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A Deoplete source for ALE completion via tsserver and LSP.
__author__ = 'Joao Paulo, w0rp'
from deoplete.source.base import Base
except ImportError:
# Mock the Base class if deoplete isn't available, as mock isn't available
# in the Docker image.
class Base(object):
def __init__(self, vim):
# Make sure this code is valid in Python 2, used for running unit tests.
class Source(Base):
def __init__(self, vim):
super(Source, self).__init__(vim)
self.name = 'ale'
self.mark = '[L]'
self.rank = 1000
self.is_bytepos = True
self.min_pattern_length = 1
self.is_volatile = True
# Do not forget to update s:trigger_character_map in completion.vim in
# updating entries in this map.
self.input_patterns = {
'_': r'\.\w*$',
'rust': r'(\.|::)\w*$',
'typescript': r'(\.|\'|")\w*$',
'cpp': r'(\.|::|->)\w*$',
# Returns an integer for the start position, as with omnifunc.
def get_complete_position(self, context):
return self.vim.call(
'ale#completion#GetCompletionPositionForDeoplete', context['input']
def gather_candidates(self, context):
# Stop early if ALE can't provide completion data for this buffer.
if not self.vim.call('ale#completion#CanProvideCompletions'):
return None
event = context.get('event')
if event == 'Async':
result = self.vim.call('ale#completion#GetCompletionResult')
return result or []
if context.get('is_refresh'):
"call ale#completion#GetCompletions('ale-callback', "
+ "{'callback': {completions -> deoplete#auto_complete() }})"
return []