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PYTESTS = $(wildcard test/test_*.py)
IMAGE = docker.io/yadm/testbed:2023-07-12
OCI = docker
.PHONY: all
@$(MAKE) usage | less
# Display usage for all make targets
.PHONY: usage
@echo 'make TARGET [option=value, ...]'
@echo 'TESTING'
@echo ' make test [testargs=ARGS]'
@echo ' - Run all tests. "testargs" can specify a single string of arguments'
@echo ' for py.test.'
@echo ' make <testfile>.py [testargs=ARGS]'
@echo ' - Run tests from a specific test file. "testargs" can specify a'
@echo ' single string of arguments for py.test.'
@echo ' make testhost [version=VERSION]'
@echo ' - Create an ephemeral container for doing adhoc yadm testing. The'
@echo ' working copy version of yadm will be used unless "version" is'
@echo ' specified. "version" can be set to any commit, branch, tag, etc.'
@echo ' The targeted "version" will be retrieved from the repo, and'
@echo ' linked into the container as a local volume.'
@echo ' make scripthost [version=VERSION]'
@echo ' - Create an ephemeral container for demonstrating a bug. After'
@echo ' exiting the shell, a log of the commands used to illustrate the'
@echo ' problem will be written to the file "script.txt". This file can'
@echo ' be useful to developers to make a repeatable test for the'
@echo ' problem. The version parameter works as for "testhost" above.'
@echo 'LINTING'
@echo ' make testenv'
@echo ' - Create a python virtual environment with the same dependencies'
@echo " used by yadm's testbed environment. Creating and activating"
@echo ' this environment might be useful if your editor does real time'
@echo ' linting of python files. After creating the virtual environment,'
@echo ' you can activate it by typing:'
@echo ' source testenv/bin/activate'
@echo 'MANPAGES'
@echo ' make man'
@echo ' - View yadm.1 as a standard man page.'
@echo ' make man-wide'
@echo ' - View yadm.1 as a man page, using all columns of your display.'
@echo ' make man-ps'
@echo ' - Create a postscript version of the man page.'
@echo ' make yadm.md'
@echo ' - Generate the markdown version of the man page (for viewing on'
@echo ' the web).'
@echo ' make contrib'
@echo ' - Generate the CONTRIBUTORS file, from the repo history.'
@echo ' make install PREFIX=<prefix>'
@echo ' - Install yadm, manpage, etc. to <prefix>'
@echo ' make sync-clock'
@echo ' - Reset the hardware clock for the docker hypervisor host. This'
@echo ' can be useful for docker engine hosts which are not'
@echo ' Linux-based.'
# Make it possible to run make specifying a py.test test file
@$(MAKE) test testargs="$@ $(testargs)"
@$(MAKE) test testargs="-k $@ $(testargs)"
# Run all tests with additional testargs
.PHONY: test
@if [ -f /.yadmtestbed ]; then \
cd /yadm && \
py.test -v $(testargs); \
else \
$(MAKE) -s require-docker && \
$(OCI) run \
--rm -t$(shell test -t 0 && echo i) \
-v "$(CURDIR):/yadm:ro" \
$(IMAGE) \
make test testargs="$(testargs)"; \
.PHONY: .testyadm
.testyadm: version ?= local
@rm -f $@
@if [ "$(version)" = "local" ]; then \
ln -sf yadm $@; \
echo "Using local yadm ($$(git describe --tags --dirty))"; \
else \
git show $(version):yadm > $@; \
echo "Using yadm version $$(git describe --tags $(version))"; \
@chmod a+x $@
.PHONY: testhost
testhost: require-docker .testyadm
@echo "Starting testhost"
@$(OCI) run \
-w /root \
--hostname testhost \
--rm -it \
-v "$(CURDIR)/.testyadm:/bin/yadm:ro" \
$(IMAGE) \
bash -l
.PHONY: scripthost
scripthost: require-docker .testyadm
@echo "Starting scripthost \(recording script\)"
@printf '' > script.gz
@$(OCI) run \
-w /root \
--hostname scripthost \
--rm -it \
-v "$(CURDIR)/script.gz:/script.gz:rw" \
-v "$(CURDIR)/.testyadm:/bin/yadm:ro" \
$(IMAGE) \
bash -c "script /tmp/script -q -c 'bash -l'; gzip < /tmp/script > /script.gz"
@echo "Script saved to $(CURDIR)/script.gz"
.PHONY: testenv
@echo 'Creating a local virtual environment in "testenv/"'
@rm -rf testenv
python3 -m venv --clear testenv
testenv/bin/pip3 install --upgrade pip setuptools
testenv/bin/pip3 install --upgrade -r test/requirements.txt;
@for v in $$(sed -En -e 's:.*/yadm-([0-9.]+)$$:\1:p' test/Dockerfile); do \
git show $$v:yadm > testenv/bin/yadm-$$v; \
chmod +x testenv/bin/yadm-$$v; \
@echo 'To activate this test environment type:'
@echo ' source testenv/bin/activate'
.PHONY: image
@$(OCI) build -f test/Dockerfile . -t "$(IMAGE)"
.PHONY: man
@groff -man -Tascii ./yadm.1 | less
.PHONY: man-wide
@man ./yadm.1
.PHONY: man-ps
@groff -man -Tps ./yadm.1 > yadm.ps
yadm.md: yadm.1
@groff -man -Tutf8 -Z ./yadm.1 | grotty -c | col -bx | sed 's/^[A-Z]/## &/g' | sed '/yadm(1)/d' > yadm.md
.PHONY: contrib
contrib: SHELL = /bin/bash
@IFS=$$'\n'; for author in $$(git shortlog -ns master gh-pages develop dev-pages | cut -f2); do \
git log master gh-pages develop dev-pages \
--author="$$author" --format=tformat: --numstat | \
awk "{sum += \$$1 + \$$2} END {print sum \"\t\" \"$$author\"}"; \
done | sort -nr | cut -f2 >> CONTRIBUTORS
.PHONY: install
@[ -n "$(PREFIX)" ] || { echo "PREFIX is not set"; exit 1; }
set -e ;\
bin="$(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/bin" ;\
doc="$(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/share/doc/yadm" ;\
man="$(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/share/man/man1" ;\
install -d "$$bin" "$$doc" "$$man" ;\
install -m 0755 yadm "$$bin" ;\
install -m 0644 yadm.1 "$$man" ;\
install -m 0644 CHANGES CONTRIBUTORS LICENSE "$$doc" ;\
cp -r contrib "$$doc" ;\
.PHONY: sync-clock
$(OCI) run --rm --privileged alpine hwclock -s
.PHONY: require-docker
@if ! command -v $(OCI) > /dev/null 2>&1; then \
echo "Sorry, this make target requires docker to be installed, to use another docker-compatible engine, like podman, re-run the make command adding OCI=podman"; \
false; \