The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc
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snippet #!
#!/usr/bin/env Rscript
# includes
snippet lib
snippet req
snippet source
# conditionals
snippet if
if (${1:condition}) {
snippet el
else {
snippet ei
else if (${1:condition}) {
# loops
snippet wh
while(${1}) {
snippet for
for (${1:item} in ${2:list}) {
# functions
snippet fun
${1:name} <- function (${2:variables}) {
snippet ret
# dataframes, lists, etc
snippet df
${1:name}[${2:rows}, ${0:cols}]
snippet c
snippet li
snippet mat
matrix(${1:data}, nrow = ${2:rows}, ncol = ${0:cols})
# apply functions
snippet apply
apply(${1:array}, ${2:margin}, ${0:function})
snippet lapply
lapply(${1:list}, ${0:function})
snippet sapply
lapply(${1:list}, ${0:function})
snippet vapply
vapply(${1:list}, ${2:function}, ${0:type})
snippet mapply
mapply(${1:function}, ${0:...})
snippet tapply
tapply(${1:vector}, ${2:index}, ${0:function})
snippet rapply
rapply(${1:list}, ${0:function})
# plyr functions
snippet dd
ddply(${1:frame}, ${2:variables}, ${0:function})
snippet dl
dlply(${1:frame}, ${2:variables}, ${0:function})
snippet da
daply(${1:frame}, ${2:variables}, ${0:function})
snippet d_
d_ply(${1:frame}, ${2:variables}, ${0:function})
snippet ad
adply(${1:array}, ${2:margin}, ${0:function})
snippet al
alply(${1:array}, ${2:margin}, ${0:function})
snippet aa
aaply(${1:array}, ${2:margin}, ${0:function})
snippet a_
a_ply(${1:array}, ${2:margin}, ${0:function})
snippet ld
ldply(${1:list}, ${0:function})
snippet ll
llply(${1:list}, ${0:function})
snippet la
laply(${1:list}, ${0:function})
snippet l_
l_ply(${1:list}, ${0:function})
snippet md
mdply(${1:matrix}, ${0:function})
snippet ml
mlply(${1:matrix}, ${0:function})
snippet ma
maply(${1:matrix}, ${0:function})
snippet m_
m_ply(${1:matrix}, ${0:function})
# plot functions
snippet pl
plot(${1:x}, ${0:y})
snippet ggp
ggplot(${1:data}, aes(${0:aesthetics}))
snippet img
${1:(jpeg,bmp,png,tiff)}(filename = '${2:filename}', width = ${3}, height = ${4}, unit = '${5}')
# statistical test functions
snippet fis
fisher.test(${1:x}, ${0:y})
snippet chi
chisq.test(${1:x}, ${0:y})
snippet tt
t.test(${1:x}, ${0:y})
snippet wil
wilcox.test(${1:x}, ${0:y})
snippet cor
cor.test(${1:x}, ${0:y})
snippet fte
var.test(${1:x}, ${0:y})
snippet kvt
kv.test(${1:x}, ${0:y})