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@ -395,6 +395,21 @@ Override the HOSTNAME for the purpose of symlinking alternate files.
.B local.user
Override the USER for the purpose of symlinking alternate files.
.B yadm
has the capability to execute scripts before or after any operation that
.B yadm
can perform. To utilize this functionality, create a directory to store the hook
scripts at
.BR $HOME/.yadm/hooks.
Then, create scripts inside this directory for whatever operation you want to
hook into. For instance, if you'd like a script to run after
.B yadm pull,
your hook script should be executable and located at
.BR $HOME/.yadm/hooks/
Any of the
.B yadm
subcommands can utilize this functionality.
When managing a set of files across different systems, it can be useful to have
an automated way of choosing an alternate version of a file for a different