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Franciszek Madej ed1175e0a6 I've made AUR package for yadm, so I've
updated README to reflect it
2016-01-22 18:45:00 +01:00
Tim Byrne 4e01c28602 Add documentation for installing via RPM 2015-09-09 21:26:39 -05:00
Tim Byrne 69bde74247 Add example command for download 2015-09-08 07:47:38 -05:00
Tim Byrne fdcd237c37 Use em-dashes properly
I only recently learned the difference between hyphen, en-dash,
em-dash, minus, etc.
2015-08-29 10:40:29 -05:00
Tim Byrne eb60da77b8 Set `status.showUntrackedFiles` to "no"
Each time the yadm repository is initialized or cloned,
set `status.showUntrackedFiles` to "no". This prevents untracked files
and directories from showing up in status commands. This seems to be the
most sensible default, because usually there will be MANY untracked
files in a user's $HOME directory.
2015-07-26 16:55:32 -05:00
Tim Byrne 1fe02b6da1 Add SSH example to README 2015-07-21 08:46:53 -05:00
Tim Byrne 8f1606439a Add installation info 2015-07-20 16:29:51 -05:00
Tim Byrne 9967de4efa Refine documentation 2015-07-19 13:01:52 -05:00
Tim Byrne 614b2cd8b8 Initial attempt at a README file 2015-07-17 16:27:50 -05:00
Tim Byrne 5a44ef25ca Add relative link to the markdown man page 2015-07-16 19:45:34 -05:00
Tim Byrne c941690295 Create first public version 2015-07-14 07:48:47 -05:00