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Eric Nielsen 6129062139
Fail when no modules defined in .zimrc
instead of allowing xargs to execute the action with no positional

Also don't try to write to .latest_version if there's no write
permission. This is supposed to be a background/optional operation, so
we don't want to show an error message in this case.

And use Zsh globs instead of find with -exec, and find won't fail if
there's an error with the -exec command.
2020-01-26 15:33:17 -05:00
Eric Nielsen cbf142a988
Fix "no such file or directory" error
before initial check for latest version. Not all versions of Zsh or all
OSs are affected. Error seen with Zsh 5.6.2 running on FreeBSD is:

    _zimfw_version_check:10: no such file or directory: /path/to/.latest_version
2020-01-22 12:48:46 -05:00
Eric Nielsen d096b29cac
Last-minute minor fixes:
* Delete .latest_version after upgrading. Having a cache brings in these
* Print warning to stderr, to distinguish it from the normal output.
* Update help to be in sync with the
2020-01-20 07:24:27 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 1341afe525
Optional async check for latest version
every 30 days, storing it in a .latest_version file.

Also allow disabling this with:

    zstyle ':zim' disable-version-check yes
2020-01-16 11:30:09 -05:00
Eric Nielsen be2be83560
Check the latest version using `git ls-remote`
which is being used to list the latest tag starting with `v`.
Print a warning if it's different than the current version being used.
2020-01-13 13:14:31 -05:00
Eric Nielsen dab4b87a29
Add help and version actions 2020-01-13 12:24:43 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 6806bea72e
Download latest release instead of from master
Using GitHub URL to latest release asset as described in

There's a counter of release assets downloads, which is nice.
Download zimfw.zsh when installing, and zimfw.zsh.gz when upgrading, so
we can have separate counts.
2020-01-12 17:37:39 -05:00
Eric Nielsen f6f7815cb7
Update 2020-01-11 16:45:20 -05:00
Eric Nielsen b9bca2d325
v1.0.1 2020-01-09 07:29:40 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 28e4345653
Fix zimfw clean-dumpfile when there's no matches
It fails with

    _zimfw_clean_dumpfile:4: no matches found: /path/to/.zcompdump(|.zwc(|.old))
2020-01-09 07:21:16 -05:00
Marko Kaznovac 2cc69d5d6f
Add .zprofile to the list of startup files
Zim does not use/modify .zprofile in it's templates. For completeness/
performance, the .zprofile should be compiled/cleaned if present.


Closes #358
2020-01-08 16:58:55 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 12a4bb6000
Zsh 5.2 does not recognize the :P modifier
It fails with

    _zimfw_build_init:8: unrecognized modifier `P'

The `:P` modifier was introduced in Zsh 5.3. Replace it by `:A`, as we
still want to keep compatibility with Zsh 5.2.

Fixes #349
2020-01-08 16:45:54 -05:00
Eric Nielsen 4c2487eef5
Closes #356. Closes #352.
2020-01-07 11:26:38 -05:00