The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc
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# Snippets for code blocks used oftenly in Apache files.
# <Directory>
snippet dir
<Directory ${1:/}>
DirectoryIndex ${0:index.html}
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from All
# <FilesMatch>
snippet filesmatch
<FilesMatch "${1:regex}">
# <IfModule>
snippet ifmodule
<IfModule ${1:mod_example.c}>
# <LimitExcept>
snippet limitexcept
<LimitExcept ${1:POST GET}>
# <Proxy>
snippet proxy
<Proxy ${1:*}>
# <VirtualHost>
snippet virtualhost
<VirtualHost ${1:*}:${2:80}>
ServerAdmin ${}
DocumentRoot ${4:/www/}
ServerName ${}