The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc
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snippet comm
snippet condp
(condp ${1:pred} ${2:expr}
snippet def
(def ${0})
snippet defm
(defmethod ${1:multifn} "${2:doc-string}" ${3:dispatch-val} [${4:args}]
snippet defmm
(defmulti ${1:name} "${2:doc-string}" ${0:dispatch-fn})
snippet defma
(defmacro ${1:name} "${2:doc-string}" ${0:dispatch-fn})
snippet defn
(defn ${1:name} "${2:doc-string}" [${3:arg-list}]
snippet defp
(defprotocol ${1:name}
snippet defr
(defrecord ${1:name} [${2:fields}]
snippet deft
(deftest ${1:name}
(is (= ${0:assertion})))
snippet is
(is (= ${1} ${0}))
snippet defty
(deftype ${1:Name} [${2:fields}]
snippet doseq
(doseq [${1:elem} ${2:coll}]
snippet fn
(fn [${1:arg-list}] ${0})
snippet if
(if ${1:test-expr}
snippet if-let
(if-let [${1:result} ${2:test-expr}]
(${3:then-expr} $1)
snippet imp
(:import [${1:package}])
& {:keys [${1:keys}] :or {${0:defaults}}}
snippet let
(let [${1:name} ${2:expr}]
snippet letfn
(letfn [(${1:name}) [${2:args}]
snippet map
(map ${1:func} ${0:coll})
snippet mapl
(map #(${1:lambda}) ${0:coll})
snippet met
(${1:name} [${2:this} ${3:args}]
snippet ns
(ns ${0:name})
snippet dotimes
(dotimes [_ 10]
(dotimes [_ ${1:times}]
snippet pmethod
(${1:name} [${2:this} ${0:args}])
snippet refer
(:refer-clojure :exclude [${0}])
snippet require
(:require [${1:namespace} :as [${0}]])
snippet use
(:use [${1:namespace} :only [${0}]])
snippet print
(println ${0})
snippet reduce
(reduce ${1:(fn [p n] ${3})} ${2})
snippet when
(when ${1:test} ${0:body})
snippet when-let
(when-let [${1:result} ${2:test}]