The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc
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" Author: Matthias Guenther -, Eddie Lebow
" Description: ERB from the Ruby standard library, for eruby/erb files
function! ale_linters#eruby#erb#GetCommand(buffer) abort
let l:rails_root = ale#ruby#FindRailsRoot(a:buffer)
if empty(l:rails_root)
return 'erb -P -T - -x %t | ruby -c'
" Rails-flavored eRuby does not comply with the standard as understood by
" ERB, so we'll have to do some substitution. This does not reduce the
" effectiveness of the linter—the translated code is still evaluated.
return 'ruby -r erb -e ' . ale#Escape('puts${<%=},%{<%}), nil, %{-}).src') . '< %t | ruby -c'
call ale#linter#Define('eruby', {
\ 'name': 'erb',
\ 'aliases': ['erubylint'],
\ 'executable': 'erb',
\ 'output_stream': 'stderr',
\ 'command': function('ale_linters#eruby#erb#GetCommand'),
\ 'callback': 'ale#handlers#ruby#HandleSyntaxErrors',