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Update man page with OS.HOSTNAME.USER

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@ -251,7 +251,7 @@ This feature is enabled by default.
When managing a set of files across different systems, it can be useful to have
an automated way of choosing an alternate version of a file for a different
operation system or simply for a different host.
operation system, host, or user.
.B yadm
implements a feature which will automatically create a symbolic link to
the appropriate version of a file, as long as you follow a specific naming
@ -260,7 +260,7 @@ convention.
can detect files with names ending in:
.BR ##OS.HOSTNAME " or " ##OS " or " ##
.BR ## " or " ##OS " or " ##OS.HOSTNAME " or " ##OS.HOSTNAME.USER
If there are any files managed by
@ -301,12 +301,14 @@ If running on a Solaris server, the link use the default "##" version:
.IR $HOME/path/example.txt " -> " $HOME/path/example.txt##
If no "##" version exists and no files match the current OS or HOSTNAME, then no link will be created.
If no "##" version exists and no files match the current OS/HOSTNAME/USER, then no link will be created.
OS is determined by running
.BR uname\ -s ,
and HOSTNAME by running
.BR hostname\ -s .
HOSTNAME by running
.BR hostname\ -s ,
and USER by running
.BR id\ -u\ -n .
.B yadm
will automatically create these links by default. This can be disabled using the
.I yadm.auto-alt