Add unit test for alternate order

Ensure that any alternates for YADM_CONFIG are processed prior to
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Tim Byrne 2020-07-08 02:40:13 -05:00
parent b056051603
commit 87f81143b2
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@ -112,3 +112,30 @@ def test_existing_template(runner, yadm):
assert 'SCORES:1\n' in run.out
assert 'TARGETS:testtgt\n' in run.out
assert 'SOURCES:\n' in run.out
def test_config_first(runner, yadm):
"""Verify YADM_CONFIG is always processed first"""
config = 'yadm_config_file'
script = f"""
YADM_TEST=1 source {yadm}
record_score "1" "tgt_before" "src_before"
record_template "tgt_tmp" "cmd_tmp" "src_tmp"
record_score "2" "{config}" "src_config"
record_score "3" "tgt_after" "src_after"
echo "CMD_VALUE:${{alt_template_cmds[@]}}"
echo "CMD_INDEX:${{!alt_template_cmds[@]}}"
run = runner(command=['bash'], inp=script)
assert run.success
assert run.err == ''
assert 'SIZE:3\n' in run.out
assert 'SCORES:2 1 3\n' in run.out
assert f'TARGETS:{config} tgt_before tgt_tmp tgt_after\n' in run.out
assert 'SOURCES:src_config src_before src_tmp src_after\n' in run.out
assert 'CMD_VALUE:cmd_tmp\n' in run.out
assert 'CMD_INDEX:2\n' in run.out