The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc
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snippet tbl
create table ${1:table} (
snippet col
${1:name} ${2:type} ${3:default ''} ${0:not null}
snippet ccol
${1:name} varchar2(${2:size}) ${3:default ''} ${0:not null}
snippet ncol
${1:name} number ${3:default 0} ${0:not null}
snippet dcol
${1:name} date ${3:default sysdate} ${0:not null}
snippet ind
create index ${0:$1_$2} on ${1:table}(${2:column});
snippet uind
create unique index ${1:name} on ${2:table}(${0:column});
snippet tblcom
comment on table ${1:table} is '${0:comment}';
snippet colcom
comment on column ${1:table}.${2:column} is '${0:comment}';
snippet addcol
alter table ${1:table} add (${2:column} ${0:type});
snippet seq
create sequence ${1:name} start with ${2:1} increment by ${3:1} minvalue ${0:1};
snippet s*
select * from ${0:table}