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snippet !
snippet bdi:m+
-moz-border-image url(${1}) ${2:0} ${3:0} ${4:0} ${5:0} ${6:stretch} ${0:stretch}
snippet bdi:m
-moz-border-image ${0}
snippet bdrz:m
-moz-border-radius ${0}
snippet bxsh:m+
-moz-box-shadow ${1:0} ${2:0} ${3:0} ${0}
snippet bxsh:m
-moz-box-shadow ${0}
snippet bdi:w+
-webkit-border-image url(${1}) ${2:0} ${3:0} ${4:0} ${5:0} ${6:stretch} ${0:stretch}
snippet bdi:w
-webkit-border-image ${0}
snippet bdrz:w
-webkit-border-radius ${0}
snippet bxsh:w+
-webkit-box-shadow ${1:0} ${2:0} ${3:0} ${0}
snippet bxsh:w
-webkit-box-shadow ${0}
snippet @f
@font-face ${0}
snippet @i
@import '${0}'
snippet @r
@require '${0}'
snippet @m
@media ${1:screen}
snippet @msmw
@media screen and (min-width: ${0}px)
snippet @ext
@extend .${1}
snippet bg+
background ${1} url(${2}) ${3:0} ${4:0} ${0:no-repeat}
snippet bga
background-attachment ${0}
snippet bga:f
background-attachment fixed
snippet bga:s
background-attachment scroll
snippet bgbk
background-break ${0}
snippet bgbk:bb
background-break bounding-box
snippet bgbk:c
background-break continuous
snippet bgbk:eb
background-break each-box
snippet bgcp
background-clip ${0}
snippet bgcp:bb
background-clip border-box
snippet bgcp:cb
background-clip content-box
snippet bgcp:nc
background-clip no-clip
snippet bgcp:pb
background-clip padding-box
snippet bgc
background-color ${0}
snippet bgc:t
background-color transparent
snippet bgi
background-image url(${0})
snippet bgi:n
background-image none
snippet bgo
background-origin ${0}
snippet bgo:bb
background-origin border-box
snippet bgo:cb
background-origin content-box
snippet bgo:pb
background-origin padding-box
snippet bgpx
background-position-x ${0}
snippet bgpy
background-position-y ${0}
snippet bgp
background-position ${1:0} ${0:0}
snippet bgr
background-repeat ${0}
snippet bgr:n
background-repeat no-repeat
snippet bgr:x
background-repeat repeat-x
snippet bgr:y
background-repeat repeat-y
snippet bgr:r
background-repeat repeat
snippet bgz
background-size ${0}
snippet bgz:a
background-size auto
snippet bgz:ct
background-size contain
snippet bgz:cv
background-size cover
snippet bg
background ${0}
snippet bg:ie
filter progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='${1}',sizingMethod='${0:crop}')
snippet bg:n
background none
snippet bd+
border ${1:1px} ${2:solid} ${0}
snippet bdb+
border-bottom ${1:1px} ${2:solid} ${0}
snippet bdbc
border-bottom-color ${0}
snippet bdbi
border-bottom-image url(${0})
snippet bdbi:n
border-bottom-image none
snippet bdbli
border-bottom-left-image url(${0})
snippet bdbli:c
border-bottom-left-image continue
snippet bdbli:n
border-bottom-left-image none
snippet bdblrz
border-bottom-left-radius ${0}
snippet bdbri
border-bottom-right-image url(${0})
snippet bdbri:c
border-bottom-right-image continue
snippet bdbri:n
border-bottom-right-image none
snippet bdbrrz
border-bottom-right-radius ${0}
snippet bdbs
border-bottom-style ${0}
snippet bdbs:n
border-bottom-style none
snippet bdbw
border-bottom-width ${0}
snippet bdb
border-bottom ${0}
snippet bdb:n
border-bottom none
snippet bdbk
border-break ${0}
snippet bdbk:c
border-break close
snippet bdcl
border-collapse ${0}
snippet bdcl:c
border-collapse collapse
snippet bdcl:s
border-collapse separate
snippet bdc
border-color ${0}
snippet bdci
border-corner-image url(${0})
snippet bdci:c
border-corner-image continue
snippet bdci:n
border-corner-image none
snippet bdf
border-fit ${0}
snippet bdf:c
border-fit clip
snippet bdf:of
border-fit overwrite
snippet bdf:ow
border-fit overwrite
snippet bdf:r
border-fit repeat
snippet bdf:sc
border-fit scale
snippet bdf:sp
border-fit space
snippet bdf:st
border-fit stretch
snippet bdi
border-image url(${1}) ${2:0} ${3:0} ${4:0} ${5:0} ${6:stretch} ${0:stretch}
snippet bdi:n
border-image none
snippet bdl+
border-left ${1:1px} ${2:solid} ${0}
snippet bdlc
border-left-color ${0}
snippet bdli
border-left-image url(${0})
snippet bdli:n
border-left-image none
snippet bdls
border-left-style ${0}
snippet bdls:n
border-left-style none
snippet bdlw
border-left-width ${0}
snippet bdl
border-left ${0}
snippet bdl:n
border-left none
snippet bdlt
border-length ${0}
snippet bdlt:a
border-length auto
snippet bdrz
border-radius ${0}
snippet bdr+
border-right ${1:1px} ${2:solid} ${0}
snippet bdrc
border-right-color ${0}
snippet bdri
border-right-image url(${0})
snippet bdri:n
border-right-image none
snippet bdrs
border-right-style ${0}
snippet bdrs:n
border-right-style none
snippet bdrw
border-right-width ${0}
snippet bdr
border-right ${0}
snippet bdr:n
border-right none
snippet bdsp
border-spacing ${0}
snippet bds
border-style ${0}
snippet bds:ds
border-style dashed
snippet bds:dtds
border-style dot-dash
snippet bds:dtdtds
border-style dot-dot-dash
snippet bds:dt
border-style dotted
snippet bds:db
border-style double
snippet bds:g
border-style groove
snippet bds:h
border-style hidden
snippet bds:i
border-style inset
snippet bds:n
border-style none
snippet bds:o
border-style outset
snippet bds:r
border-style ridge
snippet bds:s
border-style solid
snippet bds:w
border-style wave
snippet bdt+
border-top ${1:1px} ${2:solid} ${0}
snippet bdtc
border-top-color ${0}
snippet bdti
border-top-image url(${0})
snippet bdti:n
border-top-image none
snippet bdtli
border-top-left-image url(${0})
snippet bdtli:c
border-corner-image continue
snippet bdtli:n
border-corner-image none
snippet bdtlrz
border-top-left-radius ${0}
snippet bdtri
border-top-right-image url(${0})
snippet bdtri:c
border-top-right-image continue
snippet bdtri:n
border-top-right-image none
snippet bdtrrz
border-top-right-radius ${0}
snippet bdts
border-top-style ${0}
snippet bdts:n
border-top-style none
snippet bdtw
border-top-width ${0}
snippet bdt
border-top ${0}
snippet bdt:n
border-top none
snippet bdw
border-width ${0}
snippet bd
border ${0}
snippet bd:n
border none
snippet b
bottom ${0}
snippet b:a
bottom auto
snippet bxsh+
box-shadow ${1:0} ${2:0} ${3:0} ${0}
snippet bxsh
box-shadow ${0}
snippet bxsh:n
box-shadow none
snippet bxz
box-sizing ${0}
snippet bxz:bb
box-sizing border-box
snippet bxz:cb
box-sizing content-box
snippet cps
caption-side ${0}
snippet cps:b
caption-side bottom
snippet cps:t
caption-side top
snippet cl
clear ${0}
snippet cl:b
clear both
snippet cl:l
clear left
snippet cl:n
clear none
snippet cl:r
clear right
snippet cp
clip ${0}
snippet cp:a
clip auto
snippet cp:r
clip rect(${1:0} ${2:0} ${3:0} ${0:0})
snippet c
color ${0}
snippet ct
content ${0}
snippet ct:a
content attr(${0})
snippet ct:cq
content close-quote
snippet ct:c
content counter(${0})
snippet ct:cs
content counters(${0})
snippet ct:ncq
content no-close-quote
snippet ct:noq
content no-open-quote
snippet ct:n
content normal
snippet ct:oq
content open-quote
snippet coi
counter-increment ${0}
snippet cor
counter-reset ${0}
snippet cur
cursor ${0}
snippet cur:a
cursor auto
snippet cur:c
cursor crosshair
snippet cur:d
cursor default
snippet cur:ha
cursor hand
snippet cur:he
cursor help
snippet cur:m
cursor move
snippet cur:p
cursor pointer
snippet cur:t
cursor text
snippet d
display ${0}
snippet d:mib
display -moz-inline-box
snippet d:mis
display -moz-inline-stack
snippet d:b
display block
snippet d:f
display flex
snippet d:cp
display compact
snippet d:ib
display inline-block
snippet d:itb
display inline-table
snippet d:i
display inline
snippet d:li
display list-item
snippet d:n
display none
snippet d:ri
display run-in
snippet d:tbcp
display table-caption
snippet d:tbc
display table-cell
snippet d:tbclg
display table-column-group
snippet d:tbcl
display table-column
snippet d:tbfg
display table-footer-group
snippet d:tbhg
display table-header-group
snippet d:tbrg
display table-row-group
snippet d:tbr
display table-row
snippet d:tb
display table
snippet ec
empty-cells ${0}
snippet ec:h
empty-cells hide
snippet ec:s
empty-cells show
snippet exp
snippet fl
float ${0}
snippet fl:l
float left
snippet fl:n
float none
snippet fl:r
float right
snippet f+
font ${1:1em} ${2:Arial},${0:sans-serif}
snippet fef
font-effect ${0}
snippet fef:eb
font-effect emboss
snippet fef:eg
font-effect engrave
snippet fef:n
font-effect none
snippet fef:o
font-effect outline
snippet femp
font-emphasize-position ${0}
snippet femp:a
font-emphasize-position after
snippet femp:b
font-emphasize-position before
snippet fems
font-emphasize-style ${0}
snippet fems:ac
font-emphasize-style accent
snippet fems:c
font-emphasize-style circle
snippet fems:ds
font-emphasize-style disc
snippet fems:dt
font-emphasize-style dot
snippet fems:n
font-emphasize-style none
snippet fem
font-emphasize ${0}
snippet ff
font-family ${0}
snippet ff:c
font-family ${0:'Monotype Corsiva','Comic Sans MS'},cursive
snippet ff:f
font-family ${0:Capitals,Impact},fantasy
snippet ff:m
font-family ${0:Monaco,'Courier New'},monospace
snippet ff:ss
font-family ${0:Helvetica,Arial},sans-serif
snippet ff:s
font-family ${0:Georgia,'Times New Roman'},serif
snippet fza
font-size-adjust ${0}
snippet fza:n
font-size-adjust none
snippet fz
font-size ${0}
snippet fsm
font-smooth ${0}
snippet fsm:aw
font-smooth always
snippet fsm:a
font-smooth auto
snippet fsm:n
font-smooth never
snippet fst
font-stretch ${0}
snippet fst:c
font-stretch condensed
snippet fst:e
font-stretch expanded
snippet fst:ec
font-stretch extra-condensed
snippet fst:ee
font-stretch extra-expanded
snippet fst:n
font-stretch normal
snippet fst:sc
font-stretch semi-condensed
snippet fst:se
font-stretch semi-expanded
snippet fst:uc
font-stretch ultra-condensed
snippet fst:ue
font-stretch ultra-expanded
snippet fs
font-style ${0}
snippet fs:i
font-style italic
snippet fs:n
font-style normal
snippet fs:o
font-style oblique
snippet fv
font-variant ${0}
snippet fv:n
font-variant normal
snippet fv:sc
font-variant small-caps
snippet fw
font-weight ${0}
snippet fw:b
font-weight bold
snippet fw:br
font-weight bolder
snippet fw:lr
font-weight lighter
snippet fw:n
font-weight normal
snippet f
font ${0}
snippet h
height ${0}
snippet h:a
height auto
snippet l
left ${0}
snippet l:a
left auto
snippet lts
letter-spacing ${0}
snippet lh
line-height ${0}
snippet lisi
list-style-image url(${0})
snippet lisi:n
list-style-image none
snippet lisp
list-style-position ${0}
snippet lisp:i
list-style-position inside
snippet lisp:o
list-style-position outside
snippet list
list-style-type ${0}
snippet list:c
list-style-type circle
snippet list:dclz
list-style-type decimal-leading-zero
snippet list:dc
list-style-type decimal
snippet list:d
list-style-type disc
snippet list:lr
list-style-type lower-roman
snippet list:n
list-style-type none
snippet list:s
list-style-type square
snippet list:ur
list-style-type upper-roman
snippet lis
list-style ${0}
snippet lis:n
list-style none
snippet mb
margin-bottom ${0}
snippet mb:a
margin-bottom auto
snippet ml
margin-left ${0}
snippet ml:a
margin-left auto
snippet mr
margin-right ${0}
snippet mr:a
margin-right auto
snippet mt
margin-top ${0}
snippet mt:a
margin-top auto
snippet m
margin ${0}
snippet m:4
margin ${1:0} ${2:0} ${3:0} ${0:0}
snippet m:3
margin ${1:0} ${2:0} ${0:0}
snippet m:2
margin ${1:0} ${0:0}
snippet m:0
margin 0
snippet m:a
margin auto
snippet mah
max-height ${0}
snippet mah:n
max-height none
snippet maw
max-width ${0}
snippet maw:n
max-width none
snippet mih
min-height ${0}
snippet miw
min-width ${0}
snippet op
opacity ${0}
snippet op:ie
filter progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=${0:100})
snippet op:ms
-ms-filter 'progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=${0:100})'
snippet orp
orphans ${0}
snippet o+
outline ${1:1px} ${2:solid} ${0}
snippet oc
outline-color ${0}
snippet oc:i
outline-color invert
snippet oo
outline-offset ${0}
snippet os
outline-style ${0}
snippet ow
outline-width ${0}
snippet o
outline ${0}
snippet o:n
outline none
snippet ovs
overflow-style ${0}
snippet ovs:a
overflow-style auto
snippet ovs:mq
overflow-style marquee
snippet ovs:mv
overflow-style move
snippet ovs:p
overflow-style panner
snippet ovs:s
overflow-style scrollbar
snippet ovx
overflow-x ${0}
snippet ovx:a
overflow-x auto
snippet ovx:h
overflow-x hidden
snippet ovx:s
overflow-x scroll
snippet ovx:v
overflow-x visible
snippet ovy
overflow-y ${0}
snippet ovy:a
overflow-y auto
snippet ovy:h
overflow-y hidden
snippet ovy:s
overflow-y scroll
snippet ovy:v
overflow-y visible
snippet ov
overflow ${0}
snippet ov:a
overflow auto
snippet ov:h
overflow hidden
snippet ov:s
overflow scroll
snippet ov:v
overflow visible
snippet pb
padding-bottom ${0}
snippet pl
padding-left ${0}
snippet pr
padding-right ${0}
snippet pt
padding-top ${0}
snippet p
padding ${0}
snippet p:4
padding ${1:0} ${2:0} ${3:0} ${0:0}
snippet p:3
padding ${1:0} ${2:0} ${0:0}
snippet p:2
padding ${1:0} ${0:0}
snippet p:0
padding 0
snippet pgba
page-break-after ${0}
snippet pgba:aw
page-break-after always
snippet pgba:a
page-break-after auto
snippet pgba:l
page-break-after left
snippet pgba:r
page-break-after right
snippet pgbb
page-break-before ${0}
snippet pgbb:aw
page-break-before always
snippet pgbb:a
page-break-before auto
snippet pgbb:l
page-break-before left
snippet pgbb:r
page-break-before right
snippet pgbi
page-break-inside ${0}
snippet pgbi:a
page-break-inside auto
snippet pgbi:av
page-break-inside avoid
snippet pos
position ${0}
snippet pos:a
position absolute
snippet pos:f
position fixed
snippet pos:r
position relative
snippet pos:s
position static
snippet q
quotes ${0}
snippet q:en
quotes '\201C' '\201D' '\2018' '\2019'
snippet q:n
quotes none
snippet q:ru
quotes '\00AB' '\00BB' '\201E' '\201C'
snippet rz
resize ${0}
snippet rz:b
resize both
snippet rz:h
resize horizontal
snippet rz:n
resize none
snippet rz:v
resize vertical
snippet r
right ${0}
snippet r:a
right auto
snippet tbl
table-layout ${0}
snippet tbl:a
table-layout auto
snippet tbl:f
table-layout fixed
snippet tal
text-align-last ${0}
snippet tal:a
text-align-last auto
snippet tal:c
text-align-last center
snippet tal:l
text-align-last left
snippet tal:r
text-align-last right
snippet ta
text-align ${0}
snippet ta:c
text-align center
snippet ta:l
text-align left
snippet ta:r
text-align right
snippet td
text-decoration ${0}
snippet td:l
text-decoration line-through
snippet td:n
text-decoration none
snippet td:o
text-decoration overline
snippet td:u
text-decoration underline
snippet te
text-emphasis ${0}
snippet te:ac
text-emphasis accent
snippet te:a
text-emphasis after
snippet te:b
text-emphasis before
snippet te:c
text-emphasis circle
snippet te:ds
text-emphasis disc
snippet te:dt
text-emphasis dot
snippet te:n
text-emphasis none
snippet th
text-height ${0}
snippet th:a
text-height auto
snippet th:f
text-height font-size
snippet th:m
text-height max-size
snippet th:t
text-height text-size
snippet ti
text-indent ${0}
snippet ti:-
text-indent -9999px
snippet tj
text-justify ${0}
snippet tj:a
text-justify auto
snippet tj:d
text-justify distribute
snippet tj:ic
text-justify inter-cluster
snippet tj:ii
text-justify inter-ideograph
snippet tj:iw
text-justify inter-word
snippet tj:k
text-justify kashida
snippet tj:t
text-justify tibetan
snippet to+
text-outline ${1:0} ${2:0} ${0}
snippet to
text-outline ${0}
snippet to:n
text-outline none
snippet tr
text-replace ${0}
snippet tr:n
text-replace none
snippet tsh+
text-shadow ${1:0} ${2:0} ${3:0} ${0}
snippet tsh
text-shadow ${0}
snippet tsh:n
text-shadow none
snippet tt
text-transform ${0}
snippet tt:c
text-transform capitalize
snippet tt:l
text-transform lowercase
snippet tt:n
text-transform none
snippet tt:u
text-transform uppercase
snippet tw
text-wrap ${0}
snippet tw:no
text-wrap none
snippet tw:n
text-wrap normal
snippet tw:s
text-wrap suppress
snippet tw:u
text-wrap unrestricted
snippet t
top ${0}
snippet t:a
top auto
snippet va
vertical-align ${0}
snippet va:bl
vertical-align baseline
snippet va:b
vertical-align bottom
snippet va:m
vertical-align middle
snippet va:sub
vertical-align sub
snippet va:sup
vertical-align super
snippet va:tb
vertical-align text-bottom
snippet va:tt
vertical-align text-top
snippet va:t
vertical-align top
snippet v
visibility ${0}
snippet v:c
visibility collapse
snippet v:h
visibility hidden
snippet v:v
visibility visible
snippet whsc
white-space-collapse ${0}
snippet whsc:ba
white-space-collapse break-all
snippet whsc:bs
white-space-collapse break-strict
snippet whsc:k
white-space-collapse keep-all
snippet whsc:l
white-space-collapse loose
snippet whsc:n
white-space-collapse normal
snippet whs
white-space ${0}
snippet whs:n
white-space normal
snippet whs:nw
white-space nowrap
snippet whs:pl
white-space pre-line
snippet whs:pw
white-space pre-wrap
snippet whs:p
white-space pre
snippet wid
widows ${0}
snippet w
width ${0}
snippet w:a
width auto
snippet wob
word-break ${0}
snippet wob:ba
word-break break-all
snippet wob:bs
word-break break-strict
snippet wob:k
word-break keep-all
snippet wob:l
word-break loose
snippet wob:n
word-break normal
snippet wos
word-spacing ${0}
snippet wow
word-wrap ${0}
snippet wow:no
word-wrap none
snippet wow:n
word-wrap normal
snippet wow:s
word-wrap suppress
snippet wow:u
word-wrap unrestricted
snippet z
z-index ${0}
snippet z:a
z-index auto
snippet zoo
zoom 1
snippet :h
snippet :fc
snippet :lc
snippet :nc
snippet :nlc
snippet :oc
snippet :a
snippet :b
snippet ::a
snippet ::b
snippet if
if ${0}
snippet mix
snippet for
for ${1:i} in ${0}
snippet keyf
@keyframes ${0}
snippet jc:c
justify-content center
snippet jc