The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc
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This project is a colleciton of vim scripts that relate to the Mako templating engine for python. Most of thse are not at all written by me, just packaged here from the vim-script site. The purpose is to make them easy to use with pathogen.vim.

Useful configuration variables:

  • g:mako_detect_lang_from_ext: when set to 1 (the default), the ftdetect script will attempt to figure out the "outer" filetype of the file by stripping the ".mako" extension (eg: index.html.mako will be treated as HTML, while script.cpp.mako will be treated as C++). Set to 0 to prevent this detection.
  • g:mako_default_outer_lang: if ftdetect cannot detect the "outer" filetype of the file, this sets the default filetype used. If not set, defaults to "html".

About mako:

Externally sourced scripts: