Support stashing of conflicting data during clone (#44)

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Tim Byrne 2017-01-20 17:11:23 -06:00
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@ -198,20 +198,39 @@ function clone() {
debug "Doing an initial merge of origin/master"
"$GIT_PROGRAM" merge origin/master || {
debug "Merge failed, doing a reset."
debug "Merge failed, doing a reset and stashing conflicts."
"$GIT_PROGRAM" reset origin/master
cat <<EOF
if cd "$YADM_WORK"; then # necessary because of a bug in Git
"$GIT_PROGRAM" -c'yadm clone' -c'yadm' stash save Conflicts preserved from yadm clone command 2>&1
cat <<EOF
Merging origin/master failed.
As a result, yadm did 'reset origin/master', and then
stashed the conflicting data.
This likely happened because you had files in \$HOME
which conflicted with files tracked by origin/master.
You can review the stashed conflicts with the command
'yadm stash show -p'. If you want to restore the stashed
data, you can run 'yadm stash apply' or 'yadm stash pop'
and then handle the conflicts in another way.
cat <<EOF
Merging origin/master failed.
yadm did 'reset origin/master' instead.
This likely happened because you had files in your
work-tree, which conflict files tracked by origin/master
yadm did not stash these conflicts beacuse it was unable
to change to the $YADM_WORK directory.
Please review and resolve any differences appropriately
If you know what you're doing, and want to overwrite the
tracked files, consider 'yadm reset --hard origin/master'