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Update README.md with new zshenv template

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@ -67,9 +67,10 @@ If you have a different shell framework installed (like oh-my-zsh or prezto),
4. Add the lines in the following templates to the respective dot files:
* [~/.zimrc](https://github.com/zimfw/install/blob/develop/src/templates/zimrc)
* [~/.zlogin](https://github.com/zimfw/install/blob/develop/src/templates/zlogin)
* [~/.zshenv](https://github.com/zimfw/install/blob/develop/src/templates/zshenv)
* [~/.zshrc](https://github.com/zimfw/install/blob/develop/src/templates/zshrc)
* [~/.zlogin](https://github.com/zimfw/install/blob/develop/src/templates/zlogin)
* [~/.zimrc](https://github.com/zimfw/install/blob/develop/src/templates/zimrc)
5. Install the modules defined in `~/.zimrc` and build the static initialization script:
@ -108,7 +109,7 @@ By default, the module name is the last component in the `<url>`. Use the
* `-s|--source <file_path>`: Source specified file. The file path is relative
to the module root directory. Default: the file with largest size matching
`{init.zsh|module_name.{zsh|plugin.zsh|zsh-theme|sh}}`, if any exists.
* `-d|--disabled`: Don't use or clean the module.
* `-d|--disabled`: Don't use or uninstall the module.
### zimfw
@ -134,7 +135,7 @@ Uninstalling
The best way to remove Zim is to manually delete `~/.zim`, `~/.zimrc`, and
remove the initialization lines from your `~/.zshrc` and `~/.zlogin`.
remove the initialization lines from your `~/.zshenv`, `~/.zshrc` and `~/.zlogin`.
[history-substring-search]: https://zimfw.github.io/images/zim_history-substring-search.gif
[syntax-highlighting]: https://zimfw.github.io/images/zim_syntax-highlighting.gif