[input] Put necessary double quotes back

My fault, I removed them in commit 78611457, but they are necessary.
Without them, we are getting the following error when one of the
terminfo[] values is empty:

    init.zsh:14: bad set of key/value pairs for associative array

Fixes #310
This commit is contained in:
Eric Nielsen 2018-11-21 17:54:24 -05:00
parent a05890e8b4
commit 13ba167baf
1 changed files with 24 additions and 24 deletions

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@ -17,30 +17,30 @@ key_info=(
'ControlRight' '\e[1;5C \e[5C \e\e[C \eOc \eOC'
'Escape' '\e'
'Meta' '\M-'
'Backspace' ${terminfo[kbs]}
'BackTab' ${terminfo[kcbt]}
'Left' ${terminfo[kcub1]}
'Down' ${terminfo[kcud1]}
'Right' ${terminfo[kcuf1]}
'Up' ${terminfo[kcuu1]}
'Delete' ${terminfo[kdch1]}
'End' ${terminfo[kend]}
'F1' ${terminfo[kf1]}
'F2' ${terminfo[kf2]}
'F3' ${terminfo[kf3]}
'F4' ${terminfo[kf4]}
'F5' ${terminfo[kf5]}
'F6' ${terminfo[kf6]}
'F7' ${terminfo[kf7]}
'F8' ${terminfo[kf8]}
'F9' ${terminfo[kf9]}
'F10' ${terminfo[kf10]}
'F11' ${terminfo[kf11]}
'F12' ${terminfo[kf12]}
'Home' ${terminfo[khome]}
'Insert' ${terminfo[kich1]}
'PageDown' ${terminfo[knp]}
'PageUp' ${terminfo[kpp]}
'Backspace' "${terminfo[kbs]}"
'BackTab' "${terminfo[kcbt]}"
'Left' "${terminfo[kcub1]}"
'Down' "${terminfo[kcud1]}"
'Right' "${terminfo[kcuf1]}"
'Up' "${terminfo[kcuu1]}"
'Delete' "${terminfo[kdch1]}"
'End' "${terminfo[kend]}"
'F1' "${terminfo[kf1]}"
'F2' "${terminfo[kf2]}"
'F3' "${terminfo[kf3]}"
'F4' "${terminfo[kf4]}"
'F5' "${terminfo[kf5]}"
'F6' "${terminfo[kf6]}"
'F7' "${terminfo[kf7]}"
'F8' "${terminfo[kf8]}"
'F9' "${terminfo[kf9]}"
'F10' "${terminfo[kf10]}"
'F11' "${terminfo[kf11]}"
'F12' "${terminfo[kf12]}"
'Home' "${terminfo[khome]}"
'Insert' "${terminfo[kich1]}"
'PageDown' "${terminfo[knp]}"
'PageUp' "${terminfo[kpp]}"
# Bind the keys