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Update README.md with website links

instead of using wiki links that we want to deprecate, in favor of the
website pages.
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@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ For a speed comparison between Zim and other frameworks, see [this wiki entry][b
### Themes
To preview some of the available themes, check the [themes wiki page].
To preview some of the available themes, check the [themes page].
### Fish-shell history navigation
@ -137,5 +137,5 @@ remove the initialization lines from your `~/.zshenv`, `~/.zshrc` and `~/.zlogin
[history-substring-search]: https://zimfw.github.io/images/zim_history-substring-search.gif
[syntax-highlighting]: https://zimfw.github.io/images/zim_syntax-highlighting.gif
[blazing speed]: https://github.com/zimfw/zimfw/wiki/Speed
[available modules]: https://github.com/zimfw/zimfw/wiki/Modules
[themes wiki page]: https://github.com/zimfw/zimfw/wiki/Themes
[available modules]: https://zimfw.sh/docs/modules/
[themes page]: https://zimfw.sh/docs/themes/