'lisp' : '%slisp%slisp%sf',
\ 'lua' : '%slua%slua%sf',
\ 'make' : '%smake%smake%sm',
\ 'pascal' : '%spascal%spascal%sfp',
\ 'perl' : '%sperl%sperl%sclps',
\ 'php' : '%sphp%sphp%scdvf',
\ 'python' : '%spython%spython%scmf',
\ 'rexx' : '%srexx%srexx%ss',
\ 'ruby' : '%sruby%sruby%scfFm',
\ 'scheme' : '%sscheme%sscheme%ssf',
\ 'sh' : '%ssh%ssh%sf',
\ 'csh' : '%ssh%ssh%sf',
\ 'zsh' : '%ssh%ssh%sf',
\ 'slang' : '%sslang%sslang%snf',
\ 'sml' : '%ssml%ssml%secsrtvf',
\ 'sql' : '%ssql%ssql%scFPrstTvfp',
\ 'tcl' : '%stcl%stcl%scfmp',
\ 'vera' : '%svera%svera%scdefgmpPtTvx',
\ 'verilog': '%sverilog%sverilog%smcPertwpvf',
\ 'vim' : '%svim%svim%savf',
\ 'yacc' : '%syacc%syacc%sl',
\ }
cal map(s:types, 'printf(v:val, "--language-force=", " --", "-types=")')
if executable('jsctags')
cal extend(s:types, { 'javascript': { 'args': '-f -', 'bin': 'jsctags' } })
fu! ctrlp#buffertag#opts()
for [ke, va] in items(s:opts)
let {va[0]} = exists(s:pref.ke) ? {s:pref.ke} : va[1]
" Ctags bin
if empty(s:bin)
for bin in s:bins | if executable(bin)
let s:bin = bin
en | endfo
let s:bin = expand(s:bin, 1)
" Types
cal extend(s:types, s:usr_types)
" Utilities {{{1
fu! s:validfile(fname, ftype)
if ( !empty(a:fname) || !empty(a:ftype) ) && filereadable(a:fname)
\ && index(keys(s:types), a:ftype) >= 0 | retu 1 | en
retu 0
fu! s:exectags(cmd)
if exists('+ssl')
let [ssl, &ssl] = [&ssl, 0]
if &sh =~ 'cmd\.exe'
let [sxq, &sxq, shcf, &shcf] = [&sxq, '"', &shcf, '/s /c']
let output = system(a:cmd)
if &sh =~ 'cmd\.exe'
let [&sxq, &shcf] = [sxq, shcf]
if exists('+ssl')
let &ssl = ssl
retu output
fu! s:exectagsonfile(fname, ftype)
let [ags, ft] = ['-f - --sort=no --excmd=pattern --fields=nKs ', a:ftype]
if type(s:types[ft]) == 1
let ags .= s:types[ft]
let bin = s:bin
elsei type(s:types[ft]) == 4
let ags = s:types[ft]['args']
let bin = expand(s:types[ft]['bin'], 1)
if empty(bin) | retu '' | en
let cmd = s:esctagscmd(bin, ags, a:fname)
if empty(cmd) | retu '' | en
let output = s:exectags(cmd)
if v:shell_error || output =~ 'Warning: cannot open' | retu '' | en
retu output
fu! s:esctagscmd(bin, args, ...)
if exists('+ssl')
let [ssl, &ssl] = [&ssl, 0]
let fname = a:0 == 1 ? shellescape(a:1) : ''
let cmd = shellescape(a:bin).' '.a:args.' '.fname
if exists('+ssl')
let &ssl = ssl
if has('iconv')
let last = s:enc != &enc ? s:enc : !empty($LANG) ? $LANG : &enc
let cmd = iconv(cmd, &enc, last)
retu cmd
fu! s:process(fname, ftype)
if !s:validfile(a:fname, a:ftype) | retu [] | endif
let ftime = getftime(a:fname)
if has_key(g:ctrlp_buftags, a:fname)
\ && g:ctrlp_buftags[a:fname]['time'] >= ftime
let lines = g:ctrlp_buftags[a:fname]['lines']
let data = s:exectagsonfile(a:fname, a:ftype)
let [raw, lines] = [split(data, '\n\+'), []]
for line in raw | if len(split(line, ';"')) == 2
let parsed_line = s:parseline(line)
if parsed_line != ''
cal add(lines, parsed_line)
en | endfo
let cache = { a:fname : { 'time': ftime, 'lines': lines } }
cal extend(g:ctrlp_buftags, cache)
retu lines
fu! s:parseline(line)
let eval = '\v^([^\t]+)\t(.+)\t\/\^(.+)\$\/\;\"\t(.+)\tline(no)?\:(\d+)'
let vals = matchlist(a:line, eval)
if vals == [] | retu '' | en
let [bufnr, bufname] = [bufnr('^'.vals[2].'$'), fnamemodify(vals[2], ':p:t')]
retu vals[1].' '.vals[4].'|'.bufnr.':'.bufname.'|'.vals[6].'| '.vals[3]
fu! s:syntax()
if !ctrlp#nosy()
cal ctrlp#hicheck('CtrlPTagKind', 'Title')
cal ctrlp#hicheck('CtrlPBufName', 'Directory')
cal ctrlp#hicheck('CtrlPTabExtra', 'Comment')
sy match CtrlPTagKind '\zs[^\t|]\+\ze|\d\+:[^|]\+|\d\+|'
sy match CtrlPBufName '|\d\+:\zs[^|]\+\ze|\d\+|'
sy match CtrlPTabExtra '\zs\t.*\ze$' contains=CtrlPBufName,CtrlPTagKind
" Public {{{1
fu! ctrlp#buffertag#init(fname)
let bufs = exists('s:btmode') && s:btmode
\ ? filter(ctrlp#buffers(), 'filereadable(v:val)')
\ : [exists('s:bufname') ? s:bufname : a:fname]
let lines = []
for each in bufs
let bname = fnamemodify(each, ':p')
let tftype = get(split(getbufvar(bname, '&ft'), '\.'), 0, '')
cal extend(lines, s:process(bname, tftype))
cal s:syntax()
retu lines
fu! ctrlp#buffertag#accept(mode, str)
let vals = matchlist(a:str, '\v^[^\t]+\t+[^\t|]+\|(\d+)\:[^\t|]+\|(\d+)\|')
let bufnr = str2nr(get(vals, 1))
if bufnr
cal ctrlp#acceptfile(a:mode, bufname(bufnr), get(vals, 2))
fu! ctrlp#buffertag#cmd(mode, ...)
let s:btmode = a:mode
if a:0 && !empty(a:1)
let s:bufname = fnamemodify(a:1, ':p')
retu s:id
fu! ctrlp#buffertag#exit()
unl! s:btmode s:bufname
" vim:fen:fdm=marker:fmr={{{,}}}:fdl=0:fdc=1:ts=2:sw=2:sts=2

@ -0,0 +1,95 @@
" =============================================================================
" File: autoload/ctrlp/changes.vim
" Description: Change list extension
" Author: Kien Nguyen <github.com/kien>
" =============================================================================
" Init {{{1
if exists('g:loaded_ctrlp_changes') && g:loaded_ctrlp_changes
let g:loaded_ctrlp_changes = 1
cal add(g:ctrlp_ext_vars, {
\ 'init': 'ctrlp#changes#init(s:bufnr, s:crbufnr)',
\ 'accept': 'ctrlp#changes#accept',
\ 'lname': 'changes',
\ 'sname': 'chs',
\ 'exit': 'ctrlp#changes#exit()',
\ 'type': 'tabe',
\ 'sort': 0,
\ 'nolim': 1,
\ })
let s:id = g:ctrlp_builtins + len(g:ctrlp_ext_vars)
" Utilities {{{1
fu! s:changelist(bufnr)
sil! exe 'noa hid b' a:bufnr
redi => result
sil! changes
redi END
retu map(split(result, "\n")[1:], 'tr(v:val, " ", " ")')
fu! s:process(clines, ...)
let [clines, evas] = [[], []]
for each in a:clines
let parts = matchlist(each, '\v^.\s*\d+\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+)\s(.*)$')
if !empty(parts)
if parts[3] == '' | let parts[3] = ' ' | en
cal add(clines, parts[3].' |'.a:1.':'.a:2.'|'.parts[1].':'.parts[2].'|')
retu reverse(filter(clines, 'count(clines, v:val) == 1'))
fu! s:syntax()
if !ctrlp#nosy()
cal ctrlp#hicheck('CtrlPBufName', 'Directory')
cal ctrlp#hicheck('CtrlPTabExtra', 'Comment')
sy match CtrlPBufName '\t|\d\+:\zs[^|]\+\ze|\d\+:\d\+|$'
sy match CtrlPTabExtra '\zs\t.*\ze$' contains=CtrlPBufName
" Public {{{1
fu! ctrlp#changes#init(original_bufnr, bufnr)
let bufnr = exists('s:bufnr') ? s:bufnr : a:bufnr
let bufs = exists('s:clmode') && s:clmode ? ctrlp#buffers('id') : [bufnr]
cal filter(bufs, 'v:val > 0')
let [swb, &swb] = [&swb, '']
let lines = []
for each in bufs
let fnamet = fnamemodify(bufname(each), ':t')
cal extend(lines, s:process(s:changelist(each), each, fnamet))
sil! exe 'noa hid b' a:original_bufnr
let &swb = swb
cal ctrlp#syntax()
cal s:syntax()
retu lines
fu! ctrlp#changes#accept(mode, str)
let info = matchlist(a:str, '\t|\(\d\+\):[^|]\+|\(\d\+\):\(\d\+\)|$')
let bufnr = str2nr(get(info, 1))
if bufnr
cal ctrlp#acceptfile(a:mode, bufname(bufnr))
cal cursor(get(info, 2), get(info, 3))
sil! norm! zvzz
fu! ctrlp#changes#cmd(mode, ...)
let s:clmode = a:mode
if a:0 && !empty(a:1)
let s:bufnr = bufnr('^'.fnamemodify(a:1, ':p').'$')
retu s:id
fu! ctrlp#changes#exit()
unl! s:clmode s:bufnr
" vim:fen:fdm=marker:fmr={{{,}}}:fdl=0:fdc=1:ts=2:sw=2:sts=2

@ -0,0 +1,92 @@
" =============================================================================
" File: autoload/ctrlp/dir.vim
" Description: Directory extension
" Author: Kien Nguyen <github.com/kien>
" =============================================================================
" Init {{{1
if exists('g:loaded_ctrlp_dir') && g:loaded_ctrlp_dir
let [g:loaded_ctrlp_dir, g:ctrlp_newdir] = [1, 0]
let s:ars = ['s:maxdepth', 's:maxfiles', 's:compare_lim', 's:glob', 's:caching']
cal add(g:ctrlp_ext_vars, {
\ 'init': 'ctrlp#dir#init('.join(s:ars, ', ').')',
\ 'accept': 'ctrlp#dir#accept',
\ 'lname': 'dirs',
\ 'sname': 'dir',
\ 'type': 'path',
\ 'specinput': 1,
\ })
let s:id = g:ctrlp_builtins + len(g:ctrlp_ext_vars)
let s:dircounts = {}
" Utilities {{{1
fu! s:globdirs(dirs, depth)
let entries = split(globpath(a:dirs, s:glob), "\n")
let [dirs, depth] = [ctrlp#dirnfile(entries)[0], a:depth + 1]
cal extend(g:ctrlp_alldirs, dirs)
let nr = len(g:ctrlp_alldirs)
if !empty(dirs) && !s:max(nr, s:maxfiles) && depth <= s:maxdepth
sil! cal ctrlp#progress(nr)
cal s:globdirs(join(dirs, ','), depth)
fu! s:max(len, max)
retu a:max && a:len > a:max ? 1 : 0
fu! s:nocache()
retu !s:caching || ( s:caching > 1 && get(s:dircounts, s:cwd) < s:caching )
" Public {{{1
fu! ctrlp#dir#init(...)
let s:cwd = getcwd()
for each in range(len(s:ars))
let {s:ars[each]} = a:{each + 1}
let cadir = ctrlp#utils#cachedir().ctrlp#utils#lash().'dir'
let cafile = cadir.ctrlp#utils#lash().ctrlp#utils#cachefile('dir')
if g:ctrlp_newdir || s:nocache() || !filereadable(cafile)
let [s:initcwd, g:ctrlp_alldirs] = [s:cwd, []]
cal s:globdirs(s:cwd, 0)
cal ctrlp#rmbasedir(g:ctrlp_alldirs)
if len(g:ctrlp_alldirs) <= s:compare_lim
cal sort(g:ctrlp_alldirs, 'ctrlp#complen')
cal ctrlp#utils#writecache(g:ctrlp_alldirs, cadir, cafile)
let g:ctrlp_newdir = 0
if !( exists('s:initcwd') && s:initcwd == s:cwd )
let s:initcwd = s:cwd
let g:ctrlp_alldirs = ctrlp#utils#readfile(cafile)
cal extend(s:dircounts, { s:cwd : len(g:ctrlp_alldirs) })
retu g:ctrlp_alldirs
fu! ctrlp#dir#accept(mode, str)
let path = a:mode == 'h' ? getcwd() : s:cwd.ctrlp#utils#lash().a:str
if a:mode =~ 't\|v\|h'
cal ctrlp#exit()
cal ctrlp#setdir(path, a:mode =~ 't\|h' ? 'chd!' : 'lc!')
if a:mode == 'e'
sil! cal ctrlp#statusline()
cal ctrlp#setlines(s:id)
cal ctrlp#recordhist()
cal ctrlp#prtclear()
fu! ctrlp#dir#id()
retu s:id
" vim:fen:fdm=marker:fmr={{{,}}}:fdl=0:fdc=1:ts=2:sw=2:sts=2

@ -0,0 +1,62 @@
" =============================================================================
" File: autoload/ctrlp/line.vim
" Description: Line extension
" Author: Kien Nguyen <github.com/kien>
" =============================================================================
" Init {{{1
if exists('g:loaded_ctrlp_line') && g:loaded_ctrlp_line
let g:loaded_ctrlp_line = 1
cal add(g:ctrlp_ext_vars, {