Tmux Plugin Manager
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Managing plugins via the command line

Aside from tmux key bindings, TPM provides shell interface for managing plugins via scripts located in bin/ directory.

Tmux does not need to be started in order to run scripts (but it's okay if it is). If you changed tpm install dir in .tmux.conf that should work fine too.


  • tmux installed on the system (doh)
  • .tmux.conf set up for TPM

Installing plugins

As usual, plugins need to be specified in .tmux.conf. Run the following command to install plugins:


Updating plugins

To update all installed plugins:

~/.tmux/plugins/tpm/bin/update_plugins all

or update a single plugin:

~/.tmux/plugins/tpm/bin/update_plugins tmux-sensible

Removing plugins

To remove plugins not on the plugin list: