Support `-b <branch>` when cloning (#133)

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Tim Byrne 2019-10-07 08:36:32 -05:00
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commit f3bde37f78
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@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ if declare -F _git > /dev/null; then
case "$antepenultimate" in
COMPREPLY=( $(compgen -W "-f -w --bootstrap --no-bootstrap" -- "$current") )
COMPREPLY=( $(compgen -W "-f -w -b --bootstrap --no-bootstrap" -- "$current") )
return 0

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@ -251,6 +251,51 @@ def test_clone_perms(
f'.{private_type} has not been secured by auto.perms')
@pytest.mark.parametrize('branch', ['master', 'valid', 'invalid'])
def test_alternate_branch(runner, paths, yadm_y, repo_config, branch):
"""Test cloning a branch other than master"""
# add a "valid" branch to the remote
os.system(f'GIT_DIR="{paths.remote}" git checkout -b valid')
f'GIT_DIR="{paths.remote}" git commit '
f'--allow-empty -m "This branch is valid"')
# clear out the work path
remote_url = f'file://{paths.remote}'
# run the clone command
args = ['clone', '-w',]
if branch != 'master':
args += ['-b', branch]
args += [remote_url]
run = runner(command=yadm_y(*args))
if branch == 'invalid':
assert run.failure
assert 'ERROR: Clone failed' in run.out
assert f"'origin/{branch}' does not exist in {remote_url}" in run.out
assert successful_clone(run, paths, repo_config)
# confirm correct Git origin
run = runner(
command=('git', 'remote', '-v', 'show'),
env={'GIT_DIR': paths.repo})
assert run.success
assert run.err == ''
assert f'origin\t{remote_url}' in run.out
run = runner(command=yadm_y('show'))
if branch == 'valid':
assert 'This branch is valid' in run.out
assert 'Initial commit' in run.out
def successful_clone(run, paths, repo_config, expected_code=0):
"""Assert clone is successful"""
assert run.code == expected_code

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@ -0,0 +1,40 @@
"""Unit tests: is_valid_branch_name"""
import pytest
# Git branches do not allow:
# * path component that begins with "."
# * double dot
# * "~", "^", ":", "\", space
# * end with a "/"
# * end with ".lock"
'branch, expected', [
('master', 'valid'),
('path/branch', 'valid'),
('path/.branch', 'invalid'),
('path..branch', 'invalid'),
('path~branch', 'invalid'),
('path^branch', 'invalid'),
('path:branch', 'invalid'),
('path\\branch', 'invalid'),
('path branch', 'invalid'),
('path/branch/', 'invalid'),
('branch.lock', 'invalid'),
def test_is_valid_branch_name(runner, yadm, branch, expected):
"""Test function is_valid_branch_name()"""
script = f"""
YADM_TEST=1 source {yadm}
if is_valid_branch_name "{branch}"; then
echo valid
echo invalid
run = runner(command=['bash'], inp=script)
assert run.success
assert run.err == ''
assert run.out.strip() == expected

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@ -610,11 +610,20 @@ function clean() {
function clone() {
local branch
while [[ $# -gt 0 ]] ; do
case $key in
if ! is_valid_branch_name "$2"; then
error_out "You must provide a branch name when using '-b'"
--bootstrap) # force bootstrap, without prompt
@ -634,12 +643,12 @@ function clone() {
local empty=
init $empty
# add the specified remote, and configure the repo to track origin/master
# add the specified remote, and configure the repo to track origin/$branch
debug "Adding remote to new repo"
"$GIT_PROGRAM" remote add origin "${clone_args[@]}"
debug "Configuring new repo to track origin/master"
"$GIT_PROGRAM" config branch.master.remote origin
"$GIT_PROGRAM" config branch.master.merge refs/heads/master
debug "Configuring new repo to track origin/${branch}"
"$GIT_PROGRAM" config "branch.${branch}.remote" origin
"$GIT_PROGRAM" config "branch.${branch}.merge" "refs/heads/${branch}"
# fetch / merge (and possibly fallback to reset)
debug "Doing an initial fetch of the origin"
@ -648,30 +657,36 @@ function clone() {
rm -rf "$YADM_REPO"
error_out "Unable to fetch origin ${clone_args[0]}"
debug "Verifying '${branch}' is a valid branch to merge"
[ -f "${YADM_REPO}/refs/remotes/origin/${branch}" ] || {
debug "Removing repo after failed clone"
rm -rf "$YADM_REPO"
error_out "Clone failed, 'origin/${branch}' does not exist in ${clone_args[0]}"
debug "Determining if repo tracks private directories"
for private_dir in .ssh/ .gnupg/; do
found_log=$("$GIT_PROGRAM" log -n 1 origin/master -- "$private_dir" 2>/dev/null)
found_log=$("$GIT_PROGRAM" log -n 1 "origin/${branch}" -- "$private_dir" 2>/dev/null)
if [ -n "$found_log" ]; then
debug "Private directory $private_dir is tracked by repo"
assert_private_dirs "$private_dir"
[ -n "$DEBUG" ] && display_private_perms "pre-merge"
debug "Doing an initial merge of origin/master"
"$GIT_PROGRAM" merge origin/master || {
debug "Doing an initial merge of origin/${branch}"
"$GIT_PROGRAM" merge "origin/${branch}" || {
debug "Merge failed, doing a reset and stashing conflicts."
"$GIT_PROGRAM" reset origin/master
"$GIT_PROGRAM" reset "origin/${branch}"
if cd "$YADM_WORK"; then # necessary because of a bug in Git
"$GIT_PROGRAM" -c'yadm clone' -c'yadm' stash save Conflicts preserved from yadm clone command 2>&1
cat <<EOF
Merging origin/master failed.
Merging origin/${branch} failed.
As a result, yadm did 'reset origin/master', and then
As a result, yadm did 'reset origin/${branch}', and then
stashed the conflicting data.
This likely happened because you had files in \$HOME
which conflicted with files tracked by origin/master.
which conflicted with files tracked by origin/${branch}.
You can review the stashed conflicts with the
command 'yadm stash show -p' from within your
@ -685,15 +700,15 @@ EOF
cat <<EOF
Merging origin/master failed.
yadm did 'reset origin/master' instead.
Merging origin/${branch} failed.
yadm did 'reset origin/${branch}' instead.
yadm did not stash these conflicts beacuse it was unable
to change to the $YADM_WORK directory.
Please review and resolve any differences appropriately
If you know what you're doing, and want to overwrite the
tracked files, consider 'yadm reset --hard origin/master'
tracked files, consider 'yadm reset --hard origin/${branch}'
@ -1036,6 +1051,17 @@ function version() {
# ****** Utility Functions ******
function is_valid_branch_name() {
# Git branches do not allow:
# * path component that begins with "."
# * double dot
# * "~", "^", ":", "\", space
# * end with a "/"
# * end with ".lock"
[[ "$1" =~ (\/\.|\.\.|[~^:\\ ]|\/$|\.lock$) ]] && return 1
return 0
function query_distro() {
if command -v "$LSB_RELEASE_PROGRAM" >/dev/null 2>&1; then

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@ -19,13 +19,15 @@ yadm \- Yet Another Dotfiles Manager
.RB [ -f ]
.RB [ -w
.IR directory ]
.IR dir ]
.B yadm
.RI clone " url
.RB [ -f ]
.RB [ -w
.IR directory ]
.IR dir ]
.RB [ -b
.IR branch ]
.RB [ --bootstrap ]
.RB [ --no-bootstrap ]
@ -146,6 +148,10 @@ but this can be overridden with the
.BR -w " option.
yadm can be forced to overwrite an existing repository by providing the
.BR -f " option.
If you want to use a branch other than
.IR origin/master ,
you can specify it using the
.BR -b " option.
By default yadm will ask the user if the bootstrap program should be run (if it
exists). The options
.BR --bootstrap " or " --no-bootstrap