Simple web UI to manage OpenVPN users.
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Web UI for manage and admin openvpn users



Because this utility uses external calls for bash, core-utils and easyrsa it can work only on Linux systems


We have docker-compose.yaml you can just change/add values you need and start it with

First you need to have installed docker docker-compose

git clone
cd ovpn-admin

building from source

First you need to have installed: golang packr2 nodejs/npm

git clone
cd ovpn-admin

be sure you don't forgot to configure all needed params

prebuild binary (WIP)

You can use prebuild binary from releases page just download tar.gz file .


usage: ovpn-admin [<flags>]

  --help                       Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).""      host for ovpn-admin
  --listen.port="8080"         port for ovpn-admin
  --role="master"              server role master or slave""  
                               url for master server
  --master.basic-auth.user=""  user for basic auth on master server url
                               password for basic auth on master server url
  --master.sync-frequency=600  master host data sync frequency in seconds.
  --master.sync-token=TOKEN    master host data sync security token""  
                               network for openvpn server
  --ovpn.server=HOST:PORT:PROTOCOL ...  
                               comma separated addresses for openvpn servers
  --mgmt=main= ...  
                               comma separated (alias=address) for openvpn servers mgmt interfaces
  --metrics.path="/metrics"    URL path for surfacing collected metrics
  --easyrsa.path="./easyrsa/"  path to easyrsa dir
                               path to easyrsa index file.
  --ccd                        Enable client-config-dir.
  --ccd.path="./ccd"           path to client-config-dir
  --auth.password              Enable additional password authorization.
                               Database path fort password authorization.
  --debug                      Enable debug mode.
  --verbose                    Enable verbose mode.
  --version                    Show application version.