Remove deprecated option cygwin-copy

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Tim Byrne 2020-12-26 12:29:49 -06:00
parent d45d53ff39
commit df2ff5ec70
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3 changed files with 2 additions and 18 deletions

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@ -4,10 +4,6 @@ import os
import pytest
[pytest.param(True, marks=pytest.mark.deprecated), False],
ids=['cygwin', 'no-cygwin'])
'setting, expect_link, pre_existing', [
(None, True, None),
@ -26,14 +22,11 @@ import pytest
def test_alt_copy(
runner, yadm_cmd, paths, tst_sys,
setting, expect_link, pre_existing,
setting, expect_link, pre_existing):
"""Test yadm.alt-copy"""
option = 'yadm.cygwin-copy' if cygwin else 'yadm.alt-copy'
if setting is not None:
os.system(' '.join(yadm_cmd('config', option, str(setting))))
os.system(' '.join(yadm_cmd('config', 'yadm.alt-copy', str(setting))))
expected_content = f'test_alt_copy##os.{tst_sys}'

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@ -514,9 +514,6 @@ function alt() {
local do_copy=0
[ "$(config --bool yadm.alt-copy)" == "true" ] && do_copy=1
# deprecated yadm.cygwin-copy option (to be removed)
[ "$(config --bool yadm.cygwin-copy)" == "true" ] && do_copy=1
cd_work "Alternates" || return
# determine all tracked files

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@ -372,12 +372,6 @@ The following is the full list of supported configurations:
If set to "true", alternate files will be copies instead of symbolic links.
This might be desirable, because some systems may not properly support
NOTE: The deprecated
.I yadm.cygwin-copy
option used by older versions of yadm has been replaced by
.IR yadm.alt-copy .
The old option will be removed in the next version of yadm.
Disable the automatic linking described in the section ALTERNATES. If disabled,