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0.11.3 (2020-03-22)

Bug Fixes

  • release.config.js: use full commit hash in commit link [skip ci] (c79d42e)

Continuous Integration

  • gemfile: restrict train gem version until upstream fix [skip ci] (e6a2d52)
  • kitchen: avoid using bootstrap for master instances [skip ci] (6200869)
  • kitchen: ensure cron installed on Debian (4401a20)
  • kitchen: use debian-10-master-py3 instead of develop [skip ci] (7ba188f)
  • kitchen: use develop image until master is ready (amazonlinux) [skip ci] (c4a1fa9)
  • kitchen+travis: upgrade matrix after 2019.2.2 release [skip ci] (74ab7a1)
  • travis: apply changes from build config validation [skip ci] (4e65a71)
  • travis: opt-in to dpl v2 to complete build config validation [skip ci] (05f9738)
  • travis: quote pathspecs used with git ls-files [skip ci] (b7ff28d)
  • travis: run shellcheck during lint job [skip ci] (b60e2ab)
  • travis: update salt-lint config for v0.0.10 [skip ci] (a75723c)
  • travis: use major.minor for semantic-release version [skip ci] (d08d9bf)
  • travis: use build config validation (beta) [skip ci] (ef455ff)


  • contributing: remove to use org-level file instead [skip ci] (01493e9)
  • readme: update link to CONTRIBUTING [skip ci] (d2ee252)

Performance Improvements

  • travis: improve salt-lint invocation [skip ci] (ebd94f0)

0.11.2 (2019-10-11)

Bug Fixes

  • rubocop: add fixes using rubocop --safe-auto-correct ()
  • rubocop: fix remaining errors manually ()

Continuous Integration

  • kitchen: change log_level to debug instead of info ()
  • kitchen: install required packages to bootstrapped opensuse [skip ci] ()
  • kitchen: use bootstrapped opensuse images until 2019.2.2 [skip ci] ()
  • platform: add arch-base-latest (commented out for now) [skip ci] ()
  • merge travis matrix, add salt-lint & rubocop to lint job ()
  • merge travis matrix, add salt-lint & rubocop to lint job ()
  • use dist: bionic & apply opensuse-leap-15 SCP error workaround ()
  • travis: merge rubocop linter into main lint job ()
  • yamllint: add rule empty-values & use new yaml-files setting ()

0.11.1 (2019-09-01)

Continuous Integration

  • kitchen+travis: replace EOL pre-salted images (cc3fa62)


  • inspec: improve to work on amazon as well (be09e0d)

0.11.0 (2019-08-10)


  • yamllint: include for this repo and apply rules throughout (86aed1e)

0.10.0 (2019-06-25)

Bug Fixes

  • test: on suse using and additional kitchen state (21a1866)


  • implement semantic release (ef086b2)