[git-info] Add complete example to README.md

so users don't need to look at our prompts code to figure out how having
all the pieces together looks like.
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@ -101,3 +101,29 @@ Second, format how the above attributes are displayed in prompts:
Last, add `${(e)git_info[prompt]}` and `${(e)git_info[rprompt]}` to `PS1` and
`RPS1` respectively, and call `git-info` in the `prompt_name_precmd` hook function.
Here's a complete example of a `prompt_example_setup` file:
prompt_example_precmd() {
(( ${+functions[git-info]} )) && git-info
prompt_example_setup() {
autoload -Uz add-zsh-hook && add-zsh-hook precmd prompt_example_precmd
prompt_opts=(cr percent sp subst)
zstyle ':zim:git-info:branch' format 'branch:%b'
zstyle ':zim:git-info:commit' format 'commit:%c'
zstyle ':zim:git-info:remote' format 'remote:%R'
zstyle ':zim:git-info:keys' format \
'prompt' 'git(%b%c)' \
'rprompt' '[%R]'
PS1='${(e)git_info[prompt]}%# '
prompt_example_setup "${@}"