The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc
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snippet @page
<%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>
snippet jstl
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="fn" %>
snippet jstl:c
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>
snippet jstl:fn
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="fn" %>
snippet cpath
snippet cout
<c:out value="${1}" default="${0}" />
snippet cset
<c:set var="${1}" value="${0}" />
snippet cremove
<c:remove var="${1}" scope="${0:page}" />
snippet ccatch
<c:catch var="${0}" />
snippet cif
<c:if test="${${1}}">
snippet cchoose
snippet cwhen
<c:when test="${${1}}">
snippet cother
snippet cfore
<c:forEach items="${${1}}" var="${2}" varStatus="${3}">
${0:<c:out value="$2" />}
snippet cfort
<c:set var="${1}">${2:item1,item2,item3}</c:set>
<c:forTokens var="${3}" items="${$1}" delims="${4:,}">
${0:<c:out value="$3" />}
snippet cparam
<c:param name="${1}" value="${0}" />
snippet cparam+
<c:param name="${1}" value="${2}" />
snippet cimport
<c:import url="${1}" />
snippet cimport+
<c:import url="${1}">
<c:param name="${2}" value="${3}" />
snippet curl
<c:url value="${1}" var="${2}" />
<a href="${$2}">${0}</a>
snippet curl+
<c:url value="${1}" var="${2}">
<c:param name="${4}" value="${5}" />
<a href="${$2}">${3}</a>
snippet credirect
<c:redirect url="${0}" />
snippet contains
${fn:contains(${1:string}, ${0:substr})}
snippet contains:i
${fn:containsIgnoreCase(${1:string}, ${0:substr})}
snippet endswith
${fn:endsWith(${1:string}, ${0:suffix})}
snippet escape
snippet indexof
${fn:indexOf(${1:string}, ${0:substr})}
snippet join
${fn:join(${1:collection}, ${0:delims})}
snippet length
snippet replace
${fn:replace(${1:string}, ${2:substr}, ${0:replace})}
snippet split
${fn:split(${1:string}, ${0:delims})}
snippet startswith
${fn:startsWith(${1:string}, ${0:prefix})}
snippet substr
${fn:substring(${1:string}, ${2:begin}, ${0:end})}
snippet substr:a
${fn:substringAfter(${1:string}, ${0:substr})}
snippet substr:b
${fn:substringBefore(${1:string}, ${0:substr})}
snippet lc
snippet uc
snippet trim