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Tmux Plugin Manager

Installs and loads TMUX plugins.

Truth be told, there aren't too many TMUX plugins out there. People mostly just copy code snippets from each others' .tmux.conf files.

I hope TMUX plugin manager (TPM) inspires people to do better and more creative things with TMUX. See below for instructions how to create your own plugin.


Requirements: git

Clone TPM:

$ git clone https://github.com/bruno-/tpm ~/.tmux/plugins/tpm

Put this at the bottom of your .tmux.conf (backslashes at the end of the lines are required):

# List of plugins
# Supports `github_username/repo` or full git URLs
set -g @tpm_plugins "              \
  bruno-/tpm                       \
  bruno-/tmux_battery_osx          \
# Other examples:
# github_username/plugin_name    \
# git@github.com/user/plugin     \
# git@bitbucket.com/user/plugin  \

# initializes TMUX plugin manager
run-shell ~/.tmux/plugins/tpm/tpm

Reload TMUX environment so TPM is sourced:

# type this in terminal
$ tmux source-file ~/.tmux.conf

That's it!

Installing plugins

  1. add a new plugin to the @tpm_plugins list
  2. hit prefix + I (I as in Install) to fetch the plugin

You're good to go! The plugin was cloned to ~/.tmux/plugins/ dir and sourced.

Key bindings

TPM provides only 1 key binding: prefix + I. Here's what it does:

  • clones new plugins from github or any other git repo
  • pulls updates for already installed plugins
  • refreshes TMUX environment

After you press prefix + I, everything should be up to date.

List of plugins

Creating plugins