Yet Another Dotfiles Manager
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## New release checklist
○ Version bump EVERYTHING
○ Copyright year update?
○ Rebuild contribs
○ Rebuild man
○ Update specfile
○ Update CHANGES
○ Tag X.XX
○ Merge dev → master
○ Update Homebrew
○ Update Copr
○ Tweet
## Homebrew update
brew update
cd $(brew --repo homebrew/core)
git fetch --unshallow origin # only if still a shallow clone,
#this might just fail if this was already done
git remote add TheLocehiliosan
git push -f TheLocehiliosan master:master
vim Formula/yadm.rb
brew install --build-from-source yadm
brew reinstall --verbose --debug yadm (✗₂)
brew audit --strict yadm
brew test yadm
git add Formula/yadm.rb
git commit -S -m 'yadm X.XX'
git push TheLocehiliosan master:yadm-X.XX
Open pull request
## Copr update
checkout yadm-rpm
bring in yadm.spec from yadm repo
update version in Makefile
make tarball
make buildhost
cd yadm-rpm
because centos 6,7...
add 'Group: Development/Tools'
disable BuildRequires
disable %check
fedpkg --dist f25 local
that should leave a src RPM in the yadm-rpm dir
create a new build by uploading the src rpm to copr