Chef Cookbook: Sudo Rules
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sudo_rules Cookbook

Reads through a special data bag of sudo rules to compile a list of sudoers.d rules to create/remove.



  • sudo



Key Type Description Default
['sudo_rules']['data_bag'] String Name of data bag to use for entries. sudo_rules
['sudo_rules']['search_query'] String Custom search query for matching instead of just host:fqdn None

data bag

Key Type Description Default Required?
id String Name of Data Bag item, and sudoers.d/Id filename. None Yes
name String Instead of using Id, you can choose the name of the file for sudoers.d/Name instead. Same as Id No
hosts Array List of hosts to apply this rule to by fqdn, can be wildcard matched. [] Yes
action String create or remove Sets whether to create or remove the entry. create No
user String Username or %Groupname to use for the sudo rule. None Yes
runas String Allowed colon-separated list of users for sudoers runas. ALL No
commands Array List of commands (and arguments) this rule adds for the user/group. [] Yes
defaults Array List of defaults this user has. [] No



Include sudo_rules in your node's run_list:

  "run_list": [

And provide properly formatted data bag:

    "id": "Data Bag unique name, default value for name below",
    "name": "Name of the sudoers.d file",
    "hosts": [
    "action": "create",
    "user": "someuser",
    "runas": "ALL",
    "commands": [
        "/usr/sbin/somecommand args",
    "defaults": [


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