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Tomas Slusny 61ff6019b1 [fasd] Fix completion
- Fix word completion for fasd
- Fix initialization script to have all fasd-related functions inside it
  (functions was not called properly when they was in separate files)
- Add another alias `v` for fasd that will access recently used files
  from .viminfo

Signed-off-by: Tomas Slusny <>

Fixes #111, Closes #133
2017-01-22 10:37:36 -08:00
Matt Hamilton cc34e3f310 [environment] add customizable term title
Adds customizable terminal/window title. Set `${ztermtitle}` in `.zimrc`
to use this functionality.

Check the notes added in templates/zimrc for additional usage info.

Closes #52
2017-01-21 08:54:32 -08:00
Matt Hamilton 2c0cc6fbd7 [tools] zmanage update: track submodules
This change causes `zmanage update` to track the submodules as described
in origin/master, not from their upstream (dirty) states. Users wishing
to "revert" this change on occasion to test some upstream submodule
features, do: `cd ~/.zim && gSu`, assuming you have the git aliases.
This will pull the upstream modules to their latest state, leaving a
dirty HEAD state with these untracked modules. `cd ~/.zim && gSI` to

Closes #127
2017-01-21 08:25:30 -08:00
Matt Hamilton bf5e3a8c6b [prompt] lean: update submodule 2017-01-21 08:23:43 -08:00
Matt Hamilton dcc066c1fa [prompt] pure: update submodule 2017-01-21 08:23:28 -08:00
Eric Nielsen c1b02c06d0 Remove git_prompt_info and parse_git_dirty
as they were only being used by gitster prompt theme and kept for
Oh-My-Zsh compatibility. The newly introduced git-info module (inspired
by the git-info Prezto function) provides a more powerful
implementation than the Oh-My-Zsh inspired git_prompt_info.

Updated gitster to use the git-info module.

Closes #124
2017-01-19 05:10:19 -08:00
Eric Nielsen 9f4c21cee8 Update git-info
to fix the "Special Action Contexts" title mistakenly being "Untracked
Contexts", and other minor changes.
2017-01-16 10:26:17 -08:00
Eric Nielsen 708f17b18f Update magicmace theme to use the git-info module 2017-01-16 10:26:17 -08:00
Eric Nielsen cabf368847 Add git-info module
based on the Prezto git module
and further refactored and simplified.

What changed:
- Commit format only in 'detached HEAD' state, so
  `$(coalesce "%b" "%c")` is not needed, because you only get one of
- Removed the `added`, `deleted`, `modified`, `renamed` and `unmerged`
  verbose contexts.
- `git status` is only used in verbose mode.
- In non-verbose mode, the `untracked` context is not available, and
  also untracked files are not considered for computing the `dirty`
  context. Using `git status` or checking for untracked files is
2017-01-16 10:26:17 -08:00
Gordon Gao 9529245cbb use setopt NO_CLOBBER instead of unsetopt CLOBBER
Closes #117
2017-01-11 22:16:07 -08:00
Matt Hamilton b021ba6817 [syntax-highlighting] update submodule 2017-01-05 22:36:00 -08:00
Matt Hamilton cb8617d3f4 [prompt] pure: update submodule
Closes #113
2017-01-05 22:34:00 -08:00
Matt Hamilton 1073feb097 [prompt] lean: update submodule 2017-01-05 22:33:37 -08:00
Matt Hamilton ca129aa00c [substring-search] update submodule 2017-01-05 22:33:13 -08:00
Matt Hamilton e267e46f98 [completion] update submodule 2017-01-05 22:32:33 -08:00
Matt Hamilton 9f9cc34273 [syntax-highlighting] update submodule 2016-12-11 09:49:24 -08:00
Matt Hamilton 02a68bea57 [prompt] lean: update submodule
Closes #110
2016-12-11 09:48:47 -08:00
Matt Hamilton 081e4f30d0 [completion] update submodule 2016-12-11 09:48:30 -08:00
Matt Hamilton e35d9d6100 [issue-template] request `zmanage update` 2016-12-02 03:36:59 -08:00
Matt Hamilton b55ed8ad27 [syntax-highlighting] update submodule 2016-12-01 23:51:59 -08:00
Matt Hamilton 5798afae97 [prompt] pure: update submodule 2016-12-01 23:51:59 -08:00
Matt Hamilton edfa747047 [prompt] liquidprompt: update submodule 2016-12-01 23:51:59 -08:00
Matt Hamilton 7da3437b3f [prompt] lean: update submodule 2016-12-01 23:51:59 -08:00
Matt Hamilton 0e56fa4901 [completion] update submodule 2016-12-01 23:51:59 -08:00
Xiao-Ou Zhang d91d9e3efe [input] Fix typo in README
Closes #102
2016-12-01 23:51:59 -08:00
Eric Nielsen 76ff1bdb3c Add less or more as default PAGER
Set `less` (if available) or `more` as `PAGER`, if `PAGER` is not set.

Closes #101
2016-12-01 23:51:59 -08:00
Eric Nielsen 7a289c4c0d Add less termcap colour variables
Set `less` termcap colour variables, and update the module
Change the code to enclose all colour logic within a
`(( ${terminfo[colors]} >= 8 ))` condition.
Check if `PAGER` is set before setting the `lm` alias.

Keeping the British "colour" spelling. :-)

Closes #101
2016-12-01 23:51:59 -08:00
Matt Hamilton 1801faf39c [pacman] keep old packages for `auru`
The choice to remove these packages should be up to the administrator.
Having an old -git package around after experiencing an upstream issue
is always handy.
2016-12-01 23:50:37 -08:00
Matt Hamilton 1f0ed84938 [syntax-highlighting] update submodule 2016-10-25 16:17:30 -07:00
Matt Hamilton ee9559eb74 [prompt] pure: update submodule 2016-10-25 16:17:14 -07:00
Matt Hamilton 99a45de4d6 [prompt] liquidprompt: update submodule 2016-10-25 16:16:57 -07:00
Matt Hamilton ebdcaf80cd [substring-search] update submodule 2016-10-25 16:16:30 -07:00
Matt Hamilton 6b31e32711 [completion] update submodule 2016-10-25 16:15:49 -07:00
Eric Nielsen 7519f17645 [input] fix prompt after <Tab><Tab><Ctrl-C>
The issue is fixed by adding `zle redisplay` after `zle
expand-and-complete` for the expand-and-complete key binding. An
additional `print -n '...'` is also included to show an indicator while
the menu is loading, and that is purely cosmetic.

There's still one glitch: the prompt jumps one line up after
<Tab><Tab><Ctrl-C>. This was observed in Prezto too.

Fixes #85, closes #89
2016-10-25 16:13:49 -07:00
Eric Nielsen 0a9d105107 [utility] Simplify correction prompt config
For `setopt CORRECT`. Let the user uncomment a line with the `setopt`
directly in the configuration file, instead of having a flag variable
for it.

Closes #90
2016-10-25 16:12:40 -07:00
Sebastian Stammler e24fed015c [pacman] Add pacI alias to install without syncing
Closes #99
2016-10-25 16:11:16 -07:00
Shaun Hammill 50f74bc56c [meta] zmanage: rescope usage to local variable
Closes #100
2016-10-25 16:06:19 -07:00
Matt Hamilton b1d5c00d5f [git] fix 'ggL' alias typo
Credit to @toogley for discovering the typo here:

Since zim and prezto share the same git aliases, it is applicable here
as well.
2016-09-28 04:32:23 -07:00
Eric Nielsen 695d46284c [meta] use `uname -a` to prevent OS conflicts
Fix `uname` calls with `-o` parameter, as this is not BSD compatible.
As per @Eriner, use `uname -a` instead as a "catch-all" parameter.

Fixes #75, Closes #79
2016-09-28 03:02:10 -07:00
Matt Hamilton d2458b1a8f [syntax-highlighting] update submodule 2016-09-27 16:40:16 -07:00
Matt Hamilton e209799a5c [prompt] pure: update submodule 2016-09-27 16:40:00 -07:00
Matt Hamilton b5134b8ab2 [prompt] liquidprompt: update submodule 2016-09-27 16:39:35 -07:00
Matt Hamilton ccd441b197 [completion] update submodule 2016-09-27 16:39:21 -07:00
Eric Nielsen 58aae6a896 [meta] update: Pull latest submodule commit
Instead of using `git submodule update`, that will keep the commit
specified in the containing repository index.

Closes #80
2016-09-27 15:59:58 -07:00
Eric Nielsen f812c1bb6a [debug] Refactor debug module
Use `$PS4` debugging prompt to generate timestamps, instead of GNU `date`.
This also keeps timestamps and respective command together, something
that `paste` could not guarantee given some commands may have multiple lines.

The prompt timestamp has a precision of 6 decimals. The `printf "%12.9f\n"`
instruction with 9 decimals was kept to keep producing "the **SAME** output".
This could be replaced to `printf "%12.6f\n"` to make the output
Also, only the first line of commands with multiple lines are saved, to
keep the output format backwards-compatible.

Closes #84
2016-09-27 15:59:02 -07:00
Eric Nielsen 40ef228286 [prompt] magicmace: fix tab completion
The offender was `print -P`, where `-P` does [prompt

I took the freedom to also change a few things:
Move the `add-zsh-hook precmd` up,
add `prompt_magicmace_` prefix to all function names,
add `COLOR_` prefix to all color global variables,
and move assignment to `PROMPT` to `prompt_magicmace_setup`.

Fixes #70, Closes #81
2016-09-27 15:58:45 -07:00
Matt Hamilton 071ddaf0ac [meta] zim_issue now recommends debug logs 2016-09-06 13:10:47 -07:00
Matt Hamilton d551b90050 [meta] add zim_debug tool
Closes #51
2016-09-06 13:05:17 -07:00
Matt Hamilton d55939e528 [meta] add zim_issue template builder 2016-09-05 16:34:27 -07:00
Matt Hamilton 2214494881 [Readme] add update and removal notes
Closes #50
2016-09-05 15:36:50 -07:00