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Garuda Linux common settings

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Found any issue?

  • If any packaging issues occur, don't hesitate to report them via our issues section of our PKGBUILD repo. You can click here to create a new one.
  • If issues concerning the configurations and settings occur, please open a new issue on this repository. Click here to start the process.

How to contribute?

We highly appreciate contributions of any sort! 😊 To do so, please follow these steps:

We will then review the changes and eventually merge them.

Where is the PKGBUILD?

The PKGBUILD can be found in our PKGBUILDs repository. Accordingly, packaging changes need to be happening over there.

How to deploy a new version?

To deploy a new version, pushing a new tag is sufficient. The deployment will happen automatically via the PKGBUILDs repo's pipelines, which check half-hourly for the existance of a more recent tag.