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Note: this changelog only lists feature additions, not bugfixes. For details on
those, see the Git history.
* v1.19
* Add `mode:` option for `create`
* Add `exclude:` option for `link`
* v1.18
* Add `--only` and `--except` flags
* Add support to run with `python -m dotbot`
* Add `--force-color` option
* v1.17
* Add `canonicalize-path:` option for `link`
* v1.16
* Add `create` plugin
* v1.15
* Add `quiet:` option for `shell`
* v1.14
* Add `if:` option for `link`
* v1.13
* Add `--no-color` flag
* v1.12
* Add globbing support to `link`
* v1.11
* Add force option to `clean` to remove all broken symlinks
* v1.10
* Update `link` to support shorthand syntax for links
* v1.9
* Add support for default options for commands
* v1.8
* Update `link` to be able to create relative links
* v1.7
* Add support for plugins
* v1.6
* Update `link` to expand environment variables in paths
* v1.5
* Update `link` to be able to automatically overwrite broken symlinks
* v1.4
* Update `shell` to allow for selectively enabling/disabling stdin, stdout,
and stderr
* v1.3
* Add support for YAML format configs
* v1.2
* Update `link` to be able to force create links (deleting things that were
previously there)
* Update `link` to be able to create parent directories
* v1.1
* Update `clean` to remove old broken symlinks
* v1.0
* Initial commit