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Vim text objects provide a convenient way to select and operate on various types of objects. These objects include regions surrounded by various types of brackets and various parts of language (ie sentences, paragraphs, etc).

This plugin defines a new text object, based on indentation levels. This is very useful in languages such as Python, in which the syntax defines scope in terms of indentation. Using the objects defined in this plugin, an entire if structure can be quickly selected, for example.


  • vim-plug
Plug 'michaeljsmith/vim-indent-object'


This plugin defines two new text objects. These are very similar - they differ only in whether they include the line below the block or not.

Key bindings Description
<count>ai An Indentation level and line above.
<count>ii Inner Indentation level (no line above).
<count>aI An Indentation level and lines above/below.
<count>iI Inner Indentation level (no lines above/below).

Note: the iI mapping is mostly included simply for completeness, it is effectively a synonym for ii.

Just like regular text objects, these mappings can be used either with operators expecting a motion, such as d or c, as well as in visual mode.

In visual mode the mapping can be repeated, which has the effect of iteratively increasing the scope of indentation block selected. Specifying a count can be used to achieve the same effect.


vim-indent-object was written by Michael Smith msmith@msmith.id.au. The project repository is kept at:


Any feedback or criticism is welcome, and can be mailed to the author at the above email address. Alternatively issues can be raised on the project website.