[ssh] Update init.zsh

based on https://stackoverflow.com/a/48509425/2654518, which is based on

Current code has a few issues: depends on `SSH_AUTH_SOCK` and
`SSH_AGENT_PID` env variables, which might not be available in every
shell session; and tries to create a new socket for agent-forwarding by
checking `SSH_AUTH_SOCKET` instead of `SSH_AUTH_SOCK`.

Also, it's safer to create the env file with 066 mode and in the user
home directory.

About not using `$` inside `(( ))`, this is what the the section
ARITHMETIC EVALUATION in zshmisc(1) says:

> Named parameters and subscripted arrays can be referenced by name
> within an arithmetic expression without using the parameter expansion
> syntax.

And according to http://www.bash2zsh.com/zsh_refcard/refcard.pdf:

> `var` (does not require `$` in front unless some substitution e.g.
> `${#var}` is needed, `$` is error if `var` is to be modified)

Closes #292
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@ -7,40 +7,28 @@ if (( ! ${+commands[ssh-agent]} )); then
return 1
# use a sane temp dir; creating 1k ssh-* files in /tmp is crazy
if [[ ${TMPDIR} ]]; then
local ssh_env=${TMPDIR}/ssh-agent.env
local ssh_sock=${TMPDIR}/ssh-agent.sock
# create a sane tmp dir at /tmp/username
mkdir -p /tmp/${USER}
local ssh_env=/tmp/${USER}/ssh-agent.env
local ssh_sock=/tmp/${USER}/ssh-agent.sock
ssh-add -l &>/dev/null
if (( ? == 2 )); then
# Unable to contact the authentication agent
# start ssh-agent if not already running
if [[ ! -S ${SSH_AUTH_SOCK} ]]; then
# read environment if possible
source ${ssh_env} 2> /dev/null
# Load stored agent connection info
local ssh_env="${HOME}/.ssh-agent"
[[ -r ${ssh_env} ]] && source ${ssh_env} >/dev/null
if ! ps -U ${LOGNAME} -o pid,ucomm | grep -q -- "${SSH_AGENT_PID:--1} ssh-agent"; then
eval "$(ssh-agent | sed '/^echo /d' | tee ${ssh_env})"
ssh-add -l &>/dev/null
if (( ? == 2 )); then
# Start agent and store agent connection info
(umask 066; ssh-agent >! ${ssh_env})
source ${ssh_env} >/dev/null
# create socket
if [[ -S ${SSH_AUTH_SOCKET} && ${SSH_AUTH_SOCKET} != ${ssh_sock} ]]; then
ln -sf ${SSH_AUTH_SOCKET} ${ssh_sock}
export SSH_AUTH_SOCK=${ssh_sock}
# load ids
if ssh-add -l 2>&1 | grep -q 'no identities'; then
# Load identities
ssh-add -l &>/dev/null
if (( ? == 1 )); then
if (( ${#zssh_ids} > 0 )); then
ssh-add "${HOME}/.ssh/${^zssh_ids[@]}" 2> /dev/null
ssh-add 2> /dev/null
unset ssh_{sock,env}