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#version 1
snippet nc \newcommand
\\newcommand{\\${1:cmd}}[${2:opt}]{${3:realcmd}} ${0}
snippet up \usepackage
\\usepackage[${1:options}]{${2:package}} ${0}
snippet nuc \newunicodechar
\\newunicodechar{${1}}{${2:\\ensuremath}${3:tex-substitute}}} ${0}
snippet dmo \DeclareMathOperator
\\DeclareMathOperator{${1}}{${2}} ${0}
# \begin{}...\end{}
snippet begin \begin{} ... \end{} block
# Tabular
snippet tab tabular (or arbitrary) environment
snippet thm thm (or arbitrary) environment with optional argument
snippet center center environment
# Align(ed)
snippet ali align(ed) environment
# Gather(ed)
snippet gat gather(ed) environment
# Equation
snippet eq equation environment
# Equation
snippet eql Labeled equation environment
# Equation
snippet eq* unnumbered equation environment
# Unnumbered Equation
snippet \ unnumbered equation: \[ ... \]
# Equation array
snippet eqnarray eqnarray environment
# Label
snippet lab \label
# Enumerate
snippet enum enumerate environment
\\item ${0}
snippet enuma enumerate environment
\\item ${0}
snippet enumi enumerate environment
\\item ${0}
# Itemize
snippet item itemize environment
\\item ${0}
snippet it \item
\\item ${1:${VISUAL}}
# Description
snippet desc description environment
\\item[${1}] ${0}
# Endless new item
snippet ]i \item (recursive)
\\item ${1}
# Matrix
snippet mat smart matrix environment
# Cases
snippet cas cases environment
${1:equation}, &\\text{ if }${2:case}\\
# Split
snippet spl split environment
# Part
snippet part document \part
\\part{${1:part name}} % (fold)%
% part $2 (end)
# Chapter
snippet cha \chapter
\\chapter{${1:chapter name}}%
# Section
snippet sec \section
\\section{${1:section name}}%
# Section without number
snippet sec* \section*
\\section*{${1:section name}}%
# Sub Section
snippet sub \subsection
\\subsection{${1:subsection name}}%
# Sub Section without number
snippet sub* \subsection*
\\subsection*{${1:subsection name}}%
# Sub Sub Section
snippet ssub \subsubsection
\\subsubsection{${1:subsubsection name}}%
# Sub Sub Section without number
snippet ssub* \subsubsection*
\\subsubsection*{${1:subsubsection name}}%
# Paragraph
snippet par \paragraph
\\paragraph{${1:paragraph name}}%
# Sub Paragraph
snippet subp \subparagraph
\\subparagraph{${1:subparagraph name}}%
snippet ni \noindent
snippet itd description \item
\\item[${1:description}] ${0:item}
snippet figure reference to a figure
snippet table reference to a table
snippet listing reference to a listing
snippet section reference to a section
${1:Section}~\\ref{sec:${2}} ${0}
snippet page reference to a page
${1:page}~\\pageref{${2}} ${0}
snippet index \index
\\index{${1:index}} ${0}
snippet citen \citen
\\citen{${1}} ${0}
# natbib citations
snippet citep \citep
\\citep{${1}} ${0}
snippet citet \citet
\\citet{${1}} ${0}
snippet cite \cite[]{}
\\cite[${1}]{${2}} ${0}
snippet citea \citeauthor
\\citeauthor{${1}} ${0}
snippet citey \citeyear
\\citeyear{${1}} ${0}
snippet fcite \footcite[]{}
#Formating text: italic, bold, underline, small capital, emphase ..
snippet ita italic text
\\textit{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
snippet bf bold face text
\\textbf{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
snippet under underline text
\\underline{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
snippet over overline text
\\overline{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
snippet emp emphasize text
\\emph{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
snippet sc small caps text
\\textsc{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
#Choosing font
snippet sf sans serife text
\\textsf{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
snippet rm roman font text
\\textrm{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
snippet tt typewriter (monospace) text
\\texttt{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
#Math font
snippet mf mathfrak
\\mathfrak{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
snippet mc mathcal
\\mathcal{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
snippet ms mathscr
\\mathscr{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
snippet ft \footnote
\\footnote{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
snippet fig figure environment (includegraphics)
snippet tikz figure environment (tikzpicture)
\\begin{tikzpicture}[scale=${1:1}, transform shape]
snippet subfig subfigure environment
snippet tikzcd tikzcd environment in equation
snippet tikzcd* tikzcd environment in equation*
snippet stackrel \stackrel{}{}
\\stackrel{${1:above}}{${2:below}} ${0}
snippet frac \frac{}{}
\\frac{${1:num}}{${2:denom}} ${0}
snippet sum \sum^{}_{}
\\sum^{${1:n}}_{${2:i=1}} ${0}
snippet lim \lim_{}
\\lim_{${1:n \\to \\infty}} ${0}
snippet frame frame environment
snippet block block environment
snippet alert alert text
\\alert{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}
snippet alertblock alertblock environment
snippet example exampleblock environment
snippet col2 two-column environment
snippet multicol2 two-column environment with multicol
snippet \{ \{ \}
\\{ ${0} \\}
snippet lr left right
\\left${1} ${0:${VISUAL}} \\right$1
snippet lr( left( right)
\\left( ${0:${VISUAL}} \\right)
snippet lr| left| right|
\\left| ${0:${VISUAL}} \\right|
snippet lr{ left\{ right\}
\\left\\{ ${0:${VISUAL}} \\right\\}
snippet lr[ left[ right]
\\left[ ${0:${VISUAL}} \\right]
snippet lra langle rangle
\\langle ${0:${VISUAL}} \\rangle
# Code listings
snippet lst
snippet lsi
\\lstinline|${1}| ${0}
# Hyperlinks
snippet url
\\url{${1}} ${0}
snippet href
\\href{${1}}{${2}} ${0}
# URL from Clipboard.
snippet urlc
\\url{`@+`} ${0}
snippet hrefc
\\href{`@+`}{${1}} ${0}
# enquote from package csquotes
snippet enq enquote
\\enquote{${1:${VISUAL:text}}} ${0}