The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc
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# Some useful Unicode entities
# Non-Breaking Space
snippet nbs
# ←
snippet left
# →
snippet right
# ↑
snippet up
# ↓
snippet down
# ↩
snippet return
# ⇤
snippet backtab
# ⇥
snippet tab
# ⇧
snippet shift
# ⌃
snippet ctrl
# ⌅
snippet enter
# ⌘
snippet cmd
# ⌥
snippet option
# ⌦
snippet delete
# ⌫
snippet backspace
# ⎋
snippet esc
# comment
snippet //
<!-- ${1} -->${0}
# HTML Doctype 4.01 Strict
snippet docts
# HTML Doctype 4.01 Transitional
snippet doct
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
# HTML Doctype 5
snippet doct5
# XHTML Doctype 1.0 Frameset
snippet docxf
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Frameset//EN"
# XHTML Doctype 1.0 Strict
snippet docxs
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
# XHTML Doctype 1.0 Transitional
snippet docxt
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
# XHTML Doctype 1.1
snippet docx
# Attributes
snippet attr
snippet attr+
${1:attribute}="${2:property}" attr+
snippet .
snippet #
snippet alt
snippet charset
snippet data
snippet for
snippet height
snippet href
snippet lang
snippet media
snippet name
snippet rel
snippet scope
snippet src
snippet title=
snippet type
snippet value
snippet width
# Elements
snippet a
<a href="${1:#}">${0:$1}</a>
snippet a.
<a class="${1}" href="${2:#}">${0:$1}</a>
snippet a#
<a id="${1}" href="${2:#}">${0:$1}</a>
snippet a:ext
<a href="http://${}">${0:$1}</a>
snippet a:mail
<a href="mailto:${}?subject=${2:feedback}">${0:email me}</a>
snippet ac
<a href="`@+`">${0:`@+`}</a>
snippet abbr
<abbr title="${1}">${0}</abbr>
snippet address
snippet area
<area shape="${1:rect}" coords="${2}" href="${3}" alt="${0}">
snippet area+
<area shape="${1:rect}" coords="${2}" href="${3}" alt="${4}">
snippet area:c
<area shape="circle" coords="${1}" href="${2}" alt="${0}">
snippet area:d
<area shape="default" coords="${1}" href="${2}" alt="${0}">
snippet area:p
<area shape="poly" coords="${1}" href="${2}" alt="${0}">
snippet area:r
<area shape="rect" coords="${1}" href="${2}" alt="${0}">
snippet article
snippet article.
<article class="${1}">
snippet article#
<article id="${1}">
snippet aside
snippet aside.
<aside class="${1}">
snippet aside#
<aside id="${1}">
snippet audio
<audio src="${1}>${0}</audio>
snippet b
snippet base
<base href="${1}" target="${0}">
snippet bdi
snippet bdo
<bdo dir="${1}">${0}</bdo>
snippet bdo:l
<bdo dir="ltr">${0}</bdo>
snippet bdo:r
<bdo dir="rtl">${0}</bdo>
snippet blockquote
snippet body
snippet br
snippet button
<button type="${1:submit}">${0}</button>
snippet button.
<button class="${1:button}" type="${2:submit}">${0}</button>
snippet button#
<button id="${1}" type="${2:submit}">${0}</button>
snippet button:s
<button type="submit">${0}</button>
snippet button:r
<button type="reset">${0}</button>
snippet canvas
snippet caption
snippet cite
snippet code
snippet col
snippet colgroup
snippet colgroup+
snippet command
<command type="command" label="${1}" icon="${0}">
snippet command:c
<command type="checkbox" label="${1}" icon="${0}">
snippet command:r
<command type="radio" radiogroup="${1}" label="${2}" icon="${0}">
snippet datagrid
snippet datalist
snippet datatemplate
snippet dd
snippet dd.
<dd class="${1}">${0}</dd>
snippet dd#
<dd id="${1}">${0}</dd>
snippet del
snippet details
snippet dfn
snippet dialog
snippet div
snippet div.
<div class="${1}">
snippet div#
<div id="${1}">
snippet dl
snippet dl.
<dl class="${1}">
snippet dl#
<dl id="${1}">
snippet dl+
snippet dt
snippet dt.
<dt class="${1}">${0}</dt>
snippet dt#
<dt id="${1}">${0}</dt>
snippet dt+
snippet em
snippet embed
<embed src="${1}" type="${0}">
snippet fieldset
snippet fieldset.
<fieldset class="${1}">
snippet fieldset#
<fieldset id="${1}">
snippet fieldset+
snippet figcaption
snippet figure
snippet figure#
<figure id="${1}">
snippet figure.
<figure class="${1}">
snippet footer
snippet footer.
<footer class="${1}">
snippet footer#
<footer id="${1}">
snippet form
<form action="${1}" method="${2:post}">
snippet form.
<form class="${1}" action="${2}" method="${3:post}">
snippet form#
<form id="${1}" action="${2}" method="${3:post}">
snippet h1
snippet h1.
<h1 class="${1}">${0}</h1>
snippet h1#
<h1 id="${1}">${0}</h1>
snippet h2
snippet h2.
<h2 class="${1}">${0}</h2>
snippet h2#
<h2 id="${1}">${0}</h2>
snippet h3
snippet h3.
<h3 class="${1}">${0}</h3>
snippet h3#
<h3 id="${1}">${0}</h3>
snippet h4
snippet h4.
<h4 class="${1}">${0}</h4>
snippet h4#
<h4 id="${1}">${0}</h4>
snippet h5
snippet h5.
<h5 class="${1}">${0}</h5>
snippet h5#
<h5 id="${1}">${0}</h5>
snippet h6
snippet h6.
<h6 class="${1}">${0}</h6>
snippet h6#
<h6 id="${1}">${0}</h6>
snippet head
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
<title>${1:`substitute(vim_snippets#Filename('', 'Page Title'), '^.', '\u&', '')`}</title>
snippet header
snippet header.
<header class="${1}">
snippet header#
<header id="${1}">
snippet hgroup
snippet hgroup.
<hgroup class="${1}>
snippet hr
snippet html
snippet xhtml
<html xmlns="">
snippet html5
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">
<title>${1:`substitute(vim_snippets#Filename('', 'Page Title'), '^.', '\u&', '')`}</title>
snippet html5l
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="${1:es}">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">
<title>${2:`substitute(vim_snippets#Filename('', 'Page Title'), '^.', '\u&', '')`}</title>
snippet i
snippet iframe
<iframe src="${1}" frameborder="0"></iframe>
snippet iframe.
<iframe class="${1}" src="${2}" frameborder="0"></iframe>
snippet iframe#
<iframe id="${1}" src="${2}" frameborder="0"></iframe>
snippet img
<img src="${1}" alt="${2}">
snippet img.
<img class="${1}" src="${2}" alt="${3}">
snippet img#
<img id="${1}" src="${2}" alt="${3}">
snippet input
<input type="${1:text/submit/hidden/button/image}" name="${2}" id="${3:$2}" value="${4}">
snippet input.
<input class="${1}" type="${2:text/submit/hidden/button/image}" name="${3}" id="${4:$3}" value="${5}">
snippet input:text
<input type="text" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:submit
<input type="submit" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:hidden
<input type="hidden" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:button
<input type="button" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:image
<input type="image" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" src="${3}" alt="${4}">
snippet input:checkbox
<input type="checkbox" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}">
snippet input:radio
<input type="radio" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}">
snippet input:color
<input type="color" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:date
<input type="date" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:datetime
<input type="datetime" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:datetime-local
<input type="datetime-local" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:email
<input type="email" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:file
<input type="file" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:month
<input type="month" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:number
<input type="number" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:password
<input type="password" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:range
<input type="range" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:reset
<input type="reset" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:search
<input type="search" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:time
<input type="time" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:url
<input type="url" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet input:week
<input type="week" name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" value="${3}">
snippet ins
snippet kbd
snippet label
<label for="${0:$1}">${1}</label>
snippet label:i
<label for="${2:$1}">${1}</label>
<input type="${3:text/submit/hidden/button}" name="${4:$2}" id="${5:$2}" value="${6}" />
snippet label:s
<label for="${2:$1}">${1}</label>
<select name="${3:$2}" id="${4:$2}">
<option value="${5}">${0:$5}</option>
snippet legend
snippet legend+
snippet li
snippet li.
<li class="${1}">${0}</li>
snippet li+
snippet lia
<li><a href="${0:#}">${1}</a></li>
snippet lia+
<li><a href="${2:#}">${1}</a></li>
snippet link
<link rel="${1}" href="${2}" title="${3}" type="${4}">
snippet link:atom
<link rel="alternate" href="${1:atom.xml}" title="Atom" type="application/atom+xml">
snippet link:s
<link rel="stylesheet" href="${1:style.css}">
snippet link:css
<link rel="stylesheet" href="${1:style.css}" type="text/css" media="${2:all}">
snippet link:favicon
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="${1:favicon.ico}" type="image/x-icon">
snippet link:rss
<link rel="alternate" href="${1:rss.xml}" title="RSS" type="application/atom+xml">
snippet link:touch
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="${1:favicon.png}">
snippet main
<main role="main">
snippet map
<map name="${1}">
snippet map.
<map class="${1}" name="${2}">
snippet map#
<map name="${1}" id="${2:$1}>
snippet map+
<map name="${1}">
<area shape="${2}" coords="${3}" href="${4}" alt="${5}" />${6}
snippet mark
snippet menu
snippet menu:c
<menu type="context">
snippet menu:t
<menu type="toolbar">
snippet meta
<meta http-equiv="${1}" content="${2}">
snippet meta:s
<meta ${0}>
snippet meta:d
<meta name="description" content="${0}">
snippet meta:compat
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=${1:7,8,edge}">
snippet meta:refresh
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8">
snippet meta:utf
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8">
snippet meter
snippet nav
snippet nav.
<nav class="${1}">
snippet nav#
<nav id="${1}">
snippet noscript
snippet object
<object data="${1}" type="${2}">
# Embed QT Movie
snippet movie
<object width="$2" height="$3" classid="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B"
<param name="src" value="$1">
<param name="controller" value="$4">
<param name="autoplay" value="$5">
<embed src="${}"
width="${2:320}" height="${3:240}"
controller="${4:true}" autoplay="${5:true}"
scale="tofit" cache="true"
snippet ol
snippet ol.
<ol class="${1}">
snippet ol#
<ol id="${1}">
snippet ol+
snippet opt
<option value="${1}">${0:$1}</option>
snippet opt+
<option value="${1}">${2:$1}</option>
snippet optt
snippet optgroup
<option value="${1}">${2:$1}</option>
snippet output
snippet p
snippet p.
<p class="${1}">${0}</p>
snippet p#
<p id="${1}">${0}</p>
snippet param
<param name="${1}" value="${2}">
snippet pre
snippet progress
snippet q
snippet rp
snippet rt
snippet ruby
snippet s
snippet samp
snippet script
<script charset="utf-8">
snippet scripts
<script src="${0}.js"></script>
snippet scriptt
<script type="${1}" id="${2}">
snippet scriptsrc
<script src="${0}.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
snippet section
snippet section.
<section class="${1}">
snippet section#
<section id="${1}">
snippet select
<select name="${1}" id="${2:$1}">
snippet select.
<select name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" class="${3}>
snippet select+
<select name="${1}" id="${2:$1}">
<option value="${3}">${4:$3}</option>
snippet small
snippet source
<source src="${1}" type="${2}" media="${0}">
snippet span
snippet span.
<span class="${1}">${0}</span>
snippet span#
<span id="${1}">${0}</span>
snippet strong
snippet style
<style type="text/css" media="${1:all}">
snippet sub
snippet summary
snippet sup
snippet table
snippet table.
<table class="${1}">
snippet table#
<table id="${1}">
snippet tbody
snippet td
snippet td.
<td class="${1}">${0}</td>
snippet td#
<td id="${1}">${0}</td>
snippet td+
snippet textarea
<textarea name="${1}" id="${2:$1}" rows="${3:8}" cols="${4:40}">${5}</textarea>
snippet tfoot
snippet th
snippet th.
<th class="${1}">${0}</th>
snippet th#
<th id="${1}">${0}</th>
snippet th+
snippet thead
snippet time
<time datetime="${1}" pubdate="${2:$1}">${0:$1}</time>
snippet title
<title>${0:`substitute(vim_snippets#Filename('', 'Page Title'), '^.', '\u&', '')`}</title>
snippet tr
snippet tr+
snippet track
<track src="${1}" srclang="${2}" label="${3}" default="${4:default}>${5}
snippet ul
snippet ul.
<ul class="${1}">
snippet ul#
<ul id="${1}">
snippet ul+
snippet var
snippet video
<video src="${1}" height="${2}" width="${3}" preload="${4:none}" autoplay="${5:autoplay}">${6}</video>
snippet video.
<video class="${1}" src="${2}" height="${3}" width="${4}" preload="${5:none}" autoplay="${6:autoplay}">${7}</video>
snippet wbr
snippet viewport
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">